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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211
    the K&N . Does it fit? What number was it?

  • I just bought a Hyundai Elantra 2001 a week ago. I really wasn't that hip about Hyundai's since I have had personal problems with older models but my wife said for the price we should give it a test. Well, I did and I thought it drove real smooth so I threw my prejudices aside and bought one. When I left the dealership I noticed almost right away a vibration that I did not notice when I test-drove the dealership's model. So I brought it back and a day later got it back with the explanation that the left rim was elongated. They said it was the manufacturers mistake and that they had replaced it and balanced the tires. I said "oooo.kkkk." and drove it home. Now this is where my problem lies. I still feel a slight vibration when I drive it. Not as bad as before but I could swear I did not feel it on the test drive model(which by the way, I did drive all over to make sure I liked the car). Is this slight vibration normal and maybe I didn't notice it when I test-drove the dealerships model or does this sound like this is still not normal. I don't feel like bringing the car back again if this slight vibration is just how the Hyundai's drive. PPPPPllllease give me some feedback. The car by the way is a automatic as was the test drive model.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    where do you feel the vibration coming from? steering wheel? Expand on it and maybe some of us can help
  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211
    Dont take this the wrong way, please. When buying a new car, please test drive the car that you choose to own based on features or color etc NOT the demo model.

    In my new car buying experiences, all of the cars are and have been available for test drive.

    Sorry this tidbit is too late for you, however maybe it can help someone else.

    As for the vibration, give it a week of driving or so. It could be anything. I had a similar experience about a month after getting mine, it was the rear brake drums needed to be trued up some. So far, the problem hasnt returned.

    Good luck with the problem.\

  • Tony, now I know why they call it "SNAIL" mail. Was supposedly shipped on 4/20 via priority mail. As of 4/25 still waiting. When I get it I'll let you know how I make out. Al
  • jkempskiejkempskie Posts: 49
    Hello all.

    I've had my white 2001 5-speed Elantra for about three weeks now and am really enjoying it. Once I'm very familiar with the car I'll post about my specific likes and dislikes.

    Is this unusual? When the car is cold and hasn't been driven for several hours, I notice a pinging sound coming from the engine. This seems to occur only in the lower gears and between 2-3000 RPMs, slowing disappearing as the vehicle warms up. It gets louder and quicker the higher the engine revs (big surprise!) and doesn't bother me all that much... heck, I don't expect the car to be perfect. Still, I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing this. Am I alone? Should I maybe bring it in? Could it be the 87 octane gas (which isn't a cheap brand)?

  • Elantra00,

    The vibration is in the streering wheel,the gas pedal, and basically in the whole feel of the car. My wife, the passenger, feels it too in her seat.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    Chances are your brakes may need adjustment. they could be rubbing a bit against the rotor making a slight vibration. If long enough doing that and with hard braking, you could create a hot spot on the rotor. then the steering wheel/pedals and car itself generally would tend to vibrate...

    Tires may need to be balanced is another.

    My last guess would be to check your tire pressure. low air in your tires can make a loud thumping noise and cause a slight vibration

    Hope this helps :)
  • darpin1darpin1 Posts: 49
    I had a similar problem that turned out to be one rim that was particularly out of round. This all started after I changed the tires to Michelin x-ones. After several balances the vibration a couple rotations etc...nothing changed. When this particular rim was in the rear you would feel it in the seat...moved to the front the steering... note all rims are not perfect and neither are tires. There is usually a colored dot on the rim (marking the high point of the rim) and a dot on the tire (marks the low point on the tire) at the manufacturer they line these two dots up. However alot of Tech's don't know they keep balancing and the car is never like it was because they missed this or they don't have the right equipment...In my case the rim was replaced after many times trying to diagnose the problem. Was it the tire? The rim out of round? Very frustrating I know. But now my car is super smooth with no vibration.
  • tmundartmundar Posts: 70
    Now all I have for this is circumstantial evidence, but I think that the next car that Edmunds is going to obtain for its long term fleet may be a Hyundai Elantra. How do I know this? Well, I don't *know* anything, but I read the article Winning Women Over in the Car-Buying Process and it indicates that they are going to buy a car for Edmunds' long-term fleet, and then later in the article, the author is quoted saying that they are shopping for an Elantra. I have no guarantee that they really are going to buy the Elantra, but I thought it was interesting enough to post.

    Tom the Gossip ;)
  • arukisharukish Posts: 7
    I just bought Elantra 01.I do have a door problem .I need to close it with more pressure.Is it a mfg. defect?
  • Tony, received air filter today. You were right the filter for the 2000 Elantra does not fit the 2001 Elantra air box. It's about an 1/2" to big for the box. Width wise it was good, length wise it was too long. Guess I'll have to send it back. By the way the part # was 33-2753. Al
  • uttutt Posts: 16
    I'm hoping to get a Hyundai Elantra GT when they are released. I wonder if anyone has experience with the Hyundai Service Centers in the Puget Sound (WA) area? A long warranty is great only as long as they treat you properly. I'll be posting this question on all Hyundai model boards, so thanks for bearing with me!
  • tmundartmundar Posts: 70
    I don't have information about the service centers in Washington, but I can give you my opinion of a service center here in Arizona.

    For everything that the warranty covers, go to the dealer, but for everything that you have to pay for (i. e. maintenance), get it done at an honest independent garage.

    I got all of my maintenance done at the local dealer (Pitre Hyundai) for the first 60,000 miles, but the will never get another penny from me. When I went in for my 60,000 mile service, they charged me about $120 more for the 60,000 then was printed on their price sheet. The original price was crossed out and the higher price was written next to it in pen. I should have been more vocal at my annoyance, but I am too non-confrontational. I should have let my wife deal with him, she would have had him begging for mercy before she was finished with him.

    This wasn't the first time that I was burned by this service department. I ended up paying for a part that I believe they broke working on a previous warranty repair. They replaced the lifters on one visit, and then the next time I went in, I had to pay them to repair a broken valve cover.

    You should try out your local dealer. Not all dealers are as bad as this one, but keep your eyes open. I wish that I had figured out sooner how bad my dealer's service department was.

  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    Mr. Mundar, it appears as though your rumor will prove to be true. Phil Reed states in the "Negotiating 101" article (link on front page) that he and Carmen Tellez acquired an Elantra for the Edmunds long-term test fleet. Good job on picking that up! I can't wait until the updates start appearing because my wife and I are thinking of buying the GLS (or GT version). We may be purchasing in June.

    By the way, I wrote a mini-review of the Elantra GLS/GT from the New York Auto Show. Anyone can read it by going to the "New York Auto Show" link on the front page and scrolling down to the "contest winners" section under "reviews".

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    For winning the "Gold" in's "Editor for a Day" contest at the NY Auto Show. Read Chris's winning review of the Mazda Protege 5 and Hyundai Elantra GLS here.

    Way to go Chris, good work!

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211
    Very sorry to hear the news. Dont ya just hate when that happens?

    I am losing interest due to all the confusion.

    I dont suppose Elantra is high on the K&N company list of filters to make that could make them some money.

    Lets see if there is some other low restriction air filter on the web somewhere!


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thanks for the head's up - I put a link to the article you mentioned on the left-sidebar.

    If any of you are interested in discussing the concept of the article, please join us here: Are women treated differently in the car-buying process?.

    What do you think? Follow that link, read's editors Carmen Tellez and Philip Reed's attempt to answer that question, and share your thoughts on the process and the article itself.

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  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Based on the number of questions about doors, the Elantra must have an exceptionally well-sealed passenger compartment, because I don't see these kinds of questions on other boards (e.g. Civic). No, arukish, you probably do not have a defective Elantra if the doors take a little extra force to close. Try this test: open another door or a window and check how the door closes. Then close all the other doors and the windows and try it again. If the door takes more force to close, it is just the air pressure within the car pushing back, and it's a sign of a tightly sealed passenger compartment--a good thing for noise reduction (maybe one reason why the '01 Elantra is so much quieter than earlier models).

    (At least we are getting more questions now about door fit and air filters than the famous Hyundai "aroma".)
  • arukisharukish Posts: 7
    Thank you very much,BACKY for your prompt suggetion about door.You are right.I am happy now.I have arond 2400 miles on it in 2 months and I am happy with it.
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