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Oldsmobile Alero

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  • to Ronsmith38 - The Alero model is sold as a "Chevrolet Alero" in Europe. Unless they did a mis-print, it may be a European model!

    to Rat284 - Sterling is dull. go for Ruby. My mom has an '01 Ruby. You won't be sorry!

    to sneums - 6K for a '98 Saturn?? That's awfully low. Do you have a lot of miles? I think this is just a slow time of year to sell. I can't sell my Monte Carlo but I'll never go below fair market value.

    They're coming out with a new Green color for spring. has anyone seen one yet?
  • ClaesClaes Posts: 1
    For all Europeans surfing on Edmunds, it might be of interest that the Oldsmobile Alero is sold as "Chevrolet Alero" in Europe. (At least in Sweden, but I believe it is the same in the rest of Europe).

    In Sweden, there are only two models: max equipped V4 and V6 Sedans. The latter would be the Oldsmobile Alero GLS. The price for the V6 is in SEK 234.000 incl 25% VAT. That would be about USD 25,500. It is a fair price, taking into account the high VAT and the fact that small volumes are sold in Europe of Oldsmobile.

    For all you GM freaks, it might be of interest to know that the common Chevy models in Sweden (and I guess Europe) are the small pick-ups, Tahoe, Blazer, Trans Sport and of course some Camaro and Corvette. A few other, single, Pontiac and Oldsmobile models are sold also (named Chevrolet).
  • merichmerich Posts: 3
    I am selling my 1999 Olds Alero GLS Sedan. I will be traveling overseas for the next year and I won't need a car in the US. The car only has 19K miles and is in mint condition. Here are the specs: V6, leather interior, sunroof, alloy wheels and spoiler. The car has every option except the enhanced bass system. I'm asking $17K but I will negotiate.
  • rich310rich310 Posts: 34
    Merich--Where are you located? What color and do you have any probnlems/complaints? I'm in NJ
  • rich310rich310 Posts: 34
    I've searched through a GM website where each dealer lists new inventory (I access it through the Olds site on KBB). You can actually access window stickers. Anyway, some of these list a color as Sanddrift. I think it might be a light beige. I have not seen it listed in the brochure I have or on KBB or Edmunds which list all teh specs? Is it a real color or what?
  • merichmerich Posts: 3
    rich310 -- I'm in MA and the only problem I've had with the car is the front rotors. They have been replaced with new ones and are working fine.
  • george00george00 Posts: 81
    I just noted your posting in which you state that your dealer refused to help you when your car shuddered at around 73 mph because it was over the legal speed limit. That is really an extraordinary argument, for the legal speed limit is 75 mph in many parts of the US - are Aleros only to be driven in certain states? For example, I live just outside Tucson, where the I-10 limit is 65 mph for one exit, then becomes 75 mph until you reach the outskirts of Phoenix. It certainly comes as news to me that Aleros should not use this highway, as I'm sure I've seen some on it. Auto dealers will use any argument to decline warranty work, but yours takes the cake.
  • wolftagwolftag Posts: 2
    I agree completely! I have since switched to a different dealership and have had much better luck . Well, with the service anyways -- the car keeps coming up with new problems at least once every 2 weeks. It's become a running joke, actually. The check engine light comes on so often, I'm tempted to pull the bulb out and forget about it. I have two years left on the lease, which is far to long. I'll try to buy myself out of it eventually.
  • marushamarusha Posts: 7
    After reading about water leaks in the 1999 models, I was hoping that it wouldn't be a problem with the 2000 models. Imagine my disappointment when, 12 hrs after bringing my beautiful midnight blue GLS Coupe home, I found the floor behind the driver's seat soaked with rain. I also noticed that the gasket around the floor of the passenger side wasn't spaced correctly and water pooled between the gasket and the frame. The dealership was accomodating, and tried to fix these issues. When I picked up the car, my tan leather interior was grease smudged and the interior door panels were more grease-gray than tan. The service manager couldn't get all the stains off, so they offered to detail and scrubbed the car on my next visit or replace the panels if they can't get them clean. Well, it rained again last night and guess what? Yup, still leaking....but now it actually leaks on the passenger side as well so it's worse than it was. Have another appt to try to fix it again. Called Oldsmobile to open a case file and register the situation. I really love the car, and just hope they can remedy this. Living in Maryland, we have a statewide Lemon Law which dictates if they can't fix the problem in 4 tries they have to give me a new vehicle or my money back. This is my first American-made car, and if it comes to filing a claim under the Lemon Law I'm going to take my money and run back to a Japanese vehicle. What a shame, since I am Oldsmobile's target market.
  • kwburnskwburns Posts: 2
    I know how you feel. I had the same water leak. It took 4 trips to the dealer to fix that and a rattle. They finally fixed the water leak (I hope) but the rattle is still there. I am ready to head back for # 5 to fix the rattle. I am also looking into the lemon law in my state. Good luck on your car. I know I will never buy another oldsmobile.
  • rich310rich310 Posts: 34
    I think I'v narrowed my choiuce down to a 2000 Alero GL2 sedan w/ 4cyl. A few owners have had serious water leaks. Are these in the sedan, the coupe or both. Do these cars have sun roofs?

