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Oldsmobile Alero



  • drumbolddrumbold Posts: 22
    I have had the same interior compartment leaks. During a good downpour I can get a half an inch of water on the drivers side floor. Other problems include transmission slip, loose objects in body cavities, no starting, and premature brake wear and a missing button on seat belt. The fit and finish on the car is not the greatest either. There are three areas on the car where the sheet metal is dinged from the inside possibly during assembly. The threshold of the door also seems excessively wide to me and collects numerious scuffs and scratches from shoes and heels.
    The Alero was my first American built auto in 23 years. It just may end up being my last!
  • ilovestsilovests Posts: 16
    Have you not read the latest J.D. Power study...?? It rates the Alero very high in Initial Quality. While initial quality is not best judge of long-term reliability, it does show that the problems being experienced by a few people are not common.

    1 out of 10 people that have positive comments do not voice their opinion. Where as 3 out of 4 people that have negative experiences do voice. So the small number of complaints in this room does not show that the Alero is poor quality. Granted it is not the best, but then again it does not cost a lot either.

  • drumbolddrumbold Posts: 22
    The Alero's "initial quality" is a moot issue as Oldsmobile is nearing it's demise. In the long run will it hold up? After 2.5 years with mine, I don't think so.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    After 2+ years, my mom's 99 is holding up very well inside and out. 3.4L engine and power train are bullet proof so it should be good for a long time.
  • ilovestsilovests Posts: 16
    I understand that you are not having the best experience with your car. I also understand that initial quality is not as important as long-term quality. What I do not understand is how you relate that to Oldsmobile's demise. There are still 2-3 years of life in the Alero line so it is still relevant.

    Like I said I have experience with an Alero for two years and it is great. No problems there, mine is brand new just over a month old, and no problems there. Granted it is very new, but still some problems you can foresee. I even went as far as to try and get it to leak and see if there is a problem. Nothing, I could not get it to leak even with putting the hose up to the windows/sunroof and gutters. There was no water leakage.

    Once again I understand that you are not having a good experience, but that doesn't mean that ALL Aleros are bad. In fact it is more the other way around, almost all Aleros are great! There are always a few bad apples, no matter the brand.

  • I need some help...I am searching for a new car because the lease on my Honda Civic is coming to an end...I have been looking for a car around $20,000, give or take a few thousand...My search has led me to some ugly and boring cars...While I have not test driven anything yet, I have come down to a Jetta (1.8T) and an Alero (V6)...The bang for the buck and the looks are the alluring features...Anyone want to shed some light on my struggle...I am leary of the reliability of the Jetta...Some posts here make me wonder about the Alero but the problems here seem to be less frequent/common than some on the Jetta...Any comments or suggestions would greatly be appreciated...Thanks.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Alero is a really fun car to drive, especially with the V6. The cars are of above average reliability and there are some decent deals to be had out there. You also get a very good warranty. Definitely go for it. As for the Jetta, it's very nice also but I think it's too much money for what you get. I noticed the other day that Consumers Reports now recommends Alero.
  • Thanks for the input...It is going to be hard to find something comparable for the money I think...I come from a family which has two Intrigues (which I may consider being that you can get crazy deals right now) and the last year of existence Cutlas...My father is soldon Oldsmobiles now and thinks I should get one...I really need to test drive one...and compare it to the Jetta in terms of driving experience...Thanks again...
  • fclspatfclspat Posts: 61
    Loving my '01 4dr GX 5spd....

    Was wondering is any of you w/ the 5 spd have an issue with the clutch getting kinda stuck. It feels like the floor mat is wedged in (but it's not). I think it only happens if I press the clutch far down.

    This happens maybe once every 20 or 30 times. Not sure if its happening bacause I press all the way down or of there is a linkage bind happening.

    Otherwise all is great w/ the Alero.

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I actually bought my Intrigue partly because I liked my mom's Alero so much. Alero wasn't big enough for the family so we went Intrigue. Absolutely love it. One of the biggest sleepers on the market, partly because it's not advertised much.
  • Aside from the time the CHECK ENGINE light came on because my wife did not turn the gas cap at least 3 clicks, our '00 Alero GLS with 21,000 miles has been trouble free. However I plan on getting the brakes checked before 36,000 to see if my rotors have been warped. Overall, I would be happy to say that I am a satisfied Olds owner. Besides, our other car is a '95 Neon that we purchased new that has 62,000 miles and at the point where there is problem after problem. (i.e. head gasket before 60,000)
  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    fclspat, at what rpms do you shift?
  • b_bazinetb_bazinet Posts: 23
    Unless you're a chick, I'd go with the Alero over the Jetta, but that's just my 2 cents.
  • talericotalerico Posts: 5
    Disney, my rotors were warping at 13K miles. I took the car in to have them take a look and they couldn't replace them at no charge unless I talked to Olds Customer Service or his service manager (since my car had over 12K miles). I called Olds and they couldn't be more helpful. I took my car in (where they had already notified the service manager) and got the newly designed rotors at no charge. I would give Olds customer service a try. They even called me after the fact to make sure everything went well at the dealers.
  • dan715dan715 Posts: 8
    I got this in the mail today, did anyone else? And has anyone actually had this problem?:

