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Mazda Millenia



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to stop by our Speed Shop: Tuning & Modification board.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I am no engineer, but in my experience I have seen cars "diesel" after being shut down hot. It is at least sometimes caused by severe carboning of the pistons and heads. I would have a mechanic take a look into the upper cylinders with the spark plugs removed.

    Maybe someone else has a better suggestion. But the fact it shuts down cold suggests to me it isn't an electrical problem.

    Good luck.
  • I have a 2001 Millenia S and it stalled today. When I try and restart it, it acts like a fuel injected car that has ran out of gas. It cranks and idles low, then when I put it in gear to go, it either dies as soon as I depress the accelerator, or will idle along slowly with no power. However, I have a 1/4 tank of gas. Can anyone help?
  • wgirishwgirish Posts: 3
    :sick: Can't Belive it. Just got a used Milly this weekend. Come monday morning CEL comes on. Dang it.

    Well. I plan to keep this baby, Maintain it and enjoy the Drive. Its 1995 Millenia (Regular not the S one). Will take it to autozone. See what they say is going on.
    Will keep you guys posted.

    Got a amazing :) deal on it.. Or maybe a Crappy Deal :cry: .. guess we will find out after a visit to Autozone. This puppy is 82200 Miles. And runs great,


  • felixc1976felixc1976 Posts: 31
    I'm looking to buy '01 Millenia with 2.5L engine and 43k mi. A couple of questions:

    1) Is $14k a good price?
    2) Does 2.5L uses regular and Miller cycle 2.3L uses Premium fuel?
    3) What kind of MPG you get for 2.5L and Miller cycle engine?
  • glvhglvh Posts: 3
    My son is looking at a 1995 Millenia S, 63,000 miles. He's car faxed it and it comes up clean. Only 13,000 miles put on it the first five years. Besides the cost of the 60,000 mile service (not sure if this was done) is there anything he should be careful of?
  • wgirishwgirish Posts: 3
    :cry: Dang it !! AutoZone Refused to Check out the CEL :sick: .. They say that they can only do it for 1996+ Models.. Mine is 1995

    Any Suggestions ?

    Looks like a trip to Dealership or Midas .. Any recommendations ? Their Goes 80 Bucks.


  • wgirishwgirish Posts: 3
    How much is he asking ?
    I just brought mine over the weekend. 1995 Milli. 82 K..2400 AND the CEL light just came on !! Damn.

    But the Car is SWEEET.. if i have to maintain it, i will ... since i paid 2400 buck only.. Rides very well. has all the elements of luxary sedan..

    hey comfort does not come cheap. - u know

  • glvhglvh Posts: 3
    Asking $4,900. I'm hoping that if the 60,000 mile service isn't done they'll still come down a little more, but from what I'm seeing it looks like a good price.
  • glvhglvh Posts: 3
    I saw you picked yours up at auction. Thought about him looking that direction too. Can definitely save many $$ that way.
  • jerryf12jerryf12 Posts: 2
    Shovelhead you may want to check the cat-converter, fuel pump, ignition advance also the intake. The oxy2 sensor may be sending info to the computer that is having it shut the fuel down to the "limp home mode." Maybe don't know for sure but these have been causes of your problem.

  • jerryf12jerryf12 Posts: 2
    felixc 1976...I use to work for a dealership (not in maintainence) and was stