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Older Acura TLs



  • crvolscrvols Posts: 23
    I own a 2001 MDX and 2004 TL. When I go to the dealer I always specify what I want done; oil change, filters, A1, etc. I always take my information from the Acura manual. They are constantly advising me that unnecessary maintainence is "recommended", but they fail to say by whom. Examples: they tell me I should change the rear-end fluid on the MDX at 15,000. When I tell them the factory calls for this $100 service at 30,000 miles they say, Oh? They said I should get my radiator fluid changed at 45,000 miles when the factory calls for every 120,000. What I believe is really happening is they are "pumping up" their margins by praying on unsuspecting, unknowledgeable motorists rather than any real concern from their car maintainence. If my car stops in the parking lot when I arrive, the brake check is complete, the same for the other "inspections" they want to perform for $300. If you know anything about dealerships, you find they make most of their profits in the service bays. Also, most will have a minimum charge i.e.$200 they try to reach on each service visit i.e. $300 for the 30,000 mile check. That is why, when I leave my car with instructions on what I want done, I can almost countdown the time until the service writer/sales person calls with some reccomended-by-them service that the factory manual doesn't call far. As far as effecting my warranty, B.S.! They are trying to create fear and drive you to blindly accept their recommendations. Unnecessary service is one of the biggest dealer rip-offs going and is the reason why many dealerships, including my current Acura dealer, have such bad reputations with me.
  • aaarghaaargh Posts: 230
    You would think Acura would heavily inspect/test-drive every car before any media road tests considering the consequences. This is a perfect example of what can happen if they don't. At least this guy was diligent enough to follow through and test-drive it again.
  • kenm8kenm8 Posts: 71
    I agree with previous posters on following the owner's manual for scheduled service. It is interesting how the dealers want to charge exhorbitant amounts for inspections at times and then at other times send out mailers to the house offering these same inspections for free.
  • 2003tls2003tls Posts: 100
    I know for a fact that Acura keeps their PR cars (the ones loaned out to magazines, etc.) out constantly so I am not surprised that one vehicle went out at less than perfect shape. Lucky for them that they got a second chance.
  • lotusflalotusfla Posts: 18
    I am seriously considering a 04 TL. My brother has an 03 TL-S and is happy with it. After lurking on this board I was concerned about fit and finish specifically the interior squeeks and rattles. I thought it may be a few individuals repeatedly complaining but then I looked at the JD Power initial quality survey (first 90 days of ownership) and the body/interior quality and mechanical quality both rated 2* out of 5*. Is this a case of owners expecting perfection or the reality of the situation? If the car has interior squeeks now what will it be like in 4 years? My 5 year old ES300 still does not have an interior squeek or rattle and the car has been (boringly) bulletproof.
  • rrorisonrrorison Posts: 6
    I have had my 04 TL since December and only noticed interior squeeks and rattles a couple of times while driving on a bumpy paved road. It does not surprise me considering the body panels are filled with foam for sound dampening. I also wondered about the JD Powers survey. I had to email them to get them to chage the image displayed on the 04 TL review. They had a picture of an 03 TL. With my experience with the fit and finish of the car I believe they mistakenly crossed the review with a 1972 Datsun B210 Delux.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    I checked 2004 Lexus ES300 (that's what they have, it should be ES330) and the initial quality indicates quite the same, only 2 circles for the mechanical quality.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    But ES330 does earn 5 stars on body/interior, as expected from a Lexus. Its Mechanical may be plagued by some tranny issues. Not sure about TL's tho? Rattles and squeaks may drag down Body/interior's score, but Mechanical on TL 2 stars as ell, what gives?
  • armandarmand Posts: 178
    I suspect that JD Powers info is on early 04 TL's - and the early TL's did seem to have some problems based on what I see in this forum. But mine (built in Feb.) is great (except for the tires) and I think I see a pattern in the forum that the newer ones have many less problems. I would be surprised if Acura didn't quickly fix the production problems they had early in the model year.