    It's really a toss up between teh Alero and Grand Am. But I sometimes have my Subarus serviced at a dealer who alos sells Oldsmobile. I'm very happy with the service there. But this dealer does not offer "deals" so I can buy the car any place ans just go there for service.

    Thanks for teh info.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    My brother's 99 Alero coupe has never had any problems with water leaks.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I know 3 people with Alero's (including my mom's 99) and I have never heard of water leaks until I got to this web site. Bizarre!
  • kwburnskwburns Posts: 2
    I have a copue with sunroof, but the water doesn't leak around the sunroof, it comes in from somewhere around the bottom of the door.
  • steering wheel vibrates on hard braking is this to working of tracking system?system?
  • my alero steering wheel vibrates as i brake hard anyone else have the?
  • my alero steering wheel vibrates as i brake hard anyone else have the?
  • No, I haven't got water leaks (maybe because it hasn't rained here in California).
    But I got.... (be prepared)...
    - Electrical Failure (alternator/generator)
    - Front Suspension failure (sway bar)
    - Exterior mirror vibration (electric motor loose)
    - Speakers stop sometimes with no reason
    I opened a case. Results: Oldsmobile didn't want to replace the car, they said they can't do anything just repair and keep repairing the car.
    My car is only 3 months old!!

    I exchange some e-mails with a Customer Relations Director, with no results. I receive mail and wrote a letter to another Customer Relations Director and also didn't got any response.

    My final decision?
    I'll have the car until the warranty expires and then I'm going to sell it. For sure will be the first and last GM vehicle that I will ever buy,

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Why would you sell the car after 3 years when the bugs are all gone? You will take a huge hit to the wallet if you do that. My advise would be to hold it unless the problems presist. My guess is once the bugs are fixed, the car will be fine.
  • I have a 2000 Alero, 4 door sedan. Because of several comments here I decided to check my car for water leaks. Lo and behold, I found a very bad leak on the right side of the car in the rear seat. A real gusher. I also found a smaller leak on the left side of the car in the rear seat. I do not know when these leaks started. I have the car for 10 months and now have 7,863 miles. I took it into the dealer yesterday to have the leaks corrected. Today they called and said they have to order parts and it will take two days to fix it. I have my fingers crossed because of all the comments here. I have not had a car ( my first car was a 1951 Chevy and I have had at least 14 cars since that time) that leaked water, so this is a new experience for me. I hope they correct it satisfactorily because I do like the car. It is hard to believe that a company could design and produce thousands of cars with such a major problem. That doesn't say much for Oldsmobile attention to producing a quality product. Especially since the Alero is their answer to competing with foreign manufacturers.
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