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Older Acura TLs



  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I think you go by the maintenance schedule. I think the oil life meter is just an aid. It's just an ESTIMATE of oil life based on several measureable factors.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    thanks.... I'll go by the schedule then..


    when do you guys think is a good time to switch to synthetic oil ?

    I think some said after a few oil changes, some say after the engine breaks in, some say to stick with regular oil. I thought synthetic would protect the TL engine a lot more...since it does not break down as easily.

    thoughts from all you TL fanatics ? :)
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I would switch after the 1st oil change.
  • Why are the seats so hard? Took a test drive and was just not comfortable,,, sticking with my 01.
  • qwallsqwalls Posts: 406
    I think the seats are fine, and my last car was the epitome of comfort, a Lexus LS400. Maybe you just need to try the various adjustments again. It may take a while to get it just right.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    It's not Lexus seats all right but I think it's still softer than bimmer's or MB's. The whole new TL is sportier than 01's, including the seats. And no one says sporty seats are soft. I guess TL's look + Lexus interior can have some appeal, but that's just not there. Maybe try RL. Its seats are more comfy, if not the $$$.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    My complaint on the TL isn't that the seats are too hard, but in spite of looking sporty, they are not as supportive and comfortable as any of the premium European brands. I would rate Volvo, BMW (sport seat option) and Mercedes (multi-contour option) as at least 2-3 rungs up the ladder from Acura.

    It's not just an Acura TL complaint: I have yet to sit in ANY Japanese sedan (or SUV) that has as good of an ergonomic design and seat support/comfort of the Europeans mentioned above. My 1995 Maxima SE was guilty. And Lexus seats aren't any better, IMO. Perhaps it's just that they are attached to such "un-sporty" cars that their excessive padding and mushiness blends in with the Lexus driving experience. At least the 2004 Acura TL has taken the driving dynamics and handling up a few notches.

    The only Japanese vehicles that I have ever owned that had superior seats were my 1984 Toyota Supra and my 2002 Honda S2000. And, in the case of the S2000, I believe the seats were designed by (and possibly made by) Recarro.

    This is a serious conundrum. I wish the engineers that came up with the superior Acura navigation system would focus their talents on the seats.
  • nkeennkeen Posts: 316
    Re handling, etc of the 6-speed.

    Great long distance car. If you want European style chuckability and aliveness you're better off with the more fidgety TSX, but the TL has great grip if you apply power progressively through the turn. It's a big, fast luxury tourer, not a sport sedan. If the TSX is European in concept, the TL is definitely more American. The engine is fabulous, the transmission great, the clutch fierce -- it'll catch you out with its abrupt uptake after driving something else. It's a big, bad front driver and handles like one. I've always been a FWD believer (space, snow, rain) but note it'll plow. Steering is sensitive to road camber changes -- doesn't have a lot of caster -- reminds me a bit of a Series 2 XJ6 in feel. I'll replace the poor Bridgestones with Michelins or Contis when the OEM tires expire. XM is worth it to me for the BBC World Service alone and my 1940s Furtwangler CDs sound good on the DVD player. The longer I have the car the more I like it.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Interesting that you would describe the TL as a "luxury tourer" rather than a sport sedan. I guess it's all "relative", but when I had my TL in for a "B" service yesterday, they had a new RL on display and for a brief test drive. I didn't get a chance to test its full capabilities, but after driving it for only about 4 miles, hopping back into my TL 6-speed felt like I was going into a small sport sedan from a large luxury car. Mostly the visual affect of the interior, but also the insulated driving feel of the RL. I have no doubt the RL's capabilities at the limits are impressive, but I doubt it would get my $49,000 over another $5-7,000+ for a 545i 6-speed.

