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Older Acura TLs



  • mth2mth2 Posts: 25
    I don't think there will be a significant price increase on the 06 TL. Acura (Honda) has never, from my experience, radically increased the price on a model out of the normal year to year increases. Otherwise they would be deserting the target market that brought them the bulk of their sales.

    Acura is not going to make a car in the middle of their lineup that most current TL owners/potential owners could not/would not want to afford. Among many other reasons, one reason TL owners don't buy RL's is because they are almost $15,000 more expensive. That's almost half the price of a TL!!!

    I expect the 06 to be marginally higher than the current TL. Maybe like the 02 and 03 models, there could be a Type S version (or something similar) that could cost a few thousand above the base model.
  • mth2mth2 Posts: 25
    I meant to post that last message in the TL 2006 board. I was going between message boards and forgot which one I was on.

  • ljwalters1ljwalters1 Posts: 294
    I am in the market for a 2005 TL manual, and there sure are rare in south jersey.
    Not a lot to choose from, we wanted a red one with parchment leather

    I suggest you look in the phone book to find the names of all area Acura dealerships and then find their website. Most allow you to view their curent inventory. THen you can find the one you want (if it's out there) and negotiate directly with that dealership. From what I understand, dealers want the '05s off their lots for the '06s, so they won't be as much incentive for them to make you a deal on a car that's not on thir lot.

    Also, you might find out about a car that was delivered, but not on the lot yet (being cleaned up or something. That happened with my wife's Sienna. She wanted Silver with a Tan interior. I found one, but when I got there, the salesman didn't believe me. Turns out, after the dealership received the car, a supervisor took it home for his wife to check it out. Once we negotiated everything, they called the supervisor and had him bring the car in for us.
  • ljwalters1ljwalters1 Posts: 294
    I have a 2003 passat GLX now

    Not sure why you're posting that here, but maybe your problems are withyour mechanic. I had a 2001.5 Passat GLX (same model as you) 5MT. I did have 1 major issue that was taken care of fine (I forget what it was, but remember being glad I got the warranty). Other than that, there were no problems, and the vast majority of my miles were hard city miles (big accelleration and big braking).

    Good luck on your search for a TL. You'll like it (as I do), but you'll miss the rain-sensing windshield wipers and the real wood trim. :)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Back when I purchased in May, 2004, the Washington DC dealers told me that a 6-speed in my color choice and required HPT package would take 2-3 months and would be at full MSRP.

    I checked with my former hometown dealer, Contemporary Motors in Erie, PA and they got the car in 4 weeks at $1,000 over invoice ($2,200 less than the DC dealers, at that time). I have had no issues whatsoever having the car serviced by my local Acura dealer (in fact, we subsequently bought a 2005 MDX from Contemporary this past January).

    I realize Erie is a long haul from south Jersey, but if you can't find anyone willing to cooperate with you on getting a 6-speed at a fair price in your area, you might want to give them a call. They seem to have a very good relationship and reputation with the Acura factory reps - and the TLs are built nearby in Ohio.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    My TL does enough, I can easily sense rain. ;)
  • bg15bg15 Posts: 7
    I have looked at the on line inventory out to like 80 miles away, north jersey, delaware, pennsylvainia, and although some dealers show a white manual, they wont trade a local dealer for it, as it would likely sell at their place.
    I call andthey tell ME they have it, the local dealers look on the special
    acura web page and they dont show, when called they say they dont have one.
    games, games, games...

    We test drove an automatic yesterday, turnersville has a red with parchment
    auto without sat nav!
    But it seemed like a completely different car, and with the automatic, did not
    seem as nice as my Passat. Sure its faster and goes around corners better,
    but I want quiet and smooth, and the auto seemed to have a loud engine
    when it down shifted under moderate throttle.
    Not even close to the manual as far as fun to drive.

    As to my Passat problems, I do my own work, as the local dealers cant seem
    to fix any of the problems when I take it in.
    Corroded electrical connections inside the car (transmission problem), coolant
    temp sensors failing, fuel pump failing, gas tank leaks, these are not
    maintanance issues, but parts failures.

