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Mazda Millenia



  • mnoghostmnoghost Posts: 11
    the problem actually did turn out to be the parking brake heating up and rubbing on something, they filed it down or whatever the hell they did, and now its finially gone, the sound was driving me nuts and it was so annoying, but has scince then been fixed.
  • Has anyone replaced an alternator in a 2001 S model? I am thinking about doing it myself, but I don't know how hard it will be to do.
  • pharmanpharman Posts: 1
    :confuse: Ok, I am new to the world of Miller Cycle engines. I am looking at a 99 Millenia S w/101,000. The interior is in great shape, so that leads me to believe that odds are they took care of the rest :shades: . The brake fluid and power steering were both clear and there are no leaks. They are asking $6500 for it and that seems a little on the low side :lemon: ? I did a carfax and there were no big issues reported. So....need some feedback from smarter people than I.
  • willopadwillopad Posts: 4
    Does anyone know which fuse controls the courtesy lights on the doors for a 99 S model?
    Mine are all inoperative, which raises my suspicions on a fuse being out?
  • petro572petro572 Posts: 2
    Can't say I am any smarter but, I just bought a 98 Millenia S w/ 109000 miles. I pd $5500 which was a bit less than wholesale. I have had it for about a 2 months and have never regreted it. My Millenia also appeared well maintained upon purchase. I have never enjoyed a car so much. I have only 1 complaint. I am not particularly crazy about the sound of the Miller Cyle. (faint continuos knocking of the timing advance) However, all in all my suggestion is to get it. My research tells me that if it was well maintained and has had regular and routine oil changes, it will run for years. The Miller Cycle has a bad rap because it is very unforgiving to those who fail to maintain proper maintenance.
  • edialloediallo Posts: 1
    Hi, I am new to this board. I have a 99 Millenia s w/40,600. It is in great shape. I drove my Nissan Sentra for years and garaged the Mazda. Now I am ill with rheumatoid arthritis and drive my car about once a week. I took it to Carmax this past Fri. and they REALLY wanted to buy it for $6000. I had checked Kelly Blue Book and it said that I could sell it privately for over $10,000. I could use it as a trade-in and get $8,000. It also said that my car was worth $13,000. What do you think the value really is?
  • willopadwillopad Posts: 4
    I think that you can get between $8750 to $9750 if it's perfect.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can also try asking Terry (rroyce10) in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. Be sure to include all the necessary information that is listed in red above the post box.

    He's a very helpful member who happens to be a dealer he'll give you his straight-up assessment based on all the info you give him.

    Good luck!
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    When closing the front door I get a hollow 'tin' sound that are more prevalent in cheaper cars, whereas the other 3 doors make that dull thud sound when shut, as is the case with more higher end cars. I have a 2001S with 26K clicks.

    My OE Dunlops 5000 are nearing it's end and I'm looking at replacing with Falken 512 @ USD 463.00 all inclusive. Anyone with experience with these tires. Cheers ">
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    There is a little button just below the turn switch on the steering column. Try pressing that.
  • are u talking about da auto button, if u are i have already tried dat.
  • my 95 millenia automatic doorlocks wont work i have to opean them using my hands or da key.any help please.
  • stodiejastodieja Posts: 6
    try tapping on the motor sometimes they stick you may have to replace the motor
    for this concern
  • mmerchantmmerchant Posts: 18
    Dunlop SP5000 - I am very surprised you have to replace them after just 26k (I assume you mean kilometres and not miles). Mine lasted nearly 55K having rotated them every 8-10000 kms.

    I do not have any comments on the Falkens but having tried Proxes TPT, I would not recommend them for the Millenia. They developed feathering (and hence annoying noises) after just 15000kms due to their design on the edges. The redesigned Proxes may address the feathering issue

    I reverted to the Dunlop 50000.
  • mmerchantmmerchant Posts: 18
    Silver's opinion on the 2001 S is right on. The compressor on mine went at 24,000 kms and the replacement has been fine for almost 2.5 years. I have 107,000kms now. A foreman at a Mazda dealer told me they had to replace the Lysholm compressors on 4 Millenias recently - around the 50-60K mark.

    I purchased a Mazda extended warranty that covers me to 160,000 kms, so I feel quite comfortable. If you can buy one, it is peace of mind - whatever others may say about not spending money on extended warranties I believe in them. I had one on my Honda Accord and it proved to be of immense value when tere was a leak in the trasnmission at 159,000 Kms - just before the expiry.

    Anyway, the MIlenia is a fantastic car to drive - as indeed are all Mazdas - provided you are well looked after by your dealer. In my case I get excellent service.
  • mm2001mm2001 Posts: 6
    I recently acquired a 2001 Millenia S.. just like new with only 10000 km on it (6000 miles) Occasionally, I notice a sulfur-like odor which seems to be coming from the catalytic converter area. I had it checked out at a Mazda dealer, but they didn't see any problems with the converter. They think it just may be the gas I'm using, since it doesn't occur all the time. They advise using premium gas from Shell, rather than gas from cheaper independent dealers.

    I have only been using premium gas in my Millenia, but not always from a big-name dealer. I must admit that the last time I filled up at Shell, I had my best gas mileage yet and didn't notice the sulfur odor. Do the smaller gas retailers really have poorer gas quality?
  • mmerchantmmerchant Posts: 18
    Each company varies the amount of sulfur used n the gas, and this again varies from city to city or region to region. I have been using Sunoco 94 Octane for a long time, but if I switch to its 92 Octane I get the sulfur odor. On the other hand 91 Octane from Esso works fine, but the same octane level gas from Petro Canada and sometimes Shell induces the sulfur odor.

    I find that my Millenia drives best with 94 from Sunoco - it doesn't take long (for me) to realize that it suffers going dropping to a lower octane rating. If you are happy with Shell stick to it.
  • I'm looking for an independent and reliable mechanic in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge area. I own a 2000 Millenia. Can you provide your mechanic's name, number and address?

  • My experience with my 2000 Millenia S hasn't been so good. I bought the car used in 2002 with 27,000 k on it. I know have 110,000 on the odometer but have had to replace three ignighter coils ($1000 per pop, although I chewed on the dealer and he dropped the price by half. I've also had to replace the front wheel bearing, manifold gaskets, o2 sensor, fuel pump and the latest is the supercharger seal are leaking. They want $7000 for that one.

    I understand Mazda has issues M-Tip on the super charger (similar to a tech service bulletin). Does anyone know where I can get a copy?
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