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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621

    Next week my 2004 Elantra GT hatchback turns 10. Soon after that, I'll sign over the title to my son when he graduates from college. He's been using the car for the past few years to get to/from school and work (including pizza delivery). So the car has rung up more than average miles the past few years. Now has nearly 97,000 miles--so I used every bit of the powertrain warranty. But I never needed it--powertrain including the 4-speed AT has been great.

    And the car has held up well overall. Disc brakes have been replaced once--rears wore out first, around 45k miles, and more recently the fronts. Had to replace the battery and rear hatch supports a few years ago. About a year ago, the HVAC fan switch went out, and I had the valve cover gasket and power steering line replaced due to slow leaks--dealer said I didn't need to, but I'm kinda picky on my cars and with my son driving it didn't want to take any chances. Replaced the tires three times, once at only 18k because of an accident, then again around 60k. Replaced the sucky OEM Kenwood stereo a few years ago with a $100 unit (Kenwood also). Other than that just did recommended maintenance, including free dealer oil changes every 3750 miles. The car still drives well, although the engine idles a little rougher than it did when new. Still gets mid-30s mpg on the highway when driving moderately, above its 29 mpg EPA rating.

    Cosmetically the car has picked up quite a few dings over the years, but the red paint is still glossy and there's just one small rust spot near the rear license plate in 10 Minnesota winters. The moonroof has never leaked. The interior has held up very well, although my son doesn't keep it as clean as I used to. The leather isn't the highest quality but it's proven to be tough, with only one worn spot on the drivers' left bolster that showed up very early--I suspect from the car's use at several auto shows before I bought it. I still love the driver's seat design, with dual height adjusters and lumbar adjustment--very comfortable.

    It's been a great car, IMO one of Hyundai's better efforts, and if I could find a clean, low-miles 2004-6 GT or GLS hatch equipped with moonroof and ABS/TCS like mine has, I'd be tempted to snap it up.

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