    We are still trying to come up with a manual trans car in a color we like,
    one place has black on black, and silver with black leather, we both
    hate black leather and are not crazy about silver....
    Another place wants to give us almost nothing for our very clean trade in cars, but
    may be able to get a white with parchment leather manual from a friend at another

    We may be screwed till the new cars start coming in.
    They may want to move cars off the lot to make room, but they dont seem to be
    trying hard in our case.
    Now if we wanted a black on black auto, it would be no problem...

  • mth2mth2 Posts: 25
    For some reason, the color I didn't like the most is now the one I seem to be becoming attached to- like you ljwalters1, white with parchment interior, 6speed of course!! I had a black with black interior (ebony) and I know the AC will cool it down fast,but living in central Texas, HOT means HOT, and the lighter colors are starting to appeal to me (but not silver). Maybe I'm just getting older...
  • ljwalters1ljwalters1 Posts: 294
    I have looked at the on line inventory out to like 80 miles away, north jersey, delaware, pennsylvainia, and although some dealers show a white manual, they wont trade a local dealer for it, as it would likely sell at their place.

    By it from the dealer who's 80 mi away. That's less than a 2 hrs each way for a car you'll have for at least several years! Just be REALLY NICE to the friend who drives you there!!! ;)

    If you're doing a trade-in, you can drive it there by yourself. If you can work out everything on the phone, you might be able to have them drive to you
  • ljwalters1ljwalters1 Posts: 294
    Actually, mine is Green w/ Camel interior. The green is fine. I really wanted the Camel interior, and green was the only exterior I could get it with. I probably would've preferred red b/c I like lighter collored cars and Red is the lightest color that comes with parchment. The other COlors that came with parchment are navy and the gray metallic. I like the green better than the blue and gray b/c it's a gray-ish green. In the shade or twilight it looks gray, but when the sun hists it, it sparkles green.

    I think the TL's exterior looks best in the tan metallic.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You mean the Desert Mist? That's interesting because the year I bought mine, the dealer said that was actually the least popular colour.
  • ljwalters1ljwalters1 Posts: 294
    Guess it's true - there's no accounting for taste!!! ;)
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    That's interesting, because I think the Desert Mist is a knock out color. My wife wanted a Silver, so I bought her a Silver, but I thought the Desert Mist was nicer.
  • rich48rich48 Posts: 21
    I drive a 2000 TL with 80000 miles. I was wondering when to replace the timing belt so i contacted several dealers and got several different responses. One reccomended changing at 70000 or 5ys, another 80000 or 5 yrs and another 90000or 6 yrs. Acura reccomends changing it at 105000 or 7ys. As this is an expensive job and belt failior is not an option I'm looking for ideas as to when to change. I'm also looking for an excuse to trade for a new TL!
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,889
    Well... if you really want to trade and avoid changing that belt.... that seems like a perfect reason

    Otherwise, I'd stick with the Acura recommendation and change at 7yr or 105K, whichever comes first...

    Unless we need to come up with an excuse for the wife... If so, then I'd say it has to be changed immediately, so you better go buy a new car instead!!

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Get a new TL and you get an new belt! :P
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I don't know guys, wives are pretty sharp these days. They seem to know when they being hoodwinked. :cry:

    We'll just have to band together, pool our collective intelligence (no jokes please, ladies) and come up with more creative ways to fool them. :P
  • scjdscjd Posts: 5
    Can anybody share the experience of owning the car past 100K miles?
    I own 2000 3.2 TL with 75K on the car, and so far it is very reliable, did not spent even a cent for repairs (only did a brake job). Is it worth keeping another 3-5 years?
  • bg15bg15 Posts: 7
    Finaly got a local dealers to get a white manual with parchment, and made the deal today.
    Got took to the cleaners on our trade in cars, but that is what I expected.

    We may pick it up Monday, depending on how the body side molding instalation
    Before going through with the deal we test drove a manual trans model again, and
    I just cant get over how different the car is from the automatic trans car.
    It seems much quieter, much less motor noise.

    Looking forward to some new car fun next week!

  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Why buy a new car when your present car is running great?
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