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Mazda Millenia



  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Can you explain the problem a little more? When you say "flat spot" do you mean lack of power, hestitation or what? How much load makes it go away? How long has it been noticed? Did it just start to occur or worsen with time? I am guessing the dealer has witnessed your symptoms. Did he actually measure a lean condition?
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    My 2001 S failed a carbon monoxide test today with a reading of 9.15...normal being 6.21 g/km. It is rather surprising given the 30,000 miles on it. Any suggestions as to a quickfix. Having no knowledge about cars chances are that I'll be 'overdiagnosed' and 'overcharged' by the dealership. What could be the source of this problem ?? Thanks
  • I don't have an answer for the squeaking noise but the airbag light on our 2001 Millenia was due to a white connector under the drivers seat. You may notice a pattern to the blinking of 2 long blinks followed by 6 short blinks. At least this was the pattern for our particular case. The pattern gives an indication as to the possible problem. I was able to stop the blinking temporarily by pushing the connector together. After 3 trips to the dealership they finally fixed the problem.

    Good luck.
  • I am having the same or similar issue as well, sluggish off the line but exceptional power at passing speeds. I've noticed that when the vehicle is cold the performance is better, but as it warms up is when I notice the issue. I also will be running at a continuous speed (have felt it at high and low speeds) and I can feel somewhat of a surge. It is hardly noticeable, but it IS there. I have replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs, fuel pressure regulator, fuel injection flush, decarbon, throttle body cleaned... I think that is everything.... The problem still exists and have not seen any improvements with any of the actions I've taken. If anyone has seen similar issues and found a fix, please post.
  • rmexkcrmexkc Posts: 7
    Khermann, I have the same problem too. When I'm at a stoplight, it turns green, I hit the throttle, and it's flat - no response for a second. Feels weird. I've noticed during the humid weather we have in Kansas City, my '98 S runs rough - such as when it idles, it seems like something's clogged, same thing when I accelerate it seems like it's trying cough something up. It sometimes does this after it rains. The CEL starts blinking when all this happens. After I drive it for a few minutes, whatever's giving it trouble subsides, then the CEL will continue to blink for a day or two, then just stay on like it usually does.
  • Hi -

    Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for you at this point. I am, however, thinking about buying a 2000 Millenia S for myself and wanted to know a few things about yours before I do so I can try to avoid the same things happening to me.

    Did you have a mechanic (Mazda dealership or otherwise) look at the car before you bought it? Did they check the seals? Did the seals look ok at the time of purchase and develop this problem within a year? I love so much about this car, but I'm starting to get a bit wary after reading about some of the engine issues. I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice you might have.


  • hecklerheckler Posts: 3
    I have a 97 2.5 l Millenia, I replaced the All front Oxygen sensors with Generic
    sensors. The same product as the originals. You only need to strip the wire and
    apply the factory plug.. easy...

    The generic plugs go for about 50.00 bucks here in Miami. Try finding those plugs
    in your local professional parts store or send me a email (
    and I give you the name of the store in Miami. I'm sure you can work something out with them.
  • hecklerheckler Posts: 3
    I have a 97 2.5 L and I have done a complete tune up. I notice that I have been
    burning alot of fuel lately. Did I miss anything ? Pls help Im avrg. 16 mpg :cry:

    The tune up includes:
    rotor and cap
    fuel and air filter
    oxygen sensors.
  • hecklerheckler Posts: 3
    Sorry, its not 16 mpg its 13 ....

