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Older Acura TLs



  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Many valid points there but your pro-TL mindset may go a bit far at the same time.

    TSX actually has folding rear seat and blinking mirror lights. Whether it's a big deal depends on each person's needs, but one can easily argue if TSX does it why not TL.

    Rear window sun shade is indeed nice, regardless of it's being coupled with a Toyota ride or a Honda ride (and who's to judge one is necessarily better than the other; just preference only). Plus it's not only Lexus who has it.

    For a $30K car TL has quite a package but it does not have some of the common features seen on other lux lines either. Some of the common luxy feature missing on TL are rain sensing wipers, auto lights-on, and one-touch all windows. But I am sure it's not a big deal to many TL lovers.

    It does have some unique ones that others don't. DVD-A is one but is not a big deal to me as there're not too many of those. BT is nice if you phone often in the car and opt for those more $$ phones. A feature I actually like on TL that I don't hear mentioned often is setting driver's seat position b4 you enter the car.

    I mean TL has some goodies that you don't find even on some much more $$ cars, but it also lacks some common ones too. So it's a good value but at the same time it does not have all the 'stuff', even some common ones, in a package as many tend to conclude either.
  • I heard on the grapevine:

    Quote (Originally Posted by GeoffS):
    "New ones are definitely coming. My TL is here today and I'm picking it up Tueday but they have to give me the 17's until the A-spec rims are finalized. According to my sales guy it had something to do w sizing. I think the appearance is supposed to be basically the same. Also, as many probably know, the EL42's are out of there and the Pilot Sport A/S's are the norm..."

    Anyone knows for sure if the 05 TL will come with Michelin Pilot Sport tires?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I guess my point (excessivley made) was that "stuff" isn't really what drove me to buy the 2004 TL.

    I have the 6-speed with HPT package. Retained FWD notwithstanding, it is a vast improvement over the previous TL-S in the "driving" department, which never would have been on my shopping list. Prior to test driving the TL 6-speed, I was pretty convinced my next sedan was going to be an underpowered 530i or a healthily priced 545i. The 330i was just a bit too small. The G35 was too unrefined in both the engine and interior department. That is also why I make the distinction with Lexus/Toyota. Lexus, for all of their gizmos and interior quality, has put almost no engineering effort into improved driving dynamics over what you would get in a Camry or Avalon. in other words, Lexus has perfected the Buick.

    So, on my wish list for the TL would have been rear wheel drive and an extra 1,000 rpm on the redline. The most likely thing to keep me from buying the new M5 when it comes out next year is the apparant lack of a true manual transmission, to go along with its 8,300 rpm V10. Rumor is that a 7-speed SMG will be the only transmission offered. So you can see that my priorities are a bit more to first getting a "drivers car" and then worrying about the extra gizmo's and goodies. But I guess I need to recognize that many TL owners and shoppers put those things first.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    For sure TL does strike a decent balance among perfromance, luxury, and $$. One can certainly ask for more on either P or L, but then what's RL gonna do and be able charge another $10K? In the mean time, people who want more P can go to B330 or G35, depending room and budget requirement, and others who care more on L may want to go to Lexus instead.
  • I am considering buying TL with AT. My only concern is the AT recalls on the TL's for 2002, 2003 and 2004. Either Honda cannot solve the cause of the problem, or they figure it is cheaper to recall. Either way, how much of a problem is it? Is it worth living with it?
  • i"m about to purchace a used 2004TL with nav, all factory body side, front,&rearskirts, factory performance tires and painted wheels. 2000 miles, perfect condition $31,000.00. but con cerned about all negative press in tl forums. please respond.
  • nkeennkeen Posts: 316
    Couldn't care less about bluetooth (don't/won't carry a cell phone) or memory seat settings (more complexity -- wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out how to override it in a loaner). The nav is fun to watch when you're driving along -- but $2K? But the features that really matter, this car has: great, revvy 270 HP engine, 6 seconds 0-60, slick short throw 6 speed transmission, quiet and comfortable interior - great distance car, build and materials quality, firm but compliant suspension, great audio, and, yes, front wheel drive. I've admired FWD since the original Mini destroyed RWD cars with much greater power in the 60's Monte Carlo rallies. Watch any RWD BMW or Mercedes contend with a light snow fall or heavy rain for a repeat perfomance.
  • diz1diz1 Posts: 5
    I am in the market for a used 1999-2000 TL and wondered about the gas recommendations. I have heard that you must use premium in a TL. Is this true and what will happen if I use regular 87 octane? Thanks for the feedback.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,624
    You'll get less power and worse fuel economy which could mean using regular is actually more expensive than premium. If the vehicle was designed for premium, use it.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    What negative press on the 2004 are you concerned about? Most of the press I've seen has been very positive on the new TL.

