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Older Acura TLs



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I would prefer seeing the TL converted to RWD rather than AWD. I have driven the RL and, although it's not comparing apples to apples, found it to be no better handling than my TL 6-speed. That extra weight in the RL is noticable and would take away from the nimbleness of the TL.


    When I was shopping, I also test drove both the 330i and 330ix and felt the same way. AWD may be preferable for poor weather conditions. But, IMO, it simply doesn't afford the handling feel of a lighter weight RWD setup, at least not in most sedans. I won't kick a 911 Turbo out of my garage, but its rear engine layout provides a different driving dynamic altogether.


    I'm not sure what is keeping Acura from going to RWD on their higher end models. Lexus' GX300/430, SC430, LS430 are, as is the Infiniti G35, M and Q classes. I hope Acura isn't so enamored with the SH-AWD system that they feel it is the answer to all of their models. I didn't even consider Audi, in part because of their porky curb weights and sluggish performance. Let the 4,000 lb RL be the showcase for technology, but keep the TL under 3,500 lbs and make it even more competitive with the 3 and 5 series.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    only changes I would opt for in the TL would be a

    1- maybe rear wheel drive

    2- flexible engine with more torque available earlier

    3- better transmission..


    but these are not major issues..I think. IT s a real good car...
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    Because it would pull significant sales from the RL. Same reason you'll probably never see a V6 in the TSX. Maybe there will be a RWD TL sometime but that's a major engineering development program. Since the current TL is only 1 model year old, it will probably be several years, if it happens.


    I think the typical luxury car buyer is more interested in a smooth ride and interior luxury than absolute handling prowess.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    "I think the typical luxury car buyer is more interested in a smooth ride and interior luxury than absolute handling prowess."


    Sounds more like a Lexus tho.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I doubt the TL would ever offer RWD. If anything, they would introduce a separate RWD model for the hardcore enthusiasts, like Lexus did with the IS300
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    agree ....


    this platform has been front wheel drive for a long time...
  • kkftzkkftz Posts: 15
    Folks, I'm currently in the Market for a new car, and have narrowed it down to three cars... Cadillac CTS, Infinity G35, and the Acura TL. Have test driven all three, and think I'm leaning towards the TL w/Navigation manual 6 speed. Here's my only concerns... there seems to be quite a bit of torquing to the right & left when pulling out... probably due to Front wheel drive... is this unusual? Can any of you give me any advise, as I'm hoping to land this between $33k- $33.4k... is this reasonable?
  • qwallsqwalls Posts: 406
    That price may be doable, depending on where you live. One of the main complaints of the 6-speed is the torque steer. The TL is an awesome car for the price.
  • kkftzkkftz Posts: 15
    I have only driven the TL Manual 6 speed (have not driven automatic)... and the only issue w/Manual was the torquing (which was quite noticeable). That said, torquing only seemed an issue in pulling out... for those that have test driven both, how do you like the automatic?


    If I select the TL-manual, this may be something I just have to suck it up and live with. Has anyone driven the G35- manual? Any better??
  • qwallsqwalls Posts: 406
    The G35 is RWD or AWD, so you won't experience it.
  • kkftzkkftz Posts: 15
    One other quick question... any experience on negotiating spoilers w/dealers. Negotiating the overall price is pretty straight forward... negotiating putting spoilers on is a bit tricky, as there is installation fee's to consider (whose to know what's reasonable). In addition, does anyone know the mark up on spoilers... all I have the dealer fee's that do not include installation from the ACURA website, best I can do right now is estimate invoice cost of spoilers.


    Thanks for all your help... what a GREAT website.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    One of the car mags said the TL is probably a better car with an auto trans due to torque steer with the manual.
  • Good luck with your decision. I drove G35 manual, 4 door sedan(tacky interior, less power, rear wheel drive less effective in snow), and the Honda V-6, 6 speed, coupe (great car, less money, bought one for family).


    I suggest the TL 6 speed, which I purchased also. Reasons were: Fun to drive, Brembo brakes (not offered on automatic), power, stiff suspension, great interior, and outstanding sound system. The front-wheel drive is better in snow, and the "torque steer" becomes an issue requiring attention during high speed cornering. Why be bored? Go with the 6 speed TL, or wait for 2006 TL, if all wheel drive is added (a rumor). Happy Holidays to all readers.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,482
    Drove G35X and TL. No interest in the Caddy due to (IMHO) overdone, ugly exterior and poor interior design and materials. I'm leaning towards the TL over the G35x for (again, IMHO) superior interior and exterior style, smoother and quieter ride and less complexity (and better mpg) of FWD vs AWD. I've been a skier all my life and while AWD may be nice, I've never needed it.


    I did like the handling of the G and the '05 interior is an improvement over prior years'. It also has a couple of features the TL doesn't, but if I do go new, probably TL.


    In your opinion, does the CTS have any advantages over the G or TL (besides generous GM discounts, I'm sure!).

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • kkftzkkftz Posts: 15
    I too am leaning towards the TL... although the G35 is right there... it will all depend on what I can negotiate. The CTS surprisingly surpased my expectations... a friend told me to check it out, and the ride was much smoother. Because of RWD, no torque, and in the manual, it's quite responsive and hugs the road better than I would have expected. I completely agree, the look of the interior is not in the same league as the TL... I'm not a huge fan of the G35 interior either, this is one area the TL has a definite edge (IMHO). That said, the CTS is really not what I'm looking for.... the G35 and the TL are just a bit sportier, and more closely fit what I'm looking for.


    Thanks for the feedback.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The listed price on spoilers and other accessories include installation. The markup on all accessories are higher than the markup on the car itself. One Honda dealer that we deal with would routinely offer accessories at 15% off as part of the deal for buying the car. They must still be making a profit on the accessories even at 15% off. I would ask to look at their price list on the accessories and ask for 20% off, to start, and see what they say.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,482
    OK, I'm pretty sure if I buy, I'm going with Abyss Blue which offers Camel or Quartz interior. Opinions?


    I think Quartz as I'm not fond of the fake wood look of the Camel. I do like the color contrast with Camel though, it livens up the interior. But I have to look at 'em both again for a while.


    Exterior-wise, Antracite is great but it seems every other TL is Antracite.


    Happy Holidays!

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Torque steer is by no means confined to manual transmissions. In the case of the TL, the 6-speed may appear to have more torque steer because the driver may be electing to keep the rpms up by selecting a lower gear than the automatic would have. But that's also why the 6-speed outaccelerates the automatic.


    I would be surprised to see any "enthusiast" oriented car magazine like Road and Track recommend an automatic over the manual. IMO, the 6-speed in the TL is the best ever made by Honda/Acura, except for the S2000 and NSX. It is a short throw, crisp shifting and easy to modulate. When I test drove it against the entire BMW line-up, it hung right in there with the very best, surpasing, IMO the slightly spongier feel of the 330i Perfromance 6-speed. And that's saying a lot, since no other European or Japanese manufacturer comes very close to BMW in manual transmissions.


    It is slightly unfortunate that the TL's superlative transmission, solid sporty suspension and other engineering features are somewhat limited by a FWD set-up. But I would still take it over a G35 6-speed in a heartbeat.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I don't know if Car & Driver outright "recommended" the auto over the 6-speed, but I think they did say words to effect that, for the TL, the auto is actually a better fit.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    I recently traded my 2003 CTS (automatic) in for a 2005 TL (automatic). The TL's engine is quieter, smoother, more powerful and more refined than the CTS. The TL also gets better gas mileage and $7,000 less than a comparable equiped CTS. I can live with a little torque steer. I also had several reliability issues with my CTS.
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