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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    Sorry... I assumed it was a demo at that price... because I just spent a morning at the dealer trying to buy one GLS Elantra, in Michigan.
    MSRP: $14,332 + 6%Tax = $15,192.(GLS/Auto/Pkg #2/mats/mudguards)
    The Dealer's offer was $14,025 including tax.
    My offer was $12,971 including Tax.
    So far NO DEAL!
    AS you can see my offer is still way above the $10,988 you paid.
    The dealers offer is about $2,500 above your price.
    By the way he has a few left(10-12) on the lot! And only one GT.
    Something is fishy!!!
  • I know the Elantra is more expensive in the Eastern U.S. Check "" to see what you can get it for through them. If nothing else, it gives you a great negotiating tool with your dealer. You should not pay more than carsdirect price.

    For my zip (91773), carsdirect price for auto, floor mats, CA emissions and mud guards is $11,966. So I got mine for $978 less than carsdirect and the dealer is now selling at $1,178 less than carsdirect. My dealer quoted me $11,388 with package 2 added.

    In my zip (91773) package 2 would add $354 to the carsdirect price for a total of $12,320.
  • presario1presario1 Posts: 15
    Thanks for the link, your device clamps over the fuel line and works with some kind of osmosis. Have you looked at their other products, soapmax and fishmax. Soapmax device gets tossed in the washer to instantly save on soap costs. Fishmax will catch bigger fish, really? Chalk this up to great advertising and get your money back. But maybe it wouldn't hurt if you put it on anyway.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    Cardirect CA :$12,224

    Cardirect MI: $13,624 + 817 Tx = $14,441

    Dealer asking so far(including Tax): $13,800

    came down a little (then called a few hours later to still negotiate... did not return his call yet... planning on going first to a different place tomorrow)

    But, still there shouldn't be that much difference between CA and the rest of the country: The Destination Charge ($495) is supposed to equalize the price everywhere.
    Furthermore, nothing explains why your dealer is selling them at 10,788 instead of 12,224!!??!? I don't think he pays less than the rest of the dealers!
    The whole thing is puzzling!
  • To make comparisons easier, forget the's not negotiable anyway.

    It's hard to believe that the carsdirect price in your area is $13,624 -- that's $4 more than factory invoice and $1,304 over carsdirect price for my zip code! With the $500 rebate (built in to carsdirect price), they should be at least $500 under factory invoice. Is the $500 rebate shown as a separate line in their price build? Sometimes these rebates are regional.

    Are you sure you called up automatic, package 2, mud guards and floor mats on carsdirect pricing?

    If everything else matches, the reason may be supply and demand. The demand may be heavier in the eastern U.S. because the Elantra is more accepted there and there are fewer available. Hyundai may be financing the loss prices for the dealers in the L.A. area to build up sales in California and because I assume it is point of entry for them and they can avoid transportation cost eastward.

    I know others have indicated that carsdirect pricing is $900 to $1,100 higher in the east and it must be for a combination of the above reasons.

    BTW, my dealer's price with option 2 would be at least $11,188, not $10,788. The $10,788 excludes package 2, and he wants full MRSP for the package. With the 2002's on the way, unless there is a shortage of Elantras in the east, your dealer should be willing to deal below $13,000, as the car is now one year old for resale purposes. If not, you may want to buy a 2002 -- probably little difference in price and higher value.
  • I just noticed the latest price you got from the dealer includes tax. That means he has really quoted you $13,019 (excluding 6% tax). With the discrepancy in pricing west to east, it sounds like you are getting closer to the bottom price!

    Remember, you are in the driver's seat (so to speak) and, all things being equal, the end of a model year means the best prices!

    I have purchased four new cars over the past 13 months and saved a total of $17,525 off MRSP, so I know it pays to do your homework! Good Luck!
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    Zip: 48083
    $13,624 including 500 Rebate wich expires tonight...but hopefully tomorrow, better incentives will be in place, if they want to get rid of their inventory (this dealer has quite a few on the lot).
    I think I will wait for the new 2002 if I can't get more than a couple hundred savings!
  • gator_28gator_28 Posts: 14
    I have a question if anybody can answer it. Is the batteries that the factory put in the elantras (Mine is a 2000) no maintenence? Do you have to check the fluid (water) levels in the battery periodically? I don't seem to see anything on the battery that comes off to check the fluid. I would very much appreciate a response to this question. And oh by the way, I was involved in a head-on collision with a ford ranger in my older elantra (96 model) and I managed to walk away with only a few cuts and bruises. Thanks to my elantra, I am still here writing this message today. I think it is B******T that Hyundai is being slammed as having a poor safety record because of testing from "one" organization. I feel very safe in my hyundai compared to the the real deathtraps out there on the road.
  • The battery on 99-00's and 01's are all maintenance-free.

