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Mazda Millenia



  • ronco59_1ronco59_1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Millennia I bought last year and have notice a lot of Road Noise. It is very distracting and almost embarrassing when carrying passengers. Does anyone know if this is a tire related issue or just a common characteristic of the Millennia? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    There is no doubt it is tire noise, but could it be filtered out?

    I also own an '01 P which has Michelins as original equipment. While it is quieter than any other car I have ever owned, those V rated tires do make a goodly amount of noise on some of the coarse pavements. Not needing to drive 150 MPH on a regular basis, I plan to replace them with an S or T rated tire when they wear out. That will be quite awhile though because they show no appreciable wear after almost 10000 miles, and I put less than 7000 a year on the car.

    Can the noise be filtered out? Maybe, but I have never ridden in any car with performance tires that did not have tire noise. And even my American floating barges with soft tires had the same problem.

    If you try a tire change to a quieter design, how about letting us know how it turns out.
  • rmck46rmck46 Posts: 8
    I have 00 P 2.5 engine,23000mi.Have ringing -whinning noise from trans 40-59 mph.Took into dealer service they say trans needs to be replaced.Replacement will be a"remanufactured" not new ,warranteed for 12 mos/12000mi.Huh?
       There is a tsb for this type noise that mentions shift cable tansferring trans sounds to cabin.
        Has anyone had this problem?Did you have it corrected?
       Trans shifts fine 98 % of the time.Warranty expires next month.Any suggestions?
  • dominick33dominick33 Posts: 14
    If I were you I would get the trans replaced as quickly as possible. My 2001 P had problems shifting and a blinking HOLD lamp in the dash at 3K miles. I had the trans replaced with the "remanufactured" part and it has been great ever since. The rebuilt trans is all that is offered by Mazda so you might as well go for it now while you have the chance. If you wait, it will cost you ~$3500 to have the job done at the dealer.
  • ronco59_1ronco59_1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the information/confirmation of it being tire noise. I, like you, would be looking to change my tires but I only have 29K miles at this time. I will look into different tires after that, to substitute for the V rated. One other thought on the tires, I used to own a 1989 Corvette with the low profile high performance tire and they never had this much noise. Of course it didn't have the ride of the Millennia either!!!

    Other than the tire noise, I truly like the car style, performance, ride, the way it drives, etc. It's probably the nicest car I have owned.

    Thanks again for the information fwatson!
  • I have a 2001 Mill without the CD changer. Can a straight swap be done with an OEM changer? The owners manual talks about them like they interchange.

    Does anyone know the part number of the changer? I thought I might look around for a salvaged one.

    Also how do you open up the dash to get at it. One thing about the Mill the dash is pretty buttoned up in terms of exposed screws, etc...
  • phatpatphatpat Posts: 22
    About a 2 months ago my hold light began blinking followed by the check engine light coming on. I immediately thought of transmission problems in my future. After turning the car on and off the blinking stopped, after disconnecting the battery cables and replacing them the check engine light cleared. I have had no problems with the car ever since. Has anyone experienced this with an S model? Again, this happened once and I've had no problems since. Any info is appreciated in advance. Thanks. Also, I have about 85,000 miles on the car so far and haven't had too many problems otherwise.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Just signed up a few days ago, glad I found this site. I have a 2000 Mill S with 37,500 miles on the clock. I have only put about 150 miles on it in the 8 days I have had it. I notice that the temperature readout for both inside and outside temp seems to be full of BS, reading higher than reality. Is this common? Also I would like to change the digital readout from C (celsius) to F. There is no mention of this switchover in manual nor is there a button to push etc. Surely they wouldn't have two different pc boards, one for cars destined for metric countries and a different one for Imperial measurement countries.
    Any problem with adding injector cleaner in next full tank of premium? Also the driver's power seat still feels a little low at full up position (I am not that short but would like it a little higher). I raised the passenger seat up to its upper limit and it feels much better. Has anyone dug into this "problem"? Yes, I know the dealer is the one to see but I thought I would pick the brains of all smart Mazda owners. !! Thanks in advance folks.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    I am disappointed that no one has taken the time or effort to respond to my questions above. Surely someone out there must have some thoughts!fairwood.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I do check in here as do a few others. Problem is that I don't have an answer to most of your questions. There aren't that many Millenia owners as compared to Camrys etc. Only about 20000 were sold in a year, which puts us in a pretty small class of model owners. Mine is an '01P.

