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Older Acura TLs



  • Acura recommends Premium (91 Octain). 93 Octain is a little over kill. However, the VTEC engine is designed with Octain sensors, so it will work with Regular gas at a slight loss of performance. Regular gas will NOT harm the engine.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701

    If you do a search on this or some of the other TL forums on edmunds, you will find extensive conversations in regards to your question.
    In short, sure you can put regular in your TL. However, be advised:
    (1) Would you really want to use regular gas in your 35k performance sedan to save a couple of bucks at the pump?
    (2) You will get less gas mileage by using regular gas.
    (3) Acura recommends using premium, why do something other than what the manufacturer recommends?
    (4) Do you want to give up performance?

    Hope this helps. ;)
  • >>Not that I would... but.... <<

    Don't take this the wrong way, but with an opening statement like that, why are you asking?

    I own a '05 TL and the salesperson (who seems very knowledgeable) told me they run just fine on regular gas. He said this AFTER I signed the paperwork so I don't think he had any reason to lie to me. I'm not a student of this topic but from what I remember reading on this board Acura at one time said you should use premium gas, then later (or earlier?) said you could use regular gas...all while referring to the same engine.

    I've used regular gas since day one and have not noticed any issues. Is my gas mileage suffering? I don't know. Is performance suffering? If it is, I'm not aware of it - I love the performance of the car.

    - Rob
  • The first thing I would ask is if the Timing Chain has been replaced. That's about a $900.00 replacement and is not optional after 90k miles. ALso, pay close attention to the Transmission. Make sure there isnt a noticeable lag when you jump on it. I had to replace mine at 100k (Acura agreed to install a new one for 950.00 since I had such a good service record.) Other then that it sounds like a very good used car and your doing the right thing by getting it checked out by certified garage. As a current owner of a 96 TL with 154,000 miles on it, I can vouch for the durability of these cars. You should easily get another 50k.
  • I cannot tell from either the brochure or website.

  • The '04 does - I can't see Acura getting rid of it in a future year.
  • Yes it does have a trip computer
  • rambo5rambo5 Posts: 37
    Any news on the above dealer installed Ipod adapter? Has anyone taken the plunge?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Yes, the TL does have what they call a trip computer - but it's more like a 1980's Commodore than an 2005 Power Mac.

    You can scroll though a couple of items on a small trip display screen on the right side of the guage cluster and get either average trip MPG or remaining range, but not both. And, as I recall, you lose the trip odometer display and outside temperature display when you are in the 'trip computer" mode.

    The MDX has a better trip computer, with both instant and average mileage, remaining range, outside temperature, etc. all diplayed on the navigation screen. Unfortunately, then you lose the navigation map (but not voice directions).

    But, just to put things in perspective, there is no Honda/Acura product that I would recommend more highly than our old S2000, and it had no such "gizmos" whatsoever. Nor climate control, power seats, heated seats, Bluetooth phone, DVD audio,.... But it was a blast to drive and the best built model in the entire line-up. :)
  • All 2004 - present Acura TL's came equipped with XM radio standard. As an ongoing agreement between XM radio, customers who purchase vehicles equipped w/ XM will get 3 mths trial period absolutely FREE!!! That way you may sample all programs they have to offer. After that, you may opt for a month to month subscription, a 1 yr subscription and a 2 yr subscription. Or, you may opt not to renew your subscription. I guarantee you will find something you like and will love the XM radio!!!
  • I used to work for TL has the DVD surround sound in all modes. There are no "toggle" switches, or menu changes on your stereo unit to change this. The car head unit already does this automatically.
  • When Honda came out w/ their V-tec technology in the late 80's early 90's, it was supposedly the most technologically advanced and revolutionary engine management/performance system of that time. The V-tec name has become synonymous with the Honda/Acura product. Keep in mind, that when a sales person tells you something, they are telling you what you want to hear. Not all sales persons are knowledgeable. Remember, you are paying their income, and they will do whatever it takes to survive.
    As much as the manufacturer recommends premium fuel, it's for a good reason. Due to the relatively high compression in the engine, they recommend a higher grade fuel so as to compensate for the higher level of combustion. Trust me, it makes a world of difference...You can use regular fuel, however, over a period of time (say 20K miles) you will notice the vehicle is sluggish (especially in auto equipped cars). Regular fuel won't damage engine internals (Acuras come equipped w/ "knock sensors" to compensate for lower fuel grades), however, the car will be robbed of it's performance capabilities, and not run quite as smoothly (you will sometimes notice your vehicle sounds like a diesel engine when you start it up on a cold day or if sitting for a while).
    I am not saying you MUST use premium, but for emissions, performance and reliability, I would.... ;)
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,591
    Just an observation re: XM. My salesman told me not to renew the XM at the first renewal offer. If you wait, you will get offered special deals. He was right. I don't remember the exact $ numbers, but I believe I got at least two post-trial period offers at a significantly lower monthly $ than the standard offer. Of course, YMMV.

    I did not renew and don't miss it. I'm sure it's wonderful for those that travel a lot in their cars, but with 18 radio presets, 6 cds and cassette I'm good.

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • armandarmand Posts: 178
    Don't tell XM but I'd pay more than they charge for it. I love it!
  • uhuh1uhuh1 Posts: 18
    My issue is that I wonder navigation on '03 TL Type-S does tell me what to do like 'making left turn at 0.3mile ahead with its voice. Does this model have function of helping me with its own voice?

    I just visited a dealershop to but a used '03 TL Type-S with Navigation/Onstar. But a salesperson told me that Navigation system of this model doesn't tell me how to get to a place with its voice. It is so weird. If it can't let me know the direction with its voice, I can't understand that why it is called navigation system. She told me that I can just refer to the point where I stands and I can refer to the direction with my eyes. I think there was some misunderstanding between her and me. Can you let me know? Thank you.
  • starman98starman98 Posts: 119
    I have had my 06 TL a week and loving it but one thing the gas milage is terrible. So far I average 13 miles a gallon.

    This is my first "new" car after owning a string of slightly used cars.

    Will my gas milage improve after the break in period? I am still on my first tank of gas from when I bought it.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    TL has really crappy gas mileage for pure city driving. Also, your engine is brand new, so it is very green, and you are no doubt driving slower than normal because it is a new car, and most new car owners tend to baby their cars for the first while. I think all of the above may explain the low mileage you are getting.
  • Man.....You are sooooo right

    The S2000 is by far the best car in the current Honda lineup. Its not at all complicated with excessive features. It is just simply superb. It is also a blast to drive like you said. Just push the engine start button and you'll know. Along with all this, it is carefully built using the best leathers and plastics in the interior. They are all fit together nice and tight. It is also very reliable. Returns the best fuel mileage in its class, and in case you dont know it boasts the world's most powerful naturally aspirated engine (in terms of BHP/LITRE). It is not just me who says that, it is everyone in the world. For example, check out TopGear's site
  • tlsharktlshark Posts: 21
    i think its okay to have the xm radio feature because it an extra add-on to a wonderful car! But really is it that neccessary? The car comes with the dvd-a feature and that hold hours of songs at excellent quality. with a cd or dvd audio disc u never have to pay for songs...just burn away!!!!

    There no doubt about it that i will use the free trial period but once thats done that will be all for me!!!

    what do u guys think?
  • tlsharktlshark Posts: 21
    i think the s2000 is an amazing car. i think though now its time to give it a total make over with a lil not to much computer features...what do u think?
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