    Dear Oldsmobile Customer:

    We want your experience owning your 2000 Oldsmobile Alero model vehicle to be better than any other you've had... which is why we're writing. We have learned that your 2000 Oldsmobile Alero model vehicle may exhibit a condition in which the 'Generator Low Voltage' indicator light on the instrument panel will not illuminate
    under low voltage conditions. If the battery voltage drops low enough, the engine will eventually stop running or fail to start.

    What We Have done: To correct this condition, your dealer will install new calibration software. This service will be performed for you at no charge.

    What You Should Do: We recommend that you contact your Oldsmobile dealer to arrange a service date.

    Customer Reply Card: Presenting the attached card to your dealer will assist in making the necessary correction in the shortest possible time.

    If you no longer own this vehicle, please check the appropriate box and provide new owner information, if available.
    If you have any questions or need any assistance, just contact your dealer or the Oldsmobile Customer Relations Center at 1 -800-442-6537.

    Your dealer may provide you with shuttle service or some other form of courtesy transportation while your vehicle is at the dealership for this repair. Please refer to your Owner's Manual and your dealer for details on Courtesy Transportation.
  • jauto98jauto98 Posts: 77
    My dad has a 2001 Alero GX 4cylinder engine with auto. Its been a pretty good car and gets gas mileage in the mid to upper 20's. Tinted the windows and installed vent visors and got the dealer to install pwr windows a remote keyless entry. What i want to find out is if anyone has figured out a way to prevent the air conditioning from turning on when you use the recirculation feature. It bugs me that I can't reciruclate the air without the air compressor from turning on....

    Also, have you people find it difficult for the car to start. When I drive the car, I find that i have to wait like about 5 seconds or more for the alero to start. Also, when the car is first started after sitting at night, the car seems to hesitate somewhat when i pull out of my driveway and drive for about 5 mins.

    Finally, in the trunk do you feel GM cut corners, like the plastic trim below the rear parcel shelf that is used to cover the sheet metal that allows access into the cabin???

    Any help would be appreciated... Thanks....
  • Well, being that I can't put myself in any of the cars out there around $20K other than the Intrigue or Alero and I am not a chick ( b_bazinet), what are you thoughts on the Alero vs. the Intrigue...Now I will have to say that I know the general difference and I know that the Intrigue is a bigger car (my parents have two) but should I step up to that level...Is it worth the jump up...Olds has such crazy deals with the $2000 rebate and I have a dealer who will throw the invoice price in front of me...It is kinda hard not to seriously look at Intrigues...any thoughts would be helpful...
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Having driven both cars (I own an Intrigue/ my mom has an Alero), I would definitely go Intrigue if you can afford it. While I really like the Alero a lot, the twin cam V6 in the Intrigue combined with the added space make it a better car. That being said, it also cost more. Intrigue sales have been slow (mostly due to complete lack of advertising) so the deals may be better than Alero.

    Either way you won't be unhappy. I love my car and my mom has had over 2 years of problem free driving on the Alero.
  • adennadenn Posts: 18
    Is anyone else with an Alero having problems with their windows being scratched from the power motor system. I had the car only a month and was getting vertical scratches in the driver's side window. Just had the window replaced a week ago and its doing it again. Back to the dealership. Oh well, last time they gave me a 2001 Deville with only 1000 miles on it for a loner. Put some miles on that Caddy the day I had it.
  • fclspatfclspat Posts: 61
    The RPMs are well over 2000 when I shift.

    Here's what it seems like to me... When I start the Alero I have to press the clutch ALL the way to the floor. But when you shift gears you only need to travel about 50% of the way down. If you press the clutch down 75%+ down on a gear shifting it has a tendancy to get stuck (or bound up)... When you let go of the clutch... but it sets stuck for a moment and thus causes a rough shift. Seems like a linkage problem.
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