    I have my auto-air set at 77 most of the time and it seems fine. I am 5-10 and have no complaint about the height of the drivers seat. It would be nice if it was a couple of inches longer in the thigh support though.

    A mechanic is going to have to answer the rest of your questions. Good luck.
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    It is possible the sensor for the outside temp is faulty. It happened in my family's Caravan, quick fix. I dont know of any way to toggle Celsius to F. It might be a programming issue. A dealership would know on that one. Not too sure on your driver's seat issue. I am 6-2 and I like to sit as low as possible anyways, so I am content. From what I remember it seems to go up high enough, it is just a matter of personal preference.

    Question for readers: I have 40k miles on the OEM Goodyear tires and need to replace them. Any suggestions? I am looking at Continental CH-95 and some Michelins. Any help is appreciated.

  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Thanks to both fwatson and heybrady for your thoughts. I did a search some days ago out of curiosity for tire replacements. Best info seemed to be at tirerack (don't have details at hand but likely Many more tires/brands available in 205/50/17 size than locals would have me believe. Most expensive not always best. I will try to find my data and get back to you. Watch this space for further data! fairwood
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I'm not ready for tires yet, only 11000 miles on the OEM MXV4's. But Consumer Reports has tested this type tire with H speed rating on page 63 of the Nov "02 issue.

    The top 3 overall in order are the Dunlop SP Sport A2 at $70, Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus at $120 and the Continental Conti Touring Contact CH95 at $70.

    I am seriously considering the Conti CH95 which they rate best in handling. It's only caveat is wet braking if you don't have ABS. Our MM's do, so that seems to be a non-issue in our case.

    They were tested on an Accord with P195/65R15, but according to their judgement the ratings should also be good for 14, 15 and 16 inch sizes. It didn't state if all these models are available in 17's since you have a MMS.
  • dominick33dominick33 Posts: 14
    I don't have an S but the blinking hold lamp indicates a problem detected by the transmission control computer. There are many errors that can cause a lamp on and without a code reader you are guessing. Even if you knew the code there is not much you could do except have the fluid power flushed and hope it is just "gunk" buildup after all the miles. So for less then $100 get the trans flushed, this is probably good preventive maintence anyhow.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    The temp sensor on my 2000 Mill S seems to be fairly accurate, it does need about a minute before it showed me the correct temp outside. One thing that I find annoying is that the display seems to maxed out at 99 degree Farenheit. Seems like it won't do any three digit number, eventhough I can see that the display seems to be have three digit display, oh well.
    As for the drivers seat position, I finds out that most Mazda sedans tends to have the drives seat lower than most other sedan in its class, which I like. I always thought that they're trying to make their cars feels more sporty by having the seats lower than its competitors(which works for me, yes, I'm wierd), plus you get more headroom that way :-).
    Now, about tires. My car came with Dunlop SP Sport4000 A/S, which last until about 36000 miles, then I replaced it with sets of Falken Azenis ST115 same size (215/50/17). Both are V-rated (up to 149Mph), while Falken claimed that the ST115 is a "quiet performance tire", noise level is about par with the Dunlops, maybe a tad noisier, but when the car is loaded, the tire noise is much more noticable compared to the Dunlops. Performance wise, the tire is great, I've had no problem with it at all in dry or wet condition or at high speed. However, now I'm ready to replace it at 67000miles. I'm trying to find a quiter tires, but I don't think I can find a quiet one that's a V-rated, like fwatson said earlier. I'm looking at Falken Ziek ZE512 (V-rated), which has both 215/50/17 and 225/50/17 size and hoping that it would be quiter than the ST115. Well, according to the Falken sales rep that I contacted, the ST115 is actually a quiter tire than the ZE512, but the ZE512 gives you better comfort than the ST115. He mentioned that even a 215/45/17 ZE512 would be comfier than the 215/50/17 ST115, eventhough the later has a thicker/higher rubber. So now I'm still confused as to which one to get. I'll let you all know what I decided to get in these next few weeks.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Thanks to csuftitans for replies. The problem I have with the low driver's seat (thanx for confirming that by the way) is that I can't rest my left arm on the sill the way I could with all the other cars I have owned over the past 40+ years. Also I am afraid to stick my hand out because someone may walk on it!! There is no need for Mazda to have such lousy temp. readers in this day and age of microchips etc. Yes, I too find the outside temp. readout to be off by a country mile and the inside temp lies like a rug. That too should be instantaneous. Imagine an oven that read the set temperature plus or minus 25 degrees. I have had this 2000 Mill S for less than 3 weeks and have a love/hate relationship. I love how it handles but hate trying to get up and out of low seat. I have to wonder about the mindset of the designer(s) who decided to have an electric steering column positioner. I want to get out for a moment with the motor running. Not possible with wheel pushing against my too-ample gut. The Lincoln I turned in had a mechanical setup, push the lever and move the column up at any time. A lot cheaper, a lot simpler and you don't need a battery. Having said that I still think it is a great looking car and am delighted in general. Just checked mileage and even using premium vs regular in Lincoln the miles/gal is much better so cost is not a concern, may even save money over a year. (If you have to ask then you can't afford it??). Lots of tire reviews at and 18 tires in 215/50/17 size. Most expensive not always the best.
    fwatson: How does your Mill handle on I19?
    Finally: when I checked the tire pressure the day after I picked car up the tires were about 40psi. I dropped them back to manual setting of 32 front/29 rear but have since upped that to 34/31. What settings do the others here find is best for ride/comfort/economy? fairwood
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    "fwatson: How does your Mill handle on I19?
    Finally: when I checked the tire pressure the day after I picked car up the tires were about 40psi. I dropped them back to manual setting of 32 front/29 rear but have since upped that to 34/31. What settings do the others here find is best for ride/comfort/economy? fairwood"

