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2011 Hyundai Azera

rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
According to a Dec 30, 2009 post on the Hyundai Think Tank Azera Owners General Discussion Board by HMA Michael whose profile says he is the product manager of the Sonata, Azera, and Genesis:

"Hyundai will have a facelift freshening for the 2011MY Azera due out in 2nd quarter 2010. There will be more information on this refreshed model during the first couple of months of 2010...."

Happy New Year everyone!


  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Here is some additional info. Note the last line or two about the Azera.

    Hyundai USA CEO John K gave a live chat session last night with members. Here are some of the highlights:

    - Confirmed next-gen Genesis platform will have AWD option
    - Hyundai is considering a smaller Genesis sedan to slot beneath the current one
    - Considering a “Genesis” SUV or CUV (not Veracruz)
    - Genesis design language will continue to be both “classic and athletic”
    - Seperate “Genesis” sales channel is still being researched
    - Equus final name for the US still hasn’t been decided
    - They are considering a unique “concierge” type service for potential Equus buyers.
    - Next-gen Azera design has recently been finalized. John says it looks “hot” and will run circles around the new Taurus SHO and Nissan Maxima.
    - Next-gen Azera features Hyundai’s new “fluidic sculpture” design language
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    is there a link or any pictures of the new Azera? or possibly other new Hyundai's that we haven't seen?
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
    I believe the "Next-gen Azera design" that the Hyundai USA CEO referred to is not for the 2011 MY. I think that the 2011 MY will just be a refresh and facelift and released second quarter of 2010. The new fully redesigned Azera may indeed be released in 2011 but will be for the 2012 MY. The 2011 MY refreshed Azera will probably look alot like the 2010 Grandeur.


    Additional information

    I also believe that the above link's assertion that "...most likely Hyundai will discontinue to offer the model in the States until it gets fully redesigned in 2011." is wrong because it conflicts with what the Azera product manager posted in a Hyundai Think Tank blog.
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    Page is gone....... dang, that was fast!!
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    Hi rhduke00,
    I own a 2006 Azera..was told very recently that the Azera was to be discontinued
    I live in the Azera still going to be available in the U.S. and /or
    Korea or is it disc'd in ALL countries. I wrote to Hyundai to thank them for
    taking $$ from my pocket on trade-in value by discontinuing the Azera in Canada
    ie no 2010 model....the jerks! ??????

    Also trying to contact KSPEC in success by
    e-mail or phone. Do you or your friends know how to get in touch with KSPEC??

  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    Apparently Hyundai is bringing in to the US, the Equus, which is built on a streched
    Genesis platform...or is the Genesis built on a shorter Equss platform?
    Anyway the Equus sells on Korea for apprx 80 to 90 thousand dollars.

    Why ,I wonder is this companydoing this instead of developing the Gensis with, ie
    direct injection, AWD,more add on accessories to truly compete with the ???

    Hyundai seems determined to get into the luxury market. The Azera was marketed
    as an entry level luxury car, stupidly marketed against the BMW and the LEXUS...
    which it aint. Had they, in Canada had the electoluminescent instrument gauges
    etc, turn signals on the exterior mirrors, and the simulated wood and leather steering , I am sure they could have marketed it successfully against the Buick
    and Lincoln..but to repeat it aint a Lexus. It took years for the Lexus to get the cache it has now.
    Now Hyundai is going to flog another luxury car? in North America.
    Why dont they finish one project before starting yet another? ie develop a truly
    great Genesis...but no, here comes another luxury car , and apparently a smaller
    Gensis...what is this company thinking..throw everything against the wall and hope
    something sticks in the luxury area. Okay yes the Sonata is a great success but
    to DISCONTINUE THE AZERA in Canada after only 4 years with lousy marketing,
    poorly presented vehicle in this country....yes it is a GREAT CAR, but still
    not presented properly against it wonder sales were slow.
    Im not sure Hyundai really knows what its doing!
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129

    It has not been discontinued in the US. Azera 2010s are on US dealer lots and you can build one at However, I see that at, you can't. As I stated in an earlier post the Hyundai USA Azera project manager stated on a Hyundai Think Tank forum that Hyundai USA plans to release a refreshed 2011 Azera. As noted by tenpin288, the Hyundai USA CEO said there are plans for a future totally redesigned Azera. BTW, in Korea the Azera is known as the Grandeur and I have no reason to believe that the Grandeur will be discontinued any time soon.

