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Older Acura TLs



  • Uncledavid: I agree with you but the problem is that these guys don't want to wait for a week, not to mention a year! Perhaps things would be better in a couple of months after the initial rush fades out -- I guess we'll see :-)
  • Congratulations on your new TL! If you can't get the dealer to go another $500 below MSRP have him throw in a bunch of accessories worth that much, and both of you would be happy.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I personally can't wait a year. I'll wait until post-Christmas when car sales traditionally drop, then see what kind of discount I can get.
  • As long as there are other "fools" willing to pay MSRP or higher, dealers will continue to not negotiate. The best thing that you can do is walk out. If nobody was willing to pay MSRP, the dealers would have no choice but to discount the cars. In the world of "supply and demand", the "demand", or "fools", is currently greater than the supply. Not only are they hurting themselves by paying a higher price, but they are keeping the price higher for everyone else.
  • Alleluhia, there is a dealership that is willing to go a bit below MSRP.

    Hey, which place is that in NY? Maybe I'll visit them instead of this place in NJ that won't budge.

  • fdefulvio: I have to agree with you. I walked out and almost told him to kiss %#@. The dealers wonder why people disrespect them and have a "low tolerence" for them. Not only were they smerking and telling me "some fool" will pay sticker. I wish VW's new redesigned '05 Passat was out or someone else put a car out in that segment. I would go buy it; drive it back onto their lot and tell them the can eat their car now. I just wanted to buy a new car. If you find a dealer dealing please let me know. Thanx
  • landru2landru2 Posts: 638
    Why get all steamed up? Supply and demand not working in your favor? Just be patient. When nobody wants it anymore you'll get your discount.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    The G35 w/ the premium package (total MSRP $34,000, street price $31,500) has memory driver seat. The outside mirrors are not memory, however. Personally, I don't think the TL has that many useful features over the ES330 or the G35. Most people don't have many if any dvd-a discs or a bluetooth cell phone.
  • kfhmailkfhmail Posts: 199
    Alot of people do not have DVD Audio now...but...if/when this catches on, you would have the ability to play one. Many people keep their cars 5, 6, 7, 8, or more years and alot of things can change in that amount of time when you are talking about electronics.

    I would not buy it because of the DVD Audio, but it is a plus on my list of plus and minuses between the TL and the G35.
  • kahunahkahunah Posts: 448
    Wouldn't you be concerned that the car with your particular colour, interior, option package, etc. may be in short supply or even sold out?

    According to my dealer, the delivery split is (60/20/20). That is, if only 5000 units arrive in Canada, 3000 will be Base, 1000 will be Navi and 1000 Dynamic. For me, only 1000 6MTs for all of Canada worries me. I'm ordering mine this month!
  • People don't have DVD-A discs or Bluetooth phones because they don't have the hardware to take advantage of it yet. The TL will help advance these technologies. How many CDs did you have before buying a CD player? I happen to have a DVD-A as well as SACD player at home, so I have several disks already. Even if I didn't have discs, I would still be interested in having the technology available in my car. Once you listen to a good quality multi-channel recording, you won't want to go back to stereo.

    I don't have a Bluetooth phone because I have no use for it. If I had a car that was Bluetooth enabled, you can be sure that my next phone would have it.

    Acura is helping advance these new technologies. Once other manufacturers get on board, they will really start to take off. I forget you made the statement, "why would anyone need a computer in their home?", but today, having a home computer is as common as having a toaster. DVD-A and Bluetooth are tomorrow's home computer.
  • I'm tryin to make the decision between the 17 & 18" rims and i'm havin a hard time understanding the difference between the what are the benefit and or sacrafices would i make by buying the 18" rims vs the 17" ones.

    I don't know too much about the 18" rims/tire package that you can order with the 2004 TL......just wanted to know a few things. (please don't be annoyed because i've owned only sport utes so far and this is my first sedan so i'm still new to some concepts)

    Neways 1st question if i were to get the 04 with 18" would i still get a nice ride or would the ride quality be really stiff. (i want a sporty looking & performing car but if the ride is too stiff that wouldn't be too good)

    2nd question ... on the 18" how long do the tires on there last ?

