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Mazda Millenia



  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Because this is not an Acura Forum.

    ALLDATA: 2001 Acura TL


       1. 02-027 AUG 03 Campaign - Automatic Transmission Warranty Extension


    In certain vehicles, a higher than normal number of
    automatic transmissions may have defects in material
    or workmanship that could cause premature wear or
    failure. To ensure that customers have adequate
    warranty coverage, American Honda is increasing the
    warranty on the transmission (including solenoids) and
    the torque converter to 7 years or 100,000 miles,
    whichever occurs first.
  • rnfisrnfis Posts: 1
    Hope you can help to shed some lights...I have an interesting probelm. I have a 2001 Millenia S, just turned 26k miles, and my TCS, TCS off, and ABS lights are all on. When I shut the engine off and restart the lights seem to go out. Then just come back on from time to time. Also has anyone heard of rat's getting in under the hood and eating away at the fire-proofing? Can this be covered under the Mazda Warranty?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Well, the rats will tear up any insulation they can find to build nests. No way Mazda or anyone else will cover that.

    But the light problem is definitely covered unless your warranty has expired. Of course if rats have torn up the insulation, they might also have chewed up wiring, and that is not covered under warranty.
  • mazdafreakmazdafreak Posts: 27
    Hey guys,
    Just noticed my headlights need a little adjusment
    Can i do this myself? Any tool or gizmos to do it?
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    Nice and simple. If you check the manual, it has a diagram. Each light has a white screw and a white wheel, located near the twist-cover that protects the bulbs. One is for horizontal and one for vertical, I dont remember which is which though. You basically just turn them to adjust the headlight position. PIAA, who makes high-end lighting, has an aiming guide here.

    Should be pretty easy to do yourself. Just a few minutes of your time.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    You might want to check your fuse and/or your wiring harness. If you have rats they may have chewed through your wires.
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    A slight bit of oil consumption in the Millenia S is probably acceptable given the complicated nature of the engine. The supercharger shares lubrication with the engine and, with impeller speeds in the tens of thousands, you have to expect the tolerances to allow a little bit of oil seapage between the seals as the compressor wears. If you replace the supercharger, you may be back in the same boat after another 30-60 k miles. I would ask the service dept. what would be considered an acceptable oil consumption rate. A general rule of thumb would be 1 qt. per 1000 miles with no noticeable leaks on the driveway (indicative of other leaks). If you are not failing an emissions inspection, I would not worry about it. I have not heard of a single instance where people have had the supercharger lock up or even heard significant operating noise indicating an impending failure. One thing all Millenia owners need to do is check the oil level frequently. The Millenia has only about 4.3 qts of oil and dropping below 1 qt. could put the engine in serious danger.
  • mazdafreakmazdafreak Posts: 27
    Dear heybrady!
    I'll check it out.
    Thanks a lot!
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    Lately, been having issues with the keyless entry. Hit the buttons, and no response. Usually if I squeeze the transmitter, or bang it on my hand, it works again. Thinking the battery connection is maybe a little flaky, or the battery itself is dying. Doesnt look like there is an easy way to replace the battery. Anyone have an luck with something like this? Always thinking I could ebay another if it came to that.
  • mazdafreakmazdafreak Posts: 27
    You will notice on the loop side of the remote a little notch (joint),
    just pry it open with a tiny flat blade screwdriver. Both piece should
    separate.You will then have access to the battery. Check your connection and battery voltage & in any case change your battery.
    If your thinking of E-Baying one, make sure the FCC# matches the one
    engraved on the back cover of your remote.
    That's it!
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639

    I'd tested my MM's alarm system, but what happened yesterday was a little embarrassing.

    I parked in a medical center parking lot waiting for my daughter to come out. To help keep the car cool, I opened the moonroof and windows and wandered around the parking lot to kill time and get a little excercise, with the car always in sight.

    When I went back to it, it was locked, then the fun began. Not aware that I shouldn't, I reached through the open driver's window and unlocked the car using the electric rocker switch.

    WRONG!!! As I opened the door, the alarm went off in full fury. I used the red remote button to silence it. Ah, fine. Nope!! When I tried to start it with it's proper key, it again threw a tantrum and shut down the ignition system. This went on for about five minutes until I finally hit the right combination of closed windows etc, and it finally agreed it was my car after all.

