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Mazda Millenia



  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote freebird: "Just wait until you have to pay for that 60,000 mile service - $600 or more....

    Quote cappetta: "It has 107K miles and drive incredibly smooth."

    Looks to me like it's a little late to worry about a 60,000 mile service, it already has 107,000 miles on it. Maybe you are thinking about the 600,000 mile service.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    My brother is considering a used '95 or '96 Mazda Millenia for his daughter, and asked me for help on research, since he's not much of a car guy. It seems like a pretty good buy considering how inexpensive they are, and seems to have good crash test scores, and is CR recommended for reliability.

    My question is for Millenia owners, what are things to watch out for?
  • freebirdfreebird Posts: 77
    Dude, you have to perform the 60,000-mile service every 60,000 miles. It is expensive. So the new buyer would probably want to look into whether the timing belt was changed as well as the other items serviced EVERY 60,000 miles.

    Here would be the recommend mileages for the 60,000 service:


    And so on. Just use a calculator and add 60,000 to the previous number.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    I think that you are confusing the 2.3L engine with the 2.5L engine. You are correct on your service for the timing belt for the 2.3L but not on the 2.5L. They are talking about the 2.5L engine, the L, M, P or whatever other letter Mazda used for this model. I thought that the 2.5L engine was around the 100,000 mile mark for the timing belt. The cost of this would be no different then any other car that needed this done. Your price of $600 + sounds more like the expense for the 2.3L miller engine.
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    kcm is correct. On the non-supercharged model, the timing belt is suggested at 105K, but can most likely go longer. Eeven if the belt does break, the engine is a non-interference design, which means no damage will be done to the engine. 60K tune up is no big deal with this model. I just turned 60K a couple of months ago, and all i had done with tranny flush and serpentine belt change. Everything else was fine. Couple hundred bucks, and i was outta there.
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    If I remember correctly, the 95 Millenia had some reliability issues due to being the first model year. I think CR even says to stay away from it. However, 96-02 gets all Red in CR and a recommended in their used car guide. Just make sure you stay away from the Supercharged engine (2.3L, badged S model). As miles get higher, supercharger can have problems with leaks and such. Since the engine is very unique and rare, any repairs are usually costly. Stick with the 2.5L engine (badged L or P) and you should have no problems. The car should easily last well into the 100K's judging on Mazda's reliability.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Take out your trusty little calculator and divide $600 by 60000 miles. That comes ot ONE PENNY per mile even if your $600 figure was correct. My recommendation is that if you can't afford a penny a mile for that service on a $20 some thousand automobile, don't buy one. The expenses for my '95 Oldsmobile 88 have far exceeded that $600, by a multiplier of about 5. And it just now turned 85000 miles. High maintenance costs are far from a Mazda exclusive.

    From what I have seen, the big replacement item on '95 and '96 Millenia's was the spark plug wires which run about a hundred dollars plus labor to replace. The reason that knocks down the '95/'96 models in the CU reliability ratings, is because it happened to a lot of them. In other words "high frequency" of repair. Unfortunately CR doesn't take repair cost into enough consideration in their ratings.

    Overall, CR rates the Millenia "Outstanding" in reliability.
  • freebirdfreebird Posts: 77
    For the early models, the timing belt is scheduled at 60,000 miles. I owned a '95 model. This is what it had in the book. In later years, they increased the interval. The original poster bought a '96 L, with the 2.5L.

    $600 for timing belt, water pump and the rest. Call a dealer and ask their price - probably over $800. I only had mine serviced at “Mazda only” shops that used OEM parts. Another joke - $900 for a power steering pump! The list goes on. That was my gripe with my car - the parts were too expensive. A timing belt on my Toyota is $209.
  • freebirdfreebird Posts: 77
    I thought the faulty plug wires replaced under a service bulletin. I didn't pay to have mine replaced, the dealer did it for free.
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    If the spark plugs were replaced by the dealer for free it was because they did you a favor for all the extra cash you paid them by only doing repairs at their shop. Just my .02 -- Those service bulletins are not required repairs, just a heads-up for dealers or repair shops for frequent problems.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I have found over 46 years of owning many cars that the only reason to take a car to the dealer is in the event of a recall or other free repairs. There are plenty of certified machanics working in independent shops for far less than a dealer charges for the same work.

    Anyone calling himself a mechanic, that can't do all the maintenance and repairs on a KLZE engine better stick to working on bicycles. Changing the timing belt and or water pump on a KLZE (2.5L) would require no more knowledge or effort than any other transverse V6 engine, including a Toyota. The spark plugs and wires are downright simple to replace by anyone that has any mechanical ability at all. The engine in my '01 P is far more accessible than my last two V6's, a '90 TBird and that trouble prone '95 Olds 88 I mentioned.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Interesting, I was going to recommend to him the Millenia S because of the power, and excellent gas mileage. I've seen a few '96s with only maybe 65-75K on them. Is the miller cycle still a risk with that kind of miles? Or does mileage like that for an 8 year old car mean it probably already has had problems? I think the 2.5L is kind of whimpy, I would probably lead towards recommending an old I30 over that...
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote: "I think the 2.5L is kind of whimpy"

