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Mazda CX-9 Brake noise



  • I have had such problem with every car I drove after a whlie ever since I moved to more rural area w/ more sand/rocks. Lubricants only helped for a very short period of time. Supposedly due to foreign object lodging itself into very fine groove that was formed when when braking and/or warpage. One car was alot worse so replaced both rear rotor/brake pads and it went away. Another car is doing same so I am planning to replace both rear rotors/brake pads. Of course you can re-surface the rotor instead of buying them new but I bought the parts cheap and hired mechanic to perform the service for me instead. Perhaps it is my luck or rear brake is more prone to develop such problem. Just pay attention to which one is making noise and try re surfacing rotor/replacing pads. Of course it could be some other problem as well. Most dealers are useless in terms of diagnosing and fixing problems especially if your car is still under warranty.
  • 2010 cx9 gt. At about 17000 miles this august, my vehicle started to squeak when leaveing the house. After about a quarter mile or less it goes away, but is quite annoying for new vehicle. I also had the initial click/clunk issue when first hitting the brake going forward. They installed clip that is part of service bulletin, that is fixed.
    The dealer claims its not a safety issue, but can't tell me what is causeing it. First off, I dont think it is brake related. It only happens when i go forward and aren't accelerating.(ease off gas) to me that would suggest something in the drive train. Since they dont know what is causeing they noise, pretty hard to define as not being saftey issue or not, although im sure it probably isnt for now. But any squeak means something is rubbing and grinding and goes away when heated up enough from the rubbing. That isnt good and means wear and tear on something.
    Anyone else have this squeak when leaveing home or work after vehicle sits for couple hours?
  • I bought my 2011 CX9 in November 2011. I love the car but I have become frustrated with the brake noise when driving .....when there's any moisture!! My car makes an extremely LOUD THUNK when the brakes engage and they do squeal embarrassingly loud when braking!! I laughed to myself when I seen the lady who told her Mazda dealership the same thing about driving other cars with NO similar problems!! I told them the same thing!! I have been driving for over 30 years and have driven 20+ new cars.....NONE of them having this problem! I laughed because my 1987 Honda Prelude with 128, 000 miles doesn't make this noise. My 1996 Chevy Silverado with 125, 000 miles doesn't make this noise. But it's normal for my brand new Mazda CX9 with 3, 000 miles to make this noise. A $40,000 car which is a dream car as long as it doesn't rain or snow! The problem is that I live in the state of Ohio. I hope more people use this site to force a service bulletin to stop this embarassment. C'mon Mazda.....fix this!!
  • thats so right, buy a new car and it sounds like its your old car, or your old car sounds better... My brakes made a noise like it was brake pads wearing, but it was the brake booster went out, lost my brakes.. at 37,000 miles. part cost me about $180.00 dealer was going to charge 748.00 to replace it..
    This shouldnt happen to this new car..
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,949

    U.S. probes Mazda CX-9 for brake problem (Detroit Free Press)

    "The agency says people have complained about increased brake pedal effort and reduced brake effectiveness. Some have heard a hissing noise when they step on the brakes."

  • There's a TSB from Mazda on "brake groan" --

    Bulletin No.: 04-004/11

    Last Issued: 04/21/2011


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