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Acura MDX Torque Converter Scam



  • It's not the converter. Change the transmission fluid and the rear end grease and the shutter will go away. Don't get overly happy, in 30k miles you'll need to do it again.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..It's not the converter.."

    It depends on whether or not you consider the torque converter lockup clutch as integral part of the torque converter.

    If the "shudder" occurs only or primarily during acceleration periods then the actual TC is more likely the problem. On the other hand if the shudder occurs during cruise or during the transition from acceleration to cruise then the torque converter lockup clutch would be suspect.

    Frankly, in my life's experience, marginal clutch operation is more likely than otherwise to result in "shudder".
  • Thanks for good info. I just filed a complaint with the NHTSA as defective parts.
    I was surprised that not many Pilot owners are aware of this serious problem.
    Huge disappointed with Honda. This might be my last Honda vehicle. Honda is sinking now like how SONY did.
  • I've had the same problem, and I think I avoided the runaround because i found the problem on this forum first---thanks Edmunds!

    Anyway, my car started strange revving when speeding up from a 40-50 mph cruise and started having harder shifting and less power in lower gears. Its a 2010 MDX Base model with 37000 miles.

    The dealer was very reasonable once I said "I think its been having some of the known transmssion problems for this vehicle." They took me out on a test drive and luckily I reproduced the problem with the tech in the car. They immediately said that this was a dangerous problem that could lead to total power failure and took internal pictures of the torque converter and other aspects of transmission. Acura Tech Line confirmed a bad torque converter. They are replacing right now. I havent talked again with them yet, but certainly hope they give me a new 50K warranty on that part.

    So, I have mixed feelings. The dealer was attentive and very reasonable, but it is clear that Acura as a company (or major division of Honda anyhow) has chosen to play Russian roulette with people's cars and maybe lives/safety---seems to me they put in a cheap part and its easier/cheaper to replace some as they come in than to fix the problem with a new part.

    I really hope "they" are reading this forum and pay attention, becaus overall, I have liked this vehicle a lot (nice level of luxury and wonderful ride for a great price)...but next time I might just save up another 20K and get a BMW or Mercedes and not have to worry about this stuff!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Sorry, going to BMW or MB would be much like jumping from the frying pan directly into the FIRE.

    You would get, undoubtedly, the additional safety of R/awd vs F/awd(SH-AWD) but those marques are not well known for reliability, salesperson and overall dealer arrogance maybe, but NEVER relaibility.

    In the MDX price range look to Porsche, V6 "base" Cayenne, for that.

    I suspect even the Toyota 4runner, R/awd, would prove to be more reliable than any "wannabe", base FWD, adapted for/to "part time", automatic "part time", F/awd.

    What Honda/Acura needs to do is offer a switch for the driver to enable the F/awd "automatic" functionallity only in known, or suspected, marginal traction conditions. It is simply NOT a good idea to engage both front and rear drives on a highly tractive surface, the drive line component stress level can be extraordinary under HARD acceleration.

    Unless the engine is overpowered enough, ~>200HP, to threaten wheelspin/slip under HARD acceleration on a reasonably tractive surface, there is absolutely no need to shorten the life of the drive line components in this way.

    But the MDX, and quite possibly the new F/awd Explorer, is certainly on the way to proving my point.
  • t06t06 Posts: 1
    Try Acura Service Bulletin 06-003 released June 9, 2007.
    It does apply to the Acura MDX2004. Acura will still explain there are no recalls or service bulletins that apply to the Acura MDX2004, then after presentation of the bulletin, will explain that your vehicle is out of warranty. Despite the section referencing "out of warranty" repair explaining the necessary corrective action Acura is to provide, Acura will make every effort to avoid coverage . The dealership will attempt to have you coverage as much as they can, then list your payment on the receipt, whatever the amount, as a "deductible" to make it appear as if they are complying with the service bulletin. Acura is fully responsible for these faulty transmissions, but will do as much as is possible to pass the cost on to consumers.
    Our "deductible"/amount we eventually paid(after 6 weeks of dispute), was $1452!!
    The receipt furthermore listed that the dealership had disclosed the original repair estimate being $0. I suppose we didn't hear that estimate or were just in a generous mood that day.
    We just wanted our vehicle back and nothing to do with Acura again!!
    Good luck!
  • joebrockjoebrock Posts: 1
    What do u mean "rear end grease" ?
  • wipkkwipkk Posts: 2
    Hello, I had the same problem. what does this Service Bulletin 06-003 mean to me now in 2012.... Does these dealerships care about these ?

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