    Let me also mention that I had my throttle body cleaned.. can that have something to do with it ? :cry:
  • carchick2carchick2 Posts: 1
    I recently took my 1999 Mazda Millenia S (65,000 miles)into the dealership where I purchased my car for a routine check-up and asked them to replace the timing belt and other belts. They charged $794.00 to change the belts, rotate the tires, and replace the oil and filter. I felt this was pricey, but I was willing to pay it because I love my car and it rides/drives like a dream. However, I received a call from the dealership saying that when they test drove my car, the tranmission was sputtering and slipping , something that had never happened while I drove the car. They say that I must have a new transmission ($3600) but fortunately I have an extended warranty that will cover all but a $50.00 deductible. My question is could the mechanic possibly have messed up the transmission during the test drive? Could changing the timing belts have caused transmission damage? They also said that one of my catalytic converters went bad and they replaced it for free. Is it possible that my car just happened to start falling apart during preventitive maintainence, or am I just being taken for a ride? Please help!
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I don't see how any of us could answer whether you have run into a dishonest dealer.

    Why not check with the BBB in their area. You could also take the car to a known honest dealer for a second opinion. But from the prices I have seen on servicing the S, the $794 is in line with others I've seen on this forum. And if you don't feel any "sputtering and slipping" it probably doesn't exist. If you do, $50 for a new transmission is a great use for that extended warranty that usually doesn't pay off.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - sorry to hear of all this happening to you. You can follow up on fwatson's suggestions, but you might also want to post this in our Got a Quick, Technical Question? discussion to see what the resident gearheads think.

    Good luck - let us know what happens.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    I am assuming that your poor mpg started after the tune-up and the oxygen sensors were replaced. A couple of suggestions: replace your PCV valve and also check to make sure that your generic sensors are the correct size and that the are not restricting the exhaust system. I also am assuming that your acceleration is fine and that you do not have a compression problem.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    Have you actually driven your car since the work has been done? If the timing belt was installed wrong you would have low engine compression which will cause a lack of horsepower. I agree with Frank and take the extended warranty option and pay the $50 for a NEW transmission, and not a rebuilt one. I would also give them an ear full about how they screwed up your car for just doing some routine maintence on it and see how they react to that. I also find it strange that one of your catalytic converters went bad and that they found this out, considering they should not have even been looking at that in the first place.
  • rmexkcrmexkc Posts: 7
    Getting mine replaced on 98 S, both sides totaling $270 for re-manufactured, around $300 labor. Not bad?
  • enigma02enigma02 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2002 Millenia a year ago w/32k miles I thought it was a good vehicle(I now have 63k), I was wrong. The CEL comes on and off whenever it feels like it. Brought it in to the stealership and they can’t duplicate problem. The airbag light likes to come on only when it’s snowing, and most recently the car is just sluggish and the trans feel funny at take off. To add insult to injury the stealership where I purchased the vehicle (Sam Leman Mazda) has a terrible service department. Of course they were unable to duplicate any of the problems, all the while wanting to charge 70per diagnostic per problem. Well I have gotten rid of the Mazda and purchased a 2005 3.5 V6 Nissan Altima and I’m glad I did, I love it, simply put I will NEVER purchase a Mazda again.
  • j30j30 Posts: 30
    I love my 02 and will have it for a long time, thanks for letting us know you sold it, have fun in the Nissan boards. Remember no car is perfect...
  • What are the typical indications that an O2 sensor may be going out? My 1999 Milli has excellent performance when it is cold, but once it warms up it is sluggish and feels that it surges a bit. Off of the line it actually has a hesitation at times once it is warmed up. But as I said, the first few minutes of driving in the morning are a blast as the car has an excellent amount of power. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
  • schaseschase Posts: 1
    My 1997 Millenia 2.5, with 134K runs great. The problem is, when I turn off the key, the engine continues to run. This only happens if he engine is warmed up. If it's cold, it will turn back off. I changed the ignition relay and the ignition switch (electronic part). The way I turn the motor off is to pull out either the "engine" fuse or the "IIA" fuse. When the key is off and the motor is running, the "key in ignition" bell doesn't sound when the door is opened, the turn signals work, and the cruise control light turns on. The A/C, radio, and other key on accessories don't work. I had the after market alarmsystem removed, and that didn't solve the problem, so I had it reinstalled. Does anyone have an idea?
  • fuzz44fuzz44 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of performance upgrades( computor ect.) I have an 2001 s, and really enjoy it, thanks
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