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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Is it making a knocking sound, or more like a thumping sound? I heard a knocking sound too in my Elantra, but it turn out to be just the toolkit box is knocking on to the spare tire.
    I dont think using the handbrake should cause any sound at all though.
  • Jens:

    I, too, have a 00 Elantra. First 2 weeks I had it, the rear brakes made a thumping noise during a slow stop. Never made any noise if I pushed the brake pedal harder, only during a slow stop.

    Took it to the dealer and he found nothing wrong. Took it to an acquaintance who is a BMW tech, and he couldn't find anything wrong other than questionable Michelin tires that are known for higher than average road noise. He stated that while the tires may last longer than other brands, they are very rough riding and noisy.

    To make a long story short, the thumping noise disappeared and I haven't heard it in over a month. I have no clue where or what it came from, but I did find it odd that the noise stopped around the same time I made sure both rear tires were properly inflated to 30 psi (the dealer gave them to me at 25 psi, probably to smooth the ride some).

    Check your tire pressure and make sure it's to proper psi levels. Never can tell if it'll help.
  • aboss16aboss16 Posts: 7
    Hi - I read ALL of the Message Boards Of Elantra - Im 16 Now - My parents will buy me a car - After I saw the New Elantra - I LOVED IT! - I Already DID SO MUCH research.. - Consumer Tests, Road Tests - Everything. But TheN my Mom Said what if ill change my mind and get something like a civic, So I Saw A Civic - I Loved the modification On it - Blue Lights (NOISE)..
    But , I read everything about it -Even the responces - And Im Back To HUYNDAI ELANTRA - It is 3rd in its class - And I LOVE the Shape - Price.. (One Thing - I Want Package 6 With Anti-Lock-Brakes--- Can They Add THat???)
    What Would THe FULL PRICE - Of FULL POWER - (rear Spolier - Automatic - In New York (8.25% Tax)Be - Full Out The DOOR Price - Thanks For All your Help - (SORRY for MISTAKES - This is My FIrst Board Writing Too...))
  • aboss16aboss16 Posts: 7
    I read That Comment - Thanks A lot - Im In Staten Island Though - But it is still helpfull - BUt i was thinking I can Get Pckg 5 With ANTI Lock Brakes - UNDER 13k With what people said - But ill look again - Do you Like the Car Though - and Thanks A LOT
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    An Elantra with auto + package 5 invoice is listed at $13,232. Minus the $750 rebate will makes it cost $ 12,482 invoice. Plus a 8.5% sales tax it will be over 13.5K
    I think it will be hard to get it ttl below 13K (since the it will cut into the dealer holdback). But not impossible.

    Good luck with your car shopping.
    p.s: package 5 already includes abs isn't it?
  • chulwoochulwoo Posts: 11
    I just found out that the elantra ("Avante") sold in korea looked quite different, at least from
    the rear.

    I think personally it looks much better. Does anyone know if this is going to be 2001 elantra ?
    Any info will be appreciated.
  • coolmecoolme Posts: 2
    I was looking at buying Elantra online at They also have a free delivery option. Can anybody tell me how good is this?? They offer pretty good rates and also manufacturer discounts(If any).

  • Hey guys,

    I'm thinking of getting fog lights for my Elantra, but I want blue lenses. Anybody know where I can go to get them?


  • I bought my 2000 Elantra in October of '99,
    after hearing my friend rave about how great
    hers is (Sonota), even after owning it for
    seven years. "Hyundai is the way to go" she
    says. I purchased mine w/package 6, wheel
    upgrade, cd upgrade, all that good stuff. The
    warranty is what sold my hubby too. Our 20
    yr old daughter loved it from day one. Kept
    asking, "daddy, can I have mom's new car?"
    Mind you, she is a only child, goes to college,
    and working....and I admit, a bit spoiled.
    July rolls around and hubby says "how bout us
    looking at new cars, just to kill a saturday?" drives home in a new car (cool!)
    and Lola (our nickname for our child) gets the
    Elantra. She is thrilled!! On July 28, she
    and a friend are hit head on by a drunk driver,
    who is traveling at 70mph, against Lola's 50.
    Thanks to ALL the safety features of the Elantra
    she walked away w/only cuts and bruises. Lola
    is very, very good about wearing seat belts.
    The drunk flew out of her camaro's back
    windshield and is still in a coma. Honestly,
    when the salesman talks about airbags, and about
    how the seat belts lock against sudden movements,
    even talking about "break away" steering columns,
    I just yawn....but I thank God and Hyundai for
    taking care of my child. We are car shopping
    today for Lola, and after seeing the pictures
    of the her totaled Elantra, she says "daddy,
    can I get another Elantra, just a different