  • rbeaudinrbeaudin Posts: 14
    I just got a GLS 5 spd w/Pkg 5, mats, mud guards from the Bronx dealership for 12,900 plus tax. I could've done better had I taken a car off the lot, but I wanted champagne w/pkg 5, manual so they had to locate. Still, I was happy to come in about 300 under invoice. Meanwhile, I posted this request on another Elantra board, but I'll post it here too. Yesterday, three days after I picked up the car, I had to park in a garage in NYC (I know, I know), and, surprise, I now have a small paint nick in the front bumper (too bad my front bra didn't get here in time!). Anybody have any advice about where to get paint, how to use it, etc? I would assume the paint would be different for the plastic bumper vs. the metal panels. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    The color code should be listed on your VIN sticker, or can be gotten from the VIN itself. Clean the nick thoroughly, and consider using a small artist's brush instead of the one that comes with the touch up. If you're careful, you'll get acceptable results, but don't expect perfection - it is a repair.
  • If it helps anyone I got my 2001 for $12,030 with very little haggling at Pitre in Phoenix. Only options were CA emmision, mats and cargo net. 5k miles and love it. Heard some are not getting good mileage but mine gets 30 mixed 32 hwy.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    Guys...A friend of mine created a cool website. the linke is It has a forum for every hyundai model, peformance forums, a showroom to see pictures of members cars, and anything else you can think of...You can create it and see what others have to say. or if you have a particular question...Ask away!

  • frobeyfrobey Posts: 17
    Hey all,

    I finally got through my first tank of gas and wanted to post my impressions so far. My drive to work is through some rural country with a few hills. I normally use cruise control for much of it. Before I installed the K&N the car would downshift (I have an automatic) into 2nd gear to get up many of the hills. Now it downshifts into 3rd or not at all and makes it up the hills just fine. Also, my gas mileage (mixed A/C, no A/C) has gone up from 32 mpg to 34 mpg. I want to watch this for a few more tanks and see if it stays about the same.

    I took the filter out and didn't appear that any dirt/dust was getting past the filter.

    Will post further updates in the future.

    Got a question, I'm going to be doing an oil change sometime soon. Does the Elantra use any type of crush washer that I need to pick up from the dealer?


  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    2+ weeks ago, package 2 5-speed with mats and mudguards. $11.2 and change. Basically their advertised price for the base car with dealers cost for the package 2 add ons. Was going against misleading advertised prices from other dealers and actually walked out of the dealership on two different occasions, they wouldn't budge from that price and upon careful checking found out that they were lower than the local competition. When I looked at the Edmunds pricing their stated costs matched up to the penny.
  • Forgot- that was also with mudguards. I also had the shimmy problem but a tire balance and rotation took care of that.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    frobey, it does. The dealer should give it to you when you buy a filter from them. they did when i change the oil myself. However, the place down the road was holding a deal on a $9 oil change. So I have bringing it there cause it is cheaper then doing it myself! I guess they had no problems in getting the washer, but it does need one and it is changed everytime you do the oil
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    " 5 Years -60,000 miles WARRANTY (WITH HOLES !!!)"

    "Covers repair or replacement of any component manufactured or originally installed by Hyundai that is defective in material or factory workmanship, under normal use and maintenance

    Following components covered for time and mileage limits indicated:

    Radio And Sound Systems (i.e. radio, cassette tape drive mechanism, and compact disc player): 3 years / 36,000 miles

    Paint: 3 years/ 36,000 miles

    Battery: 3 years / unlimited miles (100% covered 2 years / unlimited miles; after 2 years and within 3 years, 25% cost of battery and 100% labor cost covered)

    Air Conditioner Refrigerant Charge: 1 year / unlimited miles

    Adjustments: 1 year / 12,000 miles

    Wear Items; 1 year / 12,000 miles ( e.g. belts, brake pads & linings, clutch linings, filters, wiper lades, bulbs, fuses..."

    Imay be having second thoughts about buying A Hundi after all... Look at the holes in the warraty which can add up to a substantial amount:

    Belts $100-300
    Clutch $700-1000
    Those items are usually the ones to go first in any car...
    Most other warrabties 3-36000 cover the above items!!!
  • You may want to check other manufacturers' warranties as well...

    I have a Chrysler 300M and wear items such as brake pads and linings are not covered for any period...they are simply considered normal maintenance items.

    Warranties normally cover defects in material and workmanship of non-maintenance items ...i.e. items that should last the life of the vehicle. Batteries, belts, brake pads and linings are normally replaced as maintenance items. I believe the clutch mechanism itself is covered but the linings excluded. Your $700 - $1,000 clutch replacement cost in your post would therefore be covered by warranty.

    Generally, I believe Hyundai has the same exclusions as most other manufacturers' warranties, but of course, Hyundai offers a much longer warranty period!
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