    This has been suggested before, and everyone has their "needs" (not quoting you). The 2.5 is in no way wimpy, unless you have a "need" for excess power. It takes a tiny fraction of 170 HP to propel a 3400 pound car. The only "need" for more power than the 2.5 has is ego gratification. I have about 15000 miles on mine, and never have I "needed" more power under any condition. If I were inclined to run in stop light Gran-Prix races, maybe I could understand the "need" for 0 to 60 in less than 8.5 seconds in a family car. Under all but racing conditions, the MMP is a fine performer. I have had some "wimpy" cars, but this is not one of them. Perhaps, just as in the '70's horsepower war (musclecars), the perception of decent performance is being lost when compared to excess.
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    Lexusguy, this car is your your brother's daughter, right? I am assuming she is a younger driver (why else would he buy his daughter a car?). She will be just fine with the 170, trust me. I cant say for sure if the mpg on the supercharged engine is more or less than the 2.5, but I remember some past posts saying that in warmer weather the engine does not seem as repsonsive than when it is cold. Also, the S engine requires premium gas, while the 2.5 requires regular. May not seem like much, but gas is up around 2 bucks now, even more on premium. Finding a mechanic to work on the Miller Cycle may prove to be a task. From what I read here, alot of mechanics just shake their head when they see one of these. The power of the 2.5 is just fine. You wont be squealing the tires, but it does the job. The only time it is "slow" is off the line. Acceleration to pass or merge is great, the MM really takes off at higher speeds. Hope this helps.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    The other reason I liked the S was that it seemed to come with everything standard, the alloys, leather, Bose stereo, etc. Finding all of that on a regular 2.5 car seems to be hard. Also, the S does get better mileage, though its a small difference. He would most likely take it to the Mazda dealer in town, so I dont think finding a qualified mechanic would be a problem.

    I suppose my own impressions of the Millenia engines comes from when I checked out one for a friend a few years ago. She just knew she wanted "something in the 30s" and was intimidated by the number of choices, so I went along for the test drives. We tried both the NA and the S cars, and It seemed to me like the 2.5 was kind of meager for a 6, it felt like the Accord 4cyl. She ended up with an '02 Acura TL.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    You are right that the 170HP 2.5L MMP is down on power as compared to a 3.2L TL, which is a wonderful car. But paying $8000 to $10000 or so less, goes a long way toward soothing that power disadvantage. It is especially at a disadvantage powerwise compared to a 3L, or now 3.5L Maxima. I haven't driven a TL, but it still makes a very favorable impression on me. For my taste, the Maximas I drove the weekend I bought my MM rode like Army tanks while the MM drove very nicely yet was firm rather than float a boat wallowing. I also drove others, and except for the more power some seem to need, I was highly impressed in every way by the MMP, especially styling and overall fit and finish. I was afraid of the complication of a supercharger, having drag raced as an errant youth, so I shied away to the other side of the lot from the MMS.

    My point is not that the MMP does not have less power than those cars. Rather that it is not wimpy in normal driving. It was stated above that it is slow off the line, and compared to those two it is. But compared to say a Viper, those two might be called wimps. It is a matter of perspective, and from the perspective of normal street use the MMP is a fine all around performer. Just not a hot rod so to speak. It is an outstanding highway cruiser, and that initial impression of a fine car at a super bargain basement price has endured for almost 15000 miles. I would make the same choice today if I was choosing among the cars I tested in September of 2001. Absolutely no regrets.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Hmm, I dont really remember being bothered by the I30 driving experience, but that was awhile ago. I suggested a J30, which is as cheap as a MM, to him but she didnt want RWD, (it gets snowy up here) and its odd-ball styling leads to a tiny trunk, no bigger than my XKRs. I'll check out the 2.5 car again. Thanks.
  • j30j30 Posts: 30
    My last car was a Infiniti J30 and I drove that for 5 years before getting a awesome deal on a close out 02 L or P or whatever you guys call them. The J30 had a 3 liter with 210 horsepower and from the seat of my pants I can not tell the difference driving the 2.5 even from the line. As for the non S models not coming loaded, the only option my car had was the self dimming mirror and you know it has alloys, leather and granted a non Bose stereo but again it sounds just a good as the Bose that was in my J30, maybe just not as loud but as I get older I should be trying to preserve my hearing. I now have 23,000 and the only thing the car needs is oil changes and tire rotations. I plan on having this car for the next ten years. Good luck helping your friend get a car, but don't blow off the 2.5

  • freebirdfreebird Posts: 77
    Put 4 adults in a car with the 2.5L and you will understand the "...kind of whimpy" statement.
  • mazdafreakmazdafreak Posts: 27
    Just purchased mine w/42,000 miles.Really in mint condition.However i'm concerned about the fact that when i start it in the morning a little bit of white/blue smoke puffs out of the exhaust for
    a few seconds only. Just had an oil change done on it! Maybe it was overfilled? i don't know? Maybe we're dealing with something more serious?
    Apart from that this car is a beauty to look at and to drive.
    All suggestions are welcome.
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