    Your second question isn't for me - right?
  • Love my 2008 Azera Limited here in Washington, DC area and hope it gets remade as a continuing model. Genesis V-8 is impractical for me with all the city driving I do, though I would love one.

    I used to own a 2001 XG300 and saw a few in Canada when I used to frequently visit up there with my long-distance partner in Winnipeg. As I've discovered in browsing Hyundai's international sales and dealership sites for the thrill of it, not ALL models we have in US or Canada are offered in all countries. I think it's a matter of what they think they can sell in a particular country.

    I have no official information on what they are thinking of in Canada or what the Azera's sales figures are up north, but if they aren't selling enough of them to support a full marketing campaign and dealer incentive it may just not be offered anymore. Even if Genesis is now.

    My 2 cents. :(
  • Genesis V-8 is impractical for me with all the city driving I do, though I would love one.

    We're pleased with our '06 Azera, but if we were looking for a replacement, and didn't live in the snow belt with it's occassional need for FWD, the 3.8 Genesis would look real good. There are numerous low mileage demos out there ( 1000 miles or so ) that are advertised at less than $30K. The 3.8 Genesis has the great Azera V6 with an extra gear in the tranny to boot - and a higher level of luxury.

    Just my 2 cents
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    Thanks heaps to HMA MIchael and friends for Hyundais decision to discontinue the Azera in Canada. Just removed trade-in $$ from my pocket..the JERKS. I love the car
    but to market it against BMW and Lexus..somebody in Hyundai needs his or her brain checked. The Azera is a great vehicle but a Lexus it aint..yet.
    Hyundai is bringing the EXTENDED platform Genesis in the USA (Equus) and considering
    developing a SMALLER version Genesis as well as the current Genesis.Do these guys have develpment plan or what. Talk about inconsistency. And whats with this preoccupation with the luxurt market that took Honda and Toyota years to develop!
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    Does anybody know what has happened to Kspec? David was a great source of
    information on accessories for the Hyundai Azera , and I bought several items from him but for the last month have been unablet to get a
    response to my e-mails or even when I phone their number there is no answer??

    Any of you folks know if he as moved the business or dropped off the planet??
    Thank you
  • rminorrminor Posts: 40
    They're finally getting the puddle lights and lane change assist turn signals. Two features my '05 VW Jetta TDI w/no options had. Now if they would add a nice customizable trip computer like that VW had I might consider trading.
  • I would imagine there are several things the new Azera has that the VW doesn't. Seems like no car is THE car, just close seems to be the best we can do.
  • rminorrminor Posts: 40
    Yeah, a few. Biggest are reliability and comfort. If the VW had been reliable I would still have it. The '05.5 Jetta TDI was special. Lots of extras that were standard. Great gas mileage. But poor build and very expensive service. Dealer only for $100 oil changes.
  • How do they justify a $100 oil change?
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    Prolly needs a special tool shaped like an eccentric corkscrew and made of a platinum alloy that, if not used, voids the warranty... ;)
  • rminorrminor Posts: 40
    Special oil, special filter, special tools, special everything on that car, And very few places will touch them other than dealers.
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    They (Hyundai) are the worst I've ever seen. They "reaquire" ridiculous maintenance schedules for items such as replacing tranny fluid, timing chain, etc. All this just to get more bucks and we better dang well sure get it done at a Hyundai dealer, or else!!

    Don't think I'll be buying another. I'll go back to my Toyotas. I know they're having some trouble right now, but, feel confident this will get ironed out before I need another car (3-4 yrs).

    Drove my wife's 03 Highlander the other day for the first time since Dec when I bought the Hyundai, lordy mercy what a difference. Everything is tighter, rides better, feels smoother even down to the door pulls, it's amazing the difference in "real" quality vs bolt on "luxury" items.
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