    We are SOLD!
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    Hyundai has factory foglights for the car, but there is not mounting bracket to mount the lights to, so you have to get part of the inside the bumper replaced. not worth it. you ll have to ask richsap about it, whether he put his in yet cause he ordered them. You should look at PIAA lights. I have PIAA 1100x series superwhite lights. They are not your average cheap K-mart lights.....$250 installed in NJ area. I highly recommend them though. Very high quality. I think i spoke to you once before through instant messanger when you first came into this forum. i have some pictures, if you would like to see. No offense, but blue lights dont look to good. I was thinking of getting them myself, butthey kind of make the car look ghetto when i saw them on cars around here. dont help visibility one bit, just are for looks. the superwhites i have help in fog, night driving and look cool when they are turned on. well worth the money i payed. here is a link of what the lights look like.
  • pal37apal37a Posts: 3
    With my Y2K Elantra, I have 20K and no problem as of yet. The car is still very tight and well built. The road noise to me is very acceptable, what there is seems to be coming from the tires. Am so pleased I am think about a second to replace my old '92 Escort with 182,000 miles on it.
  • I'd love to see some pics. The blue foglights were just an idea; I'm really open to any modifications that make my car look 'cool.' :-)
  • aboss16aboss16 Posts: 7
    Sorry - I meant Package 6 With ABS - Bc pkg 6 Includes Everything except Abs - (WHY DID THEY DO SUCH A DUMB THING) But they can probably add it - So ill try - To get the end year clearence
  • heckel2heckel2 Posts: 19
    Hi me and my wife are looking for cheap 2nd car. We once owned a used 91 excell and was the biggest piece of crap I've ever had next to a 95 ford contour. We live about 60 miles away from the nearest dealer and was wondering would they tow it that far for free. Some people were telling me that kia has the same warranty but it only covers 75.00 for mileage and then your on your own. Anyway for the price of the car with package 6 you can get it loaded for like 13,500. So needless to say nothing else comes with that much equipment for that price. I was just wanting in put before I buy a nightmare of a car. I know you can't go wrong with a warranty like they offer but I also didn't want to be inconvienenced every other week getting it fixed. I know everyone sells a lemon but I was just wanting to know in general about the car. Thanks for your time.
  • george00george00 Posts: 81
    If you haven't already, check the Civic vs Elantra forum where quality issues are being discussed - and everyone seems to agree that their Elantras are trouble-free. My 2000 Elantra GLS 5-speed is now 8½ months and 6600 miles old and has had no problems at all. I paid $11,500 + tax and title, which includes cruise control, power windows, mirrors and door locks, spoiler, and Clifford security lock. I get 28 mpg on mixed suburban/highway driving with a fairly light foot. Also, I found the dealer (Jim Click Hyundai in Tucson, Arizona), the salesman (Raymond Ringer) and the dealer's repair shop (for an oil change) all excellent. If you're comfortable in the car - check out the driver's seat, it's very hard and, to me, the seat-back is uncomfortably shaped - then it's really a much better deal, with much more equipment and a larger engine than its competitors, than anything else out there.
  • wystwyst Posts: 9
    Hey people long time no post.

    Our car just went in for service ( that pesky mass-flow sensor thingie, and a few other minor items) they would not give us a loaner, I thought the basic warranty provided for a loaner car, were we mistaken?? They told us you only get a loaner if you purchased the extended warranty.

    Thanks in advance
  • drimpledrimple Posts: 47
    The warranty does not state that a loaner car has to be given. It is the dealership's decision as to whether or not you receive a loaner car. I know that my Hyundai dealership will give you a loaner if the car is going to be in all day or longer. Otherwise they will provide a one-way taxi trip.
  • richsaprichsap Posts: 93
    Just echoing what drimple has said... it is at the dealer's discretion. My Daewoo dealer told me (verbally) that if the car is rendered undrivable, they would "do their best" to loan me a car. But that was when they were a part of a Toyota dealership and had rental/loaner vehicles coming out their ears. Now they are an independant dealership, selling only Daewoos. So who knows.

    In a related story, I took my Elantra in 'cause the driver's door lock stopped working. I couldn't lock the car, even with the key. I had to argue with the service manager and get a special appointment date just to guarantee that I could get a ride to work while they tried to fix it (I work 15 miles away). Considering that they have ample salespeople wandering around aimlessly at 8 o'clock in the morning, I think this is ridiculous. Not at all like the contortionist act I got when buying the car... they bent over backwards to pick me up so I could pick the car up.

    Hopefully other Hyundai dealerships are more professional and think long-term repeat sales than mine. As for the car... they had to order a door lock actuator, so I didn't have to wait long (an hour) but I will have to go in for another appointment when the part arrives.

    Also, I noticed that the black paint on my power window switches was starting to wear through on the corners already (the car is only 5 months in service). The service manager said his Hyundai was doing the same thing, and ordered new switches under warranty. Heads up, folks... looks like this could be a problem on all the 2k Elantras/Hyundai products.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    i have only one complaint about my elantra. and that is the paint. it is kind of cheap and scratches easily. my car is black and i expect to see more, but it seems to scratch when i wash it cause i see new ones. it looks good from a distance, but when you get close enough, you can see a lot of marks. anyone else notice this who have black elantras? or notice anyway with a different color? thanks
  • I've seen many an Elantra with crummy paint. It's seems to chip off of the rear bumper a lot from what I've noticed... looks terrible on white cars when you see the black coming through from underneath.
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