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Older Acura TLs



  • I noticed that Honda/Acura redesigns their vehicles every 4 yrs or so?
    Honda Accord style was 98-02,
    Acura TL style was 99-03

    Any reports out of a redesign for the TL?
  • i was just wondering what other features come with the Tl from the States that the Canadian Version doesnt have?
  • I checked at the dealer, and it's a no go. The bars on the RL headrest are a different distance apart than in the TL.
  • satellite radio for sure,It would have been nice if they had included satellite radio in Canada.
  • US has fog lights, while Canadian has daytime running lights (DRL).

    Canadian also has low washer fluid warning and larger washer fluid container.
  • wymanwyman Posts: 13
    There are different color choices in US vs Canada. Canada typically gets fewer color choices but is the only place to get Carbon Bronze Pearl.
  • I would not expect one anytime soon maybe 2009. The Acura MDX and RSX need a redesign first as both models are showing their age.
  • All, I read a lot about what kind of tires to purchase for winter. I've left the standard factory tires on for my first winter in the Acura. I live in southeastern Michigan where we've already received a good foot of snow before the end of December. I drive on a couple country roads on my way to/from work, as well as about a mile of dirt road (I think the plows forget about it most days). So far the car has handled just fine in the snow. I find that popping it into the manual transmission mode helps a great deal. I was all set to drop $700 - $1,000 on tires/rims but I'm going to stick with the stock tires.

    - Rob
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    Rob, what kind of mpg are you getting with the TL? It is auto trans, right?
  • Is there a way to change the sound to the DVD surround sound? I would like to hear XM Radio in this but I can't find how to do it.
  • i think we do have the xm radio. the papers that the salesman gave me said something about the xm feat and that it only free for 2 months.
  • ive noticed that they get so much more colors. i wish they gave us a better variety too!! is there anything else?
  • i totally agree the those 2 models are so played out now. i think they said the rsx will be replaced with a new model car. if true cant wait to see that car!
  • I'm afraid I don't know what sort of mileage I'm getting. I suppose I could look in the various trip details...but I never do. I fill it up with gas, then drive, then fill it up again when it needs it. :-) Hate to sound so simple but I've just never concerned myself w/the cost of gas, particularly when driving a $30,000 car that I absolutely love. In fact there are some days when I go 100 mph in the TL and take advantage of it's cornering abilities (not in the snow of course!) and then look down to see I've used up a bit of gas. The only thought that comes to mind is...MAN, that was well worth it!

    By the way, I DID get stuck in snow tonight! But it was my own fault and I think most non-four-wheel-drive vehicles would have been stuck in my predicament. I was driving too slow, talking on the cell phone and turning a corner on a country road that hadn't been plowed and I hit about 10-12" of messy snow going very slow and uphill. Bam...stopped dead. I backed her up and ran through it the next time - AFTER I put the phone down.

    - Rob
  • I don't understand your question. Both the DVD/CD player and XM play out of the same speakers. DVD music discs sound deeper and richer b/c there's more there.
  • Not that I would... but.... before ordering my '06 TL ... more than one salesperson said the car runs well on regular.

    Any inputs? Or bad experiences?
  • jwatsjwats Posts: 72
    I am looking at a '98 TL with 98,000 miles and a fastidious owner--who has not driven the car in winter ( an important factor in Minnesota) and majority of miles are highway. Service records exist, always synthetic, but I am having a thorough pre-purchase inspection done by a local acura independent garage who says these are very durable cars and often go 200,000 miles. I think I can buy the car for about $7,500.

    I welcome any insights

    1. can I expect another 50,000 relatively troube free miles? What is realistic? I drive gently with a car of this kind
    2. are there any known defects?
    3. any particular inspection questions?

  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    Does this vehicle have the 4-speed auto or 5-speed auto?
  • jwatsjwats Posts: 72
    3.2 200 HP with 4 speed
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    OK, that is good because Acura had some major problems with the 5-speed auto.
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