    As far as the tires are concerned I think they may be recalled - a birdy at my dealership whispered in my ear.
  • aaarghaaargh Posts: 230
    I am pleasantly surprised.

    I got 34 MPG on a 250 mile trip (all highway). I averaged 63MPH. Not too bad.
  • kenm8kenm8 Posts: 71
    Had oil and filter changed late last week on 04 TL at the Acura dealer. Checked dipstick this morning and oil was overfilled beyond the fill mark and oil covered the letters RCA. Same thing happened two oil changes ago and dealer service person asked that car be brought back asap to drain the extra oil.

    Anybody else experience overfills? Have also had this happen a few times on Maxima over the years at a Nissan dealer and recently on a Honda at a Honda dealer.

    From now on, the wife nor I will not leave dealer lot until parking car on level, running engine for awhile and then checking oil level.

    Don't know what amount of overfill would cause crankshaft to hit oil. Would today's oil formulations such as SJ still foam?
  • raytlraytl Posts: 10
    FYI, I just returned from a 640 mile trip in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in my 2004 TL (automatic). The trip computer indicated average MPH of 54 and gas mileage of 32. I calculated 31.9. Much of the driving was moderate (55-65), some was at higher speeds (80) and I hit 90 once or twice while passing. Only one traffic jam occurred and was a few minutes. Manual mode was used while descending some steep passes.

    Other than this trip my driving is a mix of city and highway in Colorado and I get about 23 MPG and average about 30 MPH. This is virtually identical to my last car, an 1998 Audi 2.8 Quattro with a manual.

    Anyway, I am quite pleased.
  • pajackpajack Posts: 32
    Take a look of the Acura TL A-spec concept. 300HP and new exterior style.
    Love it...
  • salbaby1972salbaby1972 Posts: 165
    Actually, that is the TL B Spec. You can get the A spec kit now at your Acura dealers. Also go to and search on Acura TL A Spec and you can see the used TLs with the A Spec kit.

  • jkgjkg Posts: 8
    Beautiful packaging of exterior design highlights, interior upgrades, and power of 300 hp or more. Probably about $45,000.
    I remain satisfied with my 2004 TL 6 speed, and 2004 Accord Coupe, 6 cylinder & 6 speed. Both are Duke blue. Both are better priced for the equipment offered than the competition.
  • What types of phones do people use with their TL's? I was looking into the Sony T637 through AT&T (seems the best out of the terrible selection they have). Any other alternatives?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I use a Motorola V600. It works reasonably well, although there are things about ATT Wireless I don't like compared to Sprint PCS that I switched from.

    I was discouraged from the Sony/Ericson line of phones by the ATT store manager who indicated that their Bluetooth link wasn't as good/powerful as Motorola's. He claimed to have a few complaints from TL purchasers who traded in their Sony phones during the first 30 day trial period. I am not sure which model(s) he was referring to.

    P.S. I generally keep the phone in the lower bin under the center armrest (where I also have a car charger for the outlet there) and have no problem with the signal.
  • compcomp Posts: 43
    Anyone purchase an Acura from the Nashville area dealer recently. Wondering if their customer service (both buying and more importantly service) has improved any over what it was a few years ago.
  • I have an Auto TL with about 2000 miles on it, this is my second post about the car....
    1. When starting the car a yellow light comes on and says side air bag not working then goes off after a few seconds, anyone else see it???
    2. Why are the volume levels so different on the XM channels. especially in the 40's??
    3. I have never gotten over 13 gallons in the car when filling up even when the light has been on a LONG time...Max 300 mile range before I need to fill up again...
    4. Dash squeaks, and headliner when the moon roof is rear cracked open...
    5. Clunky auto. trans....when it down shifts, I guess I'll put it on the list when I get the re-call auto trans. notice...
    6. Cingular is pushing me toward the new Sony Eric.637 vs the Moto. V600, because of better Bluetooth compatibility and it is much cheaper right now in So. Cal., both have cameras, bright 65K screens and are new models. The Sony doesn't have a speaker phone and is not a flip. Anyone using the Sony Eric.??? Thanx....Duke
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