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Mazda Millenia



  • Was wondering if i could do it myself or would have to take the car to the mechanic.
  • Last week I bought a brand new 2000 Mazda
    Millenia. I noticed that when I look in my rear
    view mirror, the objects (cars, etc.) look
    distorted. At first I thought that the distortion
    was caused by the mirror, however my husband and I
    determined that it was actually caused by the rear
    window. When I drive the car, I feel like I am
    wearing prescription glasses that are wrong for me,
    and it makes me feel dizzy. I took the car back to
    the dealer and he said that the glass itself is
    fine and that the distortion was due to the way the
    glass was shaped and angled and that all Millenias
    are made that way. I think that there should not
    be any distortion for any reason. Has anybody
    noticed a similar problem?
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    i have a 95 s. no rear window distortion. i don't know what bull that dealer is telling you, but i would check with the manager of the dealership and/or go to another dealer. what a bunch of crap that salesperson is saying!!
  • go to a different mazda dealership and compare you window with one on another millenia. I have not problems with the rear window on my 99 millenia, my parents had no problems with the one on their old 95 millenia.

    good luck
  • rysakrysak Posts: 7
    Hello every one!
    Thanks for responding to my prior question regarding Millenia's stereo system. I brought the car to local audio shop and they installed me my 200 watts amps along with a subwoofer. Everything sounds awesome now. I love the car a lot but the thing, which upsets me, is its gas mileage. I get about 18 mile per gallon in town/highway combination. I don't race the car at all. I'd love to have it as it's promissed-20 in town and 28 highway. Does any body have the same problem? And what are my chances to have this fixed at the dealership? I put about 2000 miles on it, so I assume that "break-in" period is over and its gas mileage should be higher than I have.
    Best regards
  • My Mazda Millenia S was originally equipped with Dunlop SP Sport 4000 A/S tires; P215/50R17 90V M+S. How long should I expect these to last with mostly stop/go driving? What is the best tire to replace them with? - I would want a good performance tire that handles good in rain and some snow (only get about 5 inches of snow a year). Thanks.
  • I have very difficult time deciding between the two. It is that old dilemma style over perfomance.
    Should I go for Maxima and have 222hp but butt ugly or ugly butt car or should I go for the Millenia with 170hp and enjoy the interior and over all xcellent fit and finish?????? HELP
  • What tire should you get for the best ride (not rough) and handles rain/snow on the Mazda Millenia S?
  • ecafecaf Posts: 44

    If you want the power of the Maxima with some of styling elements of the Millenia, check out the Maxima-based, 227-hp Infiniti I30.

    Unfortunately, it costs as much as the 210-hp Millenia S. And, though the I30 looks much better than the Maxima, the Millenia still has the better [non-permissible content removed].

    If you save a little more, the Infiniti I30 may be the best compromise between the Millenia and the Maxima. If you want something slightly less sporty and more cushy, check out the Mitsu Diamate LS or the "controversially styled" Toyota Avalon.

    My trusty and very reliable 1995 Millenia S has over 108,000 miles and it still gets complements!

    Good Luck!
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Has anyone out there come across a performance shocks/struts setup for the Millenia; or even a compatible application. To compliment the H&R Lowering Springs.

    I recentley saw a Silver Millenium Edition completely demolished a few days ago. The car apparently rolled-over. The roof was smashed and the back wheels were bent from the axle --- the car was also covered in mud - the driver probably confused the TCS as AWD!

    Hmmm......... what a shame!
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    If your budget allows for it, go for the '00 Millenia S or '01 Millenia S - Excellent car loaded with many options and rides very well! I thought the I30t was to Maxima-ish, "if you will"

    The Avalon is another car to consider, despite its "Oldman" persona - superior reliability, plathora of luxury style options and excellent resale value. The Avalon also carries a slight resemblence to the Lexus LS430.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    How is everyones leather holding up? My '00 Millenia already has a lot of creases in the leather and I am using a non-retail leather cleaner. (which surpasses the performance of any retail product currently on the market)

    From a comparison that I did on another '00 Millenia, my leather was in better condition, but I think Mazda could have utilized a better grade leather for the seats. Any comments?
  • ecafecaf Posts: 44
    My leather is still in decent shape, despite many many miles of my buttockery. I have been using Lexol leather cleaner and Connolly Hide Food (that stuff from England in the green jar that looks like lard) for conditioner. I'm satisfied with these products; my leather is in much better shape than typical for Millenias as old as mine. However, I have a problem with black scuff marks on the sides of the seats and the inner door.

    The leather in Mazdas (as well as Hondas and Acuras) is decent but could be better. The leather in Toyotas (the Camry/ES300 come to mind) feel especially soft and rich.

    OK, BMWs, Jags and Bentleys have even nicer leather.

    The worst leather I've seen were in GM cars (except Cadillac & Saab). Check out the leather in most Chevy models (except Prizm) and all Pontiac models. You'd never see leather as ugly, plasticy and cheap. Peep this:

    Probably the most hideous, unattractive and overstated interior ever. Also check out Mitsubishis for cheesy leather. Check out the back seats of an Eclipse with leather.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    I have the same problem with being easily subjected to leaving scuff marks in the lower section (right&left) side of the seats. I think the increased leather wear is partially related to the leather's surface design which utilizes folds, overlappings and crevices to obtain a more luxury look. As a result of this particular design the leather seating surfaces also tend to soil much faster as well. In comparison to the other cars that I have owned.

    I wonder if the '01 Millenia utilizes a better grade of leather!!??

    ecaf --- does the leather cleanser product you use add sheen to your seats? There's nothing worse than a greaseball seat and steering wheel!

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    yes, the Millenia S does not have great gas mileage for daily commuting, but I managed to drive my Mil S from Bestheda MD to Newark NJ on just about one tank of gas. I was down to 1/4 tank when I gassed the car up.

    My driving conditions were as follows:
    Temp - 68 to 73 degrees MPH - 73 to 85
    Octane - 93 Route - I-95/NJ Turnpike
    Cruise Control - N/A Wieght - 3 Passengers with
    approximately 300lbs of luggage Traffic - Moderate
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    isn't a 2000 Millenia S in the same price range as most Maximas?
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    i too have a 95 s, and the leather is in excellent shape. i use lexol as well (cleaner and conditioner. seat side panels are vinyl, and require vinyl cleaner i suppose. pay attention to he back of the rear seats where they meet the deck lid. the sun beats down in this area alot.
  • ruski, you're right. The SE and GLE Maxima cost about the same as 2000 Millenia S (after discount off course), and Maxima's lowest model cost about the same as a regular Millenia. This makes a Millenia S an even better buy than a Maxima.

    BTW, what kind of cleaner should I use for the door panel?
  • The leather in my '99 Millenia is starting to show a lot of wear on the driver's seat. I do treat the leather. I've found that Armoural Multi-purpose cleaner works well to remove the black scuffs from the doors and sides of the seats. If you do try this product be careful what you use it is very will remove the paint from the Millenia's glovebox and probably some other parts as well...but does seem to be safe on the dash.
  • Most good cars have reputation for running forever. How reliable is MM????? Will I be able to driver it for 100K???? can she go up to 150 or maybe 200K. I drive a 1989 civic with 152K and the baby is still ticking. Any high milage stories out there??????? Please share. Saxon
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