    3rd question.... i'm sure that tires for the 18" cost more to change but what's the average price for a 18" tire for the TL?

    4th question ..... so i guess what i'm asking is it overall a good idea to order the new TL with the option rim package. (i like the look i just wanted to know if i was sacraficing too much ride quality and if the cost of tires and how often u had to change them would get too costly)

    5th question .... are the 18" rims by 8" or 8.5"?

    P.S. i live in Sunny So. Cal so if that makes a difference let me know.....thanx ahead of time guys i appreciate it.

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Yea, since I'm not really that flexible on colour and equipment, there is some concern that I may have to wait a long time.

    I've narrowed my decision down to Navi in White/Parchment or maybe Blue/Camel as a distant second choice. I'm betting (or hoping) that due to the rather hefty $premium for the Navi, it would not be in great demand.
  • dbs8dbs8 Posts: 13
    I listened to the Acura-supplied DVD on my test drive. I will definitely look for DVD audio once I get my car. I am sure that this will be the next "thing" in music.

    I am also on a waiting list for the new Motorola V600 (bluetooth) phone. Once both of these new toys are in my life, I don't know what I'll research at work all day! Maybe I'll go for a drive!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    "Please post pictures of car. "
    Can't do that - unless it is still there next time I am nearby - and I have a camera - and I am nearly out of film - and I have it developed soon, etc. But I did note that it had DST plates - rather than regular dealer plates - or MFR plates.
    Believe it or don't.
    Ir was there twice when I was at the dealership - about a week and a half apart.
    - Ray
    Just trying to help here . . .
  • That is exactly what your dealer wants you to think. Get it now, and pay MSRP, or you'll never get one.

    The TL is built in North America and their is solid production capability. It isn't the same situation that you have with the TSX (with small numbers being imported). Acura dealers are not going to "run out" of their bread-and-butter sedan.

    If you choose not to buy now, and you wait six months until the prices come down, you'll still be able to get what you want.

    BTW, I bought my TSX within the first month, and got a relatively lousy deal on it. The TSX is still selling for close to MSRP where I live.
  • I think that especially in Canada where we haven't had any navi equipped Acuras before, there will be a big demand initially when the TL first comes out. Alot of car buffs like us want the newest with all the coolest gadgets in it. Thus more demand initially. I would bet that over time, the demand would decrease for the navi, esp. in Canada because they don't have that much of the country mapped out yet.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Don't get me wrong. It's great that the TL has these features. But to use the dvd-a, you need to get more expensive dvd-a discs. To use the bluetooth, you're limiting yourself to a narrow list of phone/carriers, whereas a non-bluetooth phone might be better for that person. I personally don't find these features that compelling.

    Plus, I don't think DVD-A will catch on in the car as fast as people say it will. Remember, in a car, DVD-A sound is not good for the rear passengers. Also, CD's are cheaper.

    Bluetooth is being crowded out by other standards for wireless broadband. While it's certainly possible that bluetooth will be "the" standard for use of the cell phone in a car, it's hard to say that it will be the future at this point.

    In the end, it's a matter of personal choice and how much you get out of these features, and if you're willing to get the items necessary to enjoy these features.
  • As the wheels get larger, the tires' sidewalls get smaller, so that the outside diameter of the tires stays the same. This is necessary to keep the car's gearing and speedometer the same, etc.

    As the sidewalls get smaller, they get stiffer. The result is better handling, and also a stiffer ride, since there is now less "cushion". There is no way to have both. Also, the tires with thinner sidewalls are usually more expensive and wear out faster.

    If you REALLY need the handling, or are that hung up on the looks, get the 18s, but be aware that it will cost you in ride and extra tire costs for as long as you own the car.
  • mhewittmhewitt Posts: 14
    Its sort of a culture/age kind of thing. On my way to my ES test drive I saw 4 ES's on the road and the drivers' mean age must have been in the early 70's. Now I'm getting there only too fast, but not yet, and the TL is much more fun to drive and Hendrix sounds a lot better on the sound system. Perhaps a ES will be the next car.
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