    Moral of the story:

    If you leave your MM unlocked with the windows and moonroof open, and come back to find it locked (it seems to have locked itself), DONT unlock it by reaching inside and using the door buttons, use the remote control (I think that would have averted the alarm episode).

    I thought I was going to get arrested for grand theft auto. ;-{
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    That is funny. I did the same thing a couple weeks ago after I got done playing basketball. Left the windows down and the keys on the seat. It locked itself, like it normally does. So I reached in like fwatson did and unlocked it. MM was not happy. Took me 30 seconds to realize the red button does not kill the alarm, the black unlock button does. I noticed that the car locks itself about 2 minutes after you unlock it, if you dont get in the car. Must be a feature to prevent accidental unlock. Never tried to see if it locks if I were to forget to lock it, like in a parking lot. Anyone else ever have this happen?
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    Shortly after I bought my car I had to go back to Mazda to pick up the service manual that I ordered and my wife came with me. She decided that she was going to stay in the car and wait for me. While waiting she became too warm and decided to open the door to get some cool air in the car, and guess what happen? Thats right the alarm started to blow. When I came back to the car, after she already shut the alarm off, she was mad at me saying that I should have told her that was going to happen. Like I already knew this was going to happen.

    Then last year my mom told me that my parents '02 S locked automatically. I told her she was crazy that it does not lock by itself. To my surprise last weekend I was at my parents house and was talking to my dad outside so I unlocked the car door. Then about 2 or 3 minutes later while I was still talking I heard the car door lock automatically while I was still talking, luckly I still had my keys in my hand.

    The mechanic that I go too asked my sister, when she was going to pick-up one of her vehicles, if she had ever heard of a car locking itself because he had a BMW that he was working on, he had the engine running at the time, that the doors locked automaticlly on him.
  • tig2002tig2002 Posts: 81
    This is a feature that implemented in many "higher class" vehicles today. The only time the doors lock automatically is when you unlock the doors using remote control and do not open any door during next 30-120 seconds. But I never heard of automatically locking doors while the engine is running. At least, it will never happen with MM. In fact, if you try to lock the doors with the key in ignition switch, they automatically unlock. Another words, you are in trouble only when you remove the key from ignition switch, leave it on the seat and lock the doors manually.
  • poppiepoppie Posts: 9
    I was thinking about purhasing a 98 Millenia with 157000 miles on it. Could anyone tell me if this would be a good bad idea? Also, could anyone tell me anything that I should be looking out for?

    This seems like a lot of miles for a 98?

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Is this related to your recent message saying "Hello everyone, I am thinking about purchasing a 95 Millenia with 127000 miles on it."?
    Sure it is a lot of miles... good idea or bad? Well, for me it would be bad.
  • poppiepoppie Posts: 9

    I ended up not purchasing that car and then came across this one. The miles just turn me off though. From the looks of the car it looks nice.
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    Millenia's are excellent cars with great reliability, but can be very expensive to repair. As with any car, I would hire a really thorough mechanic to check out the body for collision damage and the mechanicals. I would also only buy a car with receipts proving a good service history. I would not be surprised to see many Millenias pass the 200k mile mark. Remember, Mazda slated this car for a luxury brand and there is a lot of quality engineering built into this thing.
  • mazdafreakmazdafreak Posts: 27
    I'd like to change the plugs on MM '00 2.3L.
    I've changed plugs before but never on this car.
    The space seems restricted! Anyone with experience
    in the matter?
    Also, i can't seem to find V-Groove (OR higher performance) plugs for this car, only OEM.
    I wouldn't mind the Platinum coated ones.
    Anything for Fuel effeciency and performance is good!!!
  • ohmygoshohmygosh Posts: 66
    I need some feedback if anyone can help. I bought a '99 Millenia S new and have had no problems until now. I have 40,000 miles on this car and last year purchased a set of Goodyear Tires, at a cost of $150 per tire. Three months ago I started loosing air in one of the tires and took it back to the tire dealer. He could find nothing wrong with the tire and insisted that the standard chrome rims were rusted and flaking on the inside and this was causing the problem. I took it to my own mechanic who confirmed this fact , and said it was even pitting the tire. He tried to sand it down but after a few days the tire lost air again. He told me that I can expect this to happen with all the rims. Has anyone else had this problem ?? If so what recourse did you take ?? The rims are the most attractive part of the car and I hate the thought of having to replace them. Not to mention the cost. HELP
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