    Sorry, you lost me on the I19 question. If you are referring to interstate highways, I think the MM was born for highway cruising. My only wish is for quieter tires than the V-rated MX4V OEM's. I will go "down" to H or lower speed rating in that quest when it comes new tire time. That looks a long way off at the rate of 6000 miles a year though.

    My dealer also delivered my MM with way overinflated tires, 35-36 all around. I at first thought I had made a sad mistake in buying the Millenia until I deflated to 31X29 as called for by Mazda. That made a huge difference in noise which was horrible, especially from the rear tires with the 35 psi setting.

    Again, the temperature readings both inside and out appear very close to correct but I don't know about the 99 degree limit referred to above. The autoair is the best I have had in any car and very quiet even when it calls for high fan speed. I have the electric tilt turned off and prefer it that way. The only reason I can see for it is as a "luxury" feature. I find most of those a waste of time and money anyway, including the autodim mirror and headlights I have seen others complain are missing from the MM. I have had them on other cars and found them a major nuisance. And I prefer a roadmap to navigation system. Guess I'm kind of a regressive sort.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    fwatson: Yes I was referring to Interstate 19. I noticed your Florida address and unwisely thought you were a gulf coaster. We spent the last 9 winters in and around New Port Richey and drove I19 every day. Never bothered with the T-shirts that said "I drove I19 and LIVED!". Just checked my tires and they are Michelin 225/45/R17, 90HM +S, XGT H4. The previous owner must have replaced factory stock since these have lots of tread left and are not "standard size". There is just over 37K miles on clock. I thought I had stock size but perhaps I should not be let out on the streets on my own. I had been looking at Maxima SE's as well and must have had their tire sizes imbedded in brain. Duh!! So I will have to rethink air pressures based on even lower profile of 45. These Michelin's are very quiet on city streets, bypasses and some highway driving. Certainly no "singing", rumbling or whatever. Any comments on 45 versus 50 profile? More later on tires. fairwood
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Not to be too picky :), but I-19 is in Arizona. You must be referring to US-19 in western Florida. I have used it a number of times, but use US-27 and I-75 on trips in and out of Florida. US-19 runs up into the panhandle. I actually live in central Florida, 80 miles due east of Tampa.

    At any rate my MMP has 17 inch 55 series tires, and these MXV4's do whine on concrete as well as rumble on coarse pavement. I've never had a lower profile tire than these but would think the ride would get progressively harsher (bumps) as the profile gets lower. I wouldn't call the ride of my MM harsh but it is definitely firmer than my "95 Olds 88. In a way I would like to replace the tires now to know how a different tire will affect road noise. That is out of the question though until they need replaced. Not enough money in retirement to justify unnecessary $500 purchases.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Just got 4 Bridgestone Potenza RE950 's. Good price and performance. Check for buyer comments. Much quieter than Michelins.
    '95 S 85,000 miles.
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