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Mazda Millenia



  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It's to fill the gap where the 4dr Integra once was.
  • I checked JC Whitney for the bra, but they only offer one that fits 95-99 ( cost is $59.00 ). I was not very keen on the idea of the bra anyway. Billyperks is probably right, the little stuff is gonna happen, and ya just have to live with it.
    I do think I'll try the touch up paint though. I tried it in the past on my Mazda truck when some lowlife keyed the tailgate. And as most here have said, it doesn't work too well. But I read on a car care website, that if you use a non-dyed round toothpick, with next to zero paint on it,and dab the chipped spot just once,then let dry. Then repeat several times over several days, until the level of the paint builds up to the car's paint, then rub out, it's supposed to work pretty well. I'll let you know how well ( or poorly ) it turns out.

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    If you feel invincible, I hope you have good radar detector... :-)

    "consumer cannot keep up with the Manufacturers" - oh, yes, GM's biggest invention: planned obsolescence.
  • Any comments- For those of you who have not seen it, go to CNN.COM and view the Detriot Car Show.
    It can also be seen in this months issue of Car and Driver.
  • sbisssbiss Posts: 9
    The version JC Whitney sells fits the 2000 as well. I checked LeBra's website before I bought it. If fits fine on my 2000 Millenia.
  • Hello everyone,

    A few days ago my 95 millenia s had a charging problem (the charge light came on). I had the alternator tested; the problem was later diagnosed as a defective harmonic balancer. I had that replaced. Now, while the charging problem has been solved, an additional problem has come up; the check engine light and the "hold" light keep flashing, and the car's shifting is rough between first and second gears. This problem seems to have been caused by the charging problem, but everytime I clear the codes the problem comes back. Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

    Many thanks
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    what's one more inaccuracy with all the rest, eh speed?

    MP, sounds like a trans problem but you should probably have those codes read rather than constantly reset.
  • Hey MP,
    Have you changed you're trans screen and fluid in the 100K miles? My millenia doesen't have many miles on it but it sounds like this is a potential weak spot with enough miles / years.
  • Thanks for your messages guys. I did have the transmission power flushed about 10k miles ago and there were no problems after that. It was only when the charging problem occured that the "hold" light started flashing. I am just so frustrated with the car. For the first 100k miles there were NO problems; not one, other than routine maintenance. Since then it is one problem after another, e.g., drive axle boots, broken belt tensioner, oil pressure switch malfunction, cracked plastic radiator, broken harmonic balancer, now the hold light, and the latest problem (which I will deal with later) a leak in the exhaust manifold which promises to be expensive. The problem is of course that I love the car so much that I cannot bear to get rid of it, especially at the going rate of less than 5k. A dilemma, indeed.

    Best wishes, MP
  • A friend adviced me that the transmission malfunction may be caused by a blown fuse. I checked, but found no fuse protecting the transmission components, unless they are somewhere else, away from the main fuse boxes. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • phatpatphatpat Posts: 22
    Greetings all, I'm just trying to find anyone out there that has a 95 -97 Millenia S that can give me any info on what to expect pass 100,000 miles in terms of maintenance and repairs. I have a 95 S with about 80,000 miles on it and to be pefectly honest up until this point I haven't run into allot of problems, some but nothing too out of the ordinary. Although it has the supercharged engine I don't necessarily beat it up but I like to make sure it's there from time to time. I guess I'm a little worried because the history of the car so far has been okay so I've heard the horror stories and wanted to find out anything I can do in the way of prevention. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
  • Well, only had our beauty about 6 weeks and I had an accident. Sick to my stomach over it. But now I need to deal with the insurance & repair shop. I've never had to do this before. Anybody have any advice on anything I should be sure to do or not do?

  • I do not know how severe the damage is but one thing I can advise you to do is-

    Have your insurance company lay out the money for genuwine Mazda sheet metal only.Some insurance companies would rather use after market products to suit their budget.Stand firm in your argument and make them pay for MAZDA REPLACEMENT PARTS ONLY.

    Hope you are ok.
  • Thanks Billyperks,
    I am okay. Not much of an accident really. The airbags didn't even deploy. But the repair is over 6K before they've even pried off the sheetmetal to look for damage under the hood.
    Not getting any grief from the insurance about real Mazda replacement parts. In fact, the dealer I bought the car from, also has several other high end dealerships around here ( Saab, Volvo, Porsche, Audi ). And the insurance guy said he has a specific shop he sends those cars to when they get bent. And he felt the millenia rated the same treatment. I thought that was good of him, but I did my own checking, and it turned out to be the truth.

    Thanks again,
  • I am graduating college in a couple of months and just bought a 1999 MM base with 34k for 12grand. Pretty good deal I think, mint condition. Do and of you guys have any tips/hints/suggestions about the car??? Also, any details on this 60,000 mile service I am hearing about.

    This forum was helpful to me when I was looking for cars, so Thank You everyone for posting.


  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote heybrady
    "Also, any details on this 60,000 mile service I am hearing about."

    At 60000 miles, unless you have an extended warranty, maintenance is up to your discretion. The unblown P model shouldn't require any maintenance any other car on the road needs at that point. And recommended replacement of the timing belt does not come until 105000 miles.

    Do normal maintenance the same as you would on any other fine automobile, and your MM should last 200000 miles with no problem. It is a very reliable car as compared to any brand you can name. Proof of that is on both and in Consumer Reports, despite some who have come on this forum deriding the Millenia.

    Ultimately any car is apt to have a problem of some sort, after all they are very complicated mechanical devices. But in the real world, this Made in Japan from almost 100% Japanese sourced parts is a great choice. Enjoy your new car.
  • I need to make this comment for anybody out there who lives in hilly terrain with steep driveways and covered with snow or icy conditions...don't try driving with the stock Dunlop tires labeled M&S. My 2002 Millenia with tire size 215-50R-17 is uncontrollable in these conditions. To make matters worse, we can't find winter tires this size anywhere and I mean anywhere. The local tire dealers tell me that I should leave this car sitting in the garage. Why didn't Mazda tell us that the 17" tire size would be such a problem. These stock tires did also hydroplane in the rain too. Hope to see any answers or good suggestions.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I'd look for some 16" steel rims and mount snow tires on them for the winter months. When things warm up, put the 17s back on and enjoy the open road. I'm in a warm climate, so I don't know this first hand, but it seems that no matter what make you drive, this is all too common.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I have to say that these Dunlops (SP5000?) are - for me - very good in snow, much better that Goodyear Eagle GAs on Passat GLX I used to have.
    I live in the Boston area, and drive up North a lot to ski... so, your remarks, ssteele, come to me as a bit of surprise.
    TCS not helping?
  • kbaerkbaer Posts: 16
    Just wondering if this is a good deal...MilleniaS with 6-Disc CD, moonroof deflector, cargo net, auto-dimming mirror and window tint. $23,900 out the door including Tax, Tag, Title.

    We haven't test driven the car to see if we like it yet, but plan to stop by the dealership after work this evening. Guess we'll try both models to see the difference. I think there's more room to play in this deal, but just wanted other opinions from here.


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