    The only concern of significance is the "fixed or not-fixed" dilemma regarding the TL's automatic transmission. But if you are buying "factory performance tires", you must be looking at the 6-speed. The HPT package is not availbable on th eautomatic. And after 5,000 miles I have nothing but praise for the 6-speed. It's better broken in than new.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    If using regular causes engine damage, then it will be more expensive for that reason, but I have never seen it proven that you save fuel by using premium.
  • nkeennkeen Posts: 316
    Why would you want to use gas that's not recommended for the car? Depends on how the engine management system works, but expect either reduced performance to avoid detonation or engine damage due to detonation.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,624
    When a car that is tuned for premium uses regular then the ignition timing has to be retarded to avoid knocking. That will reduce power and fuel economy. How much will vary but I've seen specific numbers from one person who tried it (not in a TL) and their fuel economy dropped about 12%. As always, YMMV.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    at what speeds do the vibrations come on ?

     I have a new TL, with only 1500 miles on odometer....and have not taken it past 90 mph.

    It was smooth from 0 to 90 mph , at least mine is.
  • nkeennkeen Posts: 316
    My 2004 TL (6 speed manual) pulls to the left and the steering loads up much more in a turn to the right than in a turn to the left (it almost falls into a turn to the left and feels as though it's fighting gravity in a turn to the right). The dealer has replaced both front tires, which has improved the situation a little, but has not fixed the problem. The alignment, front and back, has been verified to be within factory tolerances. Anyone any ideas? Anyone aware of a service bulletin that addresses this?
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    I am wondering what parts of the dash, door, counsel, and seat are leather. I have this new leather cleaner and conditioner from Zaino that I want to apply but am wondering which parts are leather and which parts are not. Like for the seat, are only the edges leather or is the middle part too? How about the dash? Can I apply the leather cleaner and enhancer to everything?
  • I'm torn between these two cars. I've driven nothing but Acuras since I was in college, but love the performance of the 330i (particularly w/ the sport package). Living in Atlanta, the FWD vs. RWD in snow issue is virtually nonexistent. I've read some comments about the interior of the TL not holding up (sagging upholstery and worn leather seats) which concern me. Any advice/opinions?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I'm getting about 19 mpg mixed driving (but mainly local) and about 24 mpg freeway only.

    my TL has 1600 miles, auto, w/nav.

    did your mpg improve since June ?

    I was hoping to change oil to synthetic, and maybe that will help .
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I wish for such a DVD system also..

    I paid over $90,000 on the cayenne, and it did NOT have as many features as the TL did...well, comproble features....

    the DVD system installed in the TL would be about $1600 in aftermarket ...

    the TL just has so many features that BMW, MB, porsche, do not have....

    so instead of those, we went for TL....

    even the Audi was not as nice...
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    On a 750 mile highway rountrip over the weekend, I averaged 29 mpg on the outbound leg, 27.5 mpg on the return leg. Those are actual measurements, but the trip computer was also accurate. Average speed showed as 72 and 69 respectively, which meant I was really driving most of the highway portion at 4-5 mph higher, since I had to go a few miles to get to/from the highway and had to stop a couple of times for tolls. The return leg was in a light but steady rain much of the way.

    I am not particlarly impressed with this highway mileage. It is 1-3 mpg less than the 6 speed is rated (30). By comparison, my 1995 Nissan Maxima 5-speed, rated at 27 mpg highway, would averaqge 28-31 on the same highway trip. My S2000, rated at 26 mpg highway, did it in 31.5. And in 6th gear, at 75 mph the S2000 is turning 4,500+ rpm; the TL runs at about 2,600 rpm at 75 mph.

    Even more unimpressive is the "mixed" mpg of around 17 mpg. The TL and S2000 had identical city ratings of 20. I have intentionally "babied" the TL for a tankful of mixed driving and still only gotten 17-18 mpg. I averaged 22 with the S2000 under similar conditions and drove it a heck of a lot more aggressively. According to my logbook, the worst mixed use tankful I ever had in 2.5 years on the S2000 was 18.9. In my Nissan Maxima, I only had 5 tankfuls (out of over 500) that averaged below 19 and my overall average in the Nissan was/is 24.03 mpg. So far in the TL, it's 18.71 and that includes 2,000 highway miles out of 5,500 total. In mixed driving, my TL gets about 25% worse gas mileage than the Maxima, 15-20% worse than the S2000 and only 10% better than our Trooper. It's marginally quicker than the Maxima, it is way the heck slower than the S2000 and it's 1,200 lbs lighter than the Trooper.

    I have an associate with a 2002 M5 (400 hp V8) and he gets 16 mpg city and up to 26 mpg highway. At least I didn't have to pay a $2,200 gas-guzzler tax, but I sure would have expected better out of the TL.
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