    FWIW, my service manager also recommended replacing my HPT summer tires with 245/45 series tires when the time comes. Apparantly the TL rims were sized for 245's and the standard 235's leave the rim edge very susceptable to curb scrapes (which I've already had a couple of). Fortunately, at 7,700 miles, my tires are still in very good shape, compared to some of the Potenza tires which are in need of replacement after as little as 12,000 - 15,000 miles.
  • Personally I use full synthetic. If you have read the articles comparing them it states that synthetic does not brake down nearly as fast and does protect the engine much better. I live in Florida and the heat warrants the extra protection. Personally I would use it wherever I lived. Make sure to use full synthetic and no blends. Mobil 1 or Castrol are my favorites.
    Goor Luck...
  • Neuronbob--

    I saw that you recently drove from Cleveland to NYC. Is it safe to assume that you reside in C'town? If so, I'm curious to know how your TL handles during the wonderful wintertime here in Cleveland.
  • Hello, I am considering a TSX, TL, or Subaru WRX STi. I am looking for a car that is fun to drive, will last, and works as a daily driver. I am currently leaning towards the TL, but handling and driving fun are important to me, which is why the STi is in the mix. I know they are in different classes.

    To those that own a 2004/2005 TL with 6 speed, how well does it handle? I know the fwd will hinder it, but I have been getting mixed reviews on how the 'sporty' the TL is.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    thanks for your info on the synthetics...

    I think I will change over....
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I agree, the TL seats are not uncomfortable per se, but they are not the most comfortable and supportive that I have been in.

    I have handmade custom leather seats in the suburban, but they are not as supportive as the TLs.

    The most supportive and comfortable, without being over-stuffed, IMO, are the seats found in the sporty Volvo RS6 feel completely soft yet supported in them.....better than any I have ever tried....better than even Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes, IMO.....

    TL is not bad....I can live with them in a long trip....

  • sb55sb55 On an Island in VermontPosts: 157
    I got my 05 TL with Nav and 6 speed LAST WEEK and already have 1500 miles on it. Paid 33,250. Took a 400 mile each way trip to visit my daughter at college. About 26 mpg at close to 75-80 the whole way.
    I thought the seats were hard 1st couple of days but they have "broken in" and are more comfortable already. XM is great on long trip and I will surely pay when the time comes.
    FWD is ok. I find the steering a little isolated and "light". I may change tires in the spring, even though it came with Michelins.
    Just my $.02.

    2007 Miata, 2010 BMW 535xiT, 2010 GMC Sierra SLE, 2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon

  • jjtuanjjtuan Posts: 6
    acura uses 5w20 oil but mobil1 doesn't have that oil. what kind oil you use on mobil1. thanks
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Your assessment of the steering is dead-on. I too find it "isolated". Very little road feel. You really couldn't tell, by feel, that you're holding on to the steering wheel.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Is that such a bad thing? I mean what do you really like to feel? Imperfect road? Try Lexus, if you close your eyes, you might not 'feel' it's moving. I guess TL is more sporty on the look than what it really is (a lux. touring sedan).
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I find the TL handling very good for the cars size, weight and FWD.

    If I could get by with a vehicle the size of the TSX, I would have gotten a 330i or M3 (obviously at a higher cost, but budget wasn't my primary constraint). However, in order to achieve comfortable 4/5 passenger seating, you need to move up to the 5-series sedan. Obviously, the TL can't match the 545i 6-speed in performance or handling, but neither can the 545i match the TL in reliability and overall economic ownsership. Not to mention that the TL has several features lacking in the 545i - better navigation system, bluetooth phone (needed in DC), XM radio, etc.

    The TL isn't a sports car. I do miss my Honda S2000. But the TL 6-speed is about as sporty as it gets for under $40k in a relaible car that you wouldn't be embarassed to cart around business associates in the rear seat. Again, if you can get away with the size of a TSX, I'd consider the 3-series. Even a 325i will outhandle any FWD car.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    It's not neccessarily a bad thing, but I prefer an "intuitive" driving feel. I always say a good driver's car should feel like it is an direct extension of your arms and legs.
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