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Mazda Millenia



  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    25k is a killer price! Does it have the four seasons pkg? if not see if they will lower more. i would imagine these incentives apply to dealer stock only. i saw a 2000 base for 18.5 again which is a great price. they had a loaded 626 for 18!!!
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    I had a first hand expierence with a 2001 Millenia (Non S) yesterday evening. As far as interior refinements go, it really hasnt been improved much from the 2000 model, I wont go into great details, because I am quite certain that many of you have already viewed the 2001 model's feature list. But as I was saying, the improvements really cant warrant a good reason as to why a consumer should purchase a 2001 model at MSRP over a left over 2000 model at a great discount.

    Some of the interior improvements and for more praticality, but do not warrant a price of or near MSRP. The front and rear fascia changes are really not to my liking now that I have physically seen it. In all honesty it has a ring of cheapness to it; and so do many of the added interior features. Again, just my opinion!

    I really cant comment to coherently on the suspension improvements issue, because I was driving a 2001 Base Model Millenia, with 16" wheels,. and comparing an S and Non-S Millenia really isn't to fair.

    By the way, I willing be selling my 2000 Millenia S in for a IS300 somtime next month, and will be selling my HID Kit, if anyone is interested in it. Simply respond to this message and leave me some contact info. Thus far, I have used approximately... 400 hours of lighting time on my Xenon-Bulbs. If anyone is interested let me know!
  • After about a week of using 9006 in the headlights i went ahead and bought a H3 fog lights(EUROLITE). They were a lot brighter than stock light although not any bluer. In about a week the driver side went out(headlight&fog). Have not had time to look what is wrong yet. The passenger side lights all work, plus the drivers parking light works. Anyone knows what it might be?
  • How about your driver side hi beam is it working or is it out as well?
  • tnmgtnmg Posts: 2
    How in the world did you pick up a 20000 Millenia for 18495?? All the info I found showed a rebate and dealer incentive of $3500. Taking that off invoice (23,222 + 480 dest) all I get is $20202. Let me know please, I'm jonesing for one bad! And if I can find one for $18495, I'll be driving one before the weekends out.
  • I got a couple of concerns on my 99 S , I don't drive my car much, some times it sets for a couple of weeks at a time before it gets driven a gain, but when I start it up after it sets for that long, I see a cloud of white smoke comes out of the tail pipes all at once then it disappears, I talked to the service manager and he said that this is normal for a lot of cars specially the ones with turbo or supercharger as the sudden air in the pips will blow all that moister that got built up in the catalytic converter and the muffler and thats why we see the white cloud of smoke. he did ask me to keep an eye on all the fluids in the car, well, I did and all looks normal, nothing is low as of yet. Is that normal

    Also my second concern is that when the car first starts up, I hear a ticking noise for approx. 15 seconds then it disappears, and the service manager told me this is normal too, as the injector opens up a lot wider when the car first gets started up.
    I remember seeing something in the millenia book that came with my car that this was normal for the 2.5 engine but did not say anything on the miller cycle engine.

    I just want to ask you all if any has experienced any of the above concerns, or tell me if the service manger might be telling me the wrong information. so what do you all think?

  • Marak the high beams work on both sides
  • Milleniabase, thats some good news then, what I would do first is check the harnesses for melt down (or black carbon build up on the terminal), if all looks OK, then I would swap on of the left lights (left low beam or the fog light) with one of the old bulb to determine for sure if its the light bulb problem. if it works then thats good news, let me know what you find out.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    let everyone know that I am selling my High Intensity Discharge(HID)Light Kit that was installed on my 2000 Millenia S - performance is phenomenal,. and can not be obtained from the usage of high wattage 9006 Bulbs,. regardless of the technology that the manufacture claims to be using to surpass standard performance of these bulbs.

    This kit is composed of Philips Ballasts and Philips D2R Xenon Bulbs. This HID Kit is extremely easy to install and does not require any cutting or modifications to your Millenia's factory wiring system. I have currently used approximatley 400hrs of lighting thus far.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing this kit, simply leave me some contact information.

  • I went by the one of the dealerships today, we still have no 2001 Millenias in Atlanta. I can't wait to see one!
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Hmm.... It's odd that the Mazda Dealerships in ATL doent have any 2001 Millenia out yet. According to the salesperson I dealt with, he told me that all 2001 Millenias should will undergoe widespread distribution to the dealerships, within days of each other.

    As you probably already read, I wasnt to impressed with the 2001 Millenia's interior improvements,. vs. the 2000 Millenias,. from the dollar to dollar standpoint. But again, that just my thoughts,. you may fine it a little more refined and worthwhile. I think the 2001 refinements should have been done to the 2000 model Millenias -

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Does anyone know what the book value for the 2000 Millenia is? I can not locate any pricing guides for them,. however, non-mazda dealerships claim that they already have a pricing guide for them!

    Any info, that anyone may have on this would be appreciated.

  • The dealership I went to told me that the 2001 Millenias were in Jacksonville and that they didn't know when they would arrive. I haven't taken the time to drive by any of the other dozen Mazda dealerships in Atl to see if they have any.
  • I bought a 1995 millenia S 6 months ago. Soon after I bought it I noticed the transmission would "slip" very smoothly out of overdrive on the highway. It is much smoother than when pressing the hold button on the shifter. I brought it into the dealer and they said that is was a vacuum leak and charged me $155 to fix it. I got it back and it has the same slipping problem and it added an intermittent 1st to 2nd gear shift jerk. My fiancee described it as feeling like someone was hitting up from the rear. I brought it back to the dealer and he said it was the tachometer and charged me $601 to replace it. I am having the same problem as before. Unfortunately, the jerky shift as well as the slipping transmission are intermittent problems and never seem to occur when the car it in the hands of the technician. Does anyone have any advice other than getting rid of the car?
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    I just bought my 95 millenia S a year ago, and so far the only part I've replaced is the radiator (72K miles). There was a crack on the side of the radiator (which is plastic), and the coolants just gushes out like water fall. However, after I replace the radiator for $400, so far so good. I love this car, the power, the style, the way that the interior is lay out, especially love the "JOG" dials on the BOSE stereo. Overall, a great car to drive and own!
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    Hey Cabral, please email me how much you're selling for your HID kit. My address is THANK YOU!
  • I bought my 95 Millenia S about a month ago. (90k miles).

    1. The car is in great condition except I too am worried about exhaust coming out of the tailpipe when I start the car. sometimes exhaust is even visible when I press the accelerator. As for the clicking noise, I hear a noise like that when I press the accelerator sometimes.

    The first Mazda guy I took it to suggested rebuilding the engine. I thought this was a whack decision so I took it to another Mazda dealership shop. They suggested that it was related to the supercharger.

    I did put in some yellow stuff called "No Smoke" I bought. It has significantly curbed the smoking while driving problem but there is still smoke at ignition.

    If anyone knows what this is related to, please let me know. Thanks.

    2. Also, can someone suggest how to go about upgrading my lights to the Xenon ones. Do I need two pairs so that I can have xenon high beams as well? what about fog lights?

    Any responses will be greatly appreciated.
  • I have just returned from my dealer in St.Louis Park, Minnesota. I bought a brand new Premium(not s)/ 4 season pkg for $21,999 the list was $28,565. Beautiful car!!!!
  • ae86ae86 Posts: 6
    hi everyone

    i live in vancouver, canada and purhased a 2000 millenia S for $21k USD. excluding tax... i think i got a pretty good deal... personally, i dislike the front for the 01 model

    i'm just wondering if the K & N cone air filter fits in my car or not...
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    The K&N drop-in air filter for previous year Millenia's (S) will fit a '00 Millenia S.
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