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Ford Expedition fuel pump problems



  • My truck cut off in traffic and would not start. My warranty ran out and I had the truck towed to a mechanic who told me it was the fuel pump and that the part is faulty. He also explained that a spark could have ignited in my tank and exploded. I had to have the part replaced and like you all said that part is on back order. So they put in a universal pump that is supposed to be better and replaced the filter since the last pump, ruined it. This cost me $704.00. I am going to contact Ford, because I want my money back for the cost of repairs! Not to mention if that fuel had ignited, while driving with my five children two who are still in diapers...
  • jasyajajasyaja Posts: 1
    My expedition fuel pump stop working an ford said they are on back order. Ford is telling me that it would be weeks or months before they get a fuel pump. Why sale a vehicle if you can't make parts for it ? So while I have a 2007 ford expedition el it's no good if I can not drive it . Ford only concern is did you take it to dealership so we can make a claim or sorry for the inconvenience that you cannot drive your vehicle for next couple of months . I bet you they have car to get back an forward to work.
  • donm12donm12 Posts: 4
    I posted about two years ago, had issues with fuel pump and it was replaced four times. Still under warranty. Now I think it was replace once but they just tried to fix the old one and it kept breaking. I would like to contact the Attorney General as I still think there needs to be a recall. Can someone who did contact the Attorney General post the steps they took to do this. I think that is the only way to get Ford to replace the part with a good part. I still get worried my car will stall and they will not replace the part. They gave me a two year warranty on the part but it should be for 100K miles. So lets all contact the Attorney General.
  • I had the same issue on my 2007 EL. Had it towed to the Ford dealer Sunday. Yesterday they replaced the fuel pump with a standard length Expedition fuel pump and I picked it up today. Total cost $925. Talk to your service advisor about using this method. Good luck.
  • kbarr1kbarr1 Posts: 2
    Has your expedition been fixed yet. My fuel pump went out the beginning of august. now ford told me it was going to ship this week but it still hasn't arrived. and they also told me 300 units were made but cannot guarantee i will get one of them. i can;t even imagine what you r going thru not havinng your car since may. i am all for filing a class action lawsuit let me know if you have any info on this. someone who posted after said that the ford dealer put in a fuel pump that was for a standard expedition have you heard anything about that.
  • kbarr1kbarr1 Posts: 2
    could you tell me what ford dealer did that i live in indiana and they told me that wasn' an option my car has been out of service since the beginning of august
  • michdonmichdon Posts: 5
    We are going to tell our dealer about using a standard length fuel pump. I am not interested in filing a class action, I just want ford to provide me a vehicle, for free, until my gets fixed and if they are not willing to do that then they need to buy me out on it so I can go purchase something else. There is a known problem with these pumps which is the reason why they are on backorder. I wouldn't hold my breath on getting one any too soon though. Good luck.
  • michdonmichdon Posts: 5
    Has your expedition been fixed yet?
  • michdonmichdon Posts: 5
    I just googled "missouri attorney general" and clicked on the website. Then I clicked on customer complaint or something like that. Just follow the links once you get to the website.
    I did receive a letter from the atttorney general's office which stated that they had received my complaint and they are checking into it. Ford did contact me concerning this complaint - asked the vin and dealer that my vehicle is at. They did contact the dealership and told them that it would be sometime in sept. before the part would be available.
    I do feel that everyone who is without a vehicle because of this fuel pump should file a complaint with the attorney general office so that they see how many people are being affected by this and realize that ford is not doing anything about it.
  • michdonmichdon Posts: 5
    Just an update on my expedition. I received a call this morning from ford motor company. They stated that they will NOT provide me with a vehicle to drive until mine is fixed, nor will they buy me out on my expedition so I can go get a different vehicle and I was told that the fuel pump has an estimated delivery of September 30th. This is five weeks from today and I have already been without my vehicle for seven weeks today, for a total of three months. And, there is no guarantee that the pump will be delivered that week.
    As I stated before I do not want to file a class action, however, ford motor company is giving it's customers no other option. I just really can not believe they are not willing to provide customer service. All I receive is "I am sorry that this is an inconvenience for you". If I lived in a large city where I could ride the bus or walk or something it maybe wouldn't be such an inconvenience, but I live seven miles from the nearest town and I work 45 miles away. I have been driving our dually farm truck and my parent's vehicle for the past 7 weeks and now I am suppose to be okay with this for another 5 weeks minimum - I don't think so.
    I have been keeping all of the correspondence to and from ford over this issue and this morning I contacted the channel 9 news in Kansas city - problem solvers to see if they will put this problem on the air.
    If you have not sent in a complaint to your state's attorney general office, you need to do so. Also, constantly call and email for customer service. Last week (Friday) I asked to speak with a supervisor over this issue, which is the person who contacted me this morning. No, I'm, not getting anywhere with them but maybe if we inundate them with emails and phone calls - I called them four times last week - they will start to do something about this.
    We can not just sit around and wait for them (ford) to finally ship the pump. I understand that if there is a problem with this pump then it should not be shipped out, however, ford motor company should provide another means of transportation to those whose vehicle is down because of this pump.
    Please, please, please if you are having this same problem with your expedition then start complaining because no one knows and nothing will get done if you don't start calling and emailing.
    Ford motor company had called the dealership where my expedition is located and told them to just put the part on and quit delaying. The dealership indicated that they would be more than happy to if they had the part. The person at ford motor company then stated that she could get the part and that she would be in contact with them so the part's man at the dealership gave her the part #. That was 1 1/2 weeks ago and she has not contacted the dealership back yet. That's because the part is not available.
  • My service was performed at Jim Tidwell Ford in Kennesaw, GA. Not only did they install the standard length Expedition fuel pump in my '07 EL, but they also paid for my rental car from Enterprise (on-site agency) for two days while it was repaired, at no cost to me. Granted, my total bill was over $925, but at least it was fixed within a week.
  • I can't seem to get anyone to put the smaller pump in my expedition. Even my ford dealer. They just won't do it. Nor will the give me a rental. Glad that you your ford dealer cares, wish that they all did.
  • My 2007 EL died on July 1. Was told, August 1, then August 19. Now I'm told they are shipping in7-10 days. I'm paying for my own rental, I'm paying a car loan, and insurance on a car that I believe is never going to get fixed.
  • I have a 2003 Expedition and just fixed a problem of it randomly stalling. Check out the following forum :
  • My fuel pump just went out too and I can't find it any where. I've been down about a week now.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    Are you Expy owners looking for a Ford OEM pump? I see some aftermarket ones over at (and presumably other online auto parts stores).

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • After a 4 month wait i finally got the call from the dealer today that the fuel pump for my 2007 Expedition EL Limited arrived. I dropped everything i was doing and went straight to the dealer to get it before it disappeared. Good luck to everyone that is still waiting. Hopefully you will get yours soon.
  • My 07 EL died again yesterday after having the 119"WB pump installed about a month ago. New ETA is October 28th for the OEM replacement. Long story short.....the standand length Expedition pump failed. Anyone having any luck with aftermarket pumps?
  • twofac3twofac3 Posts: 1
    Whens the last time someone talked about and expedition and fuel pump issues? Because i wanted to know if you guys tried replacing the fuel filter... which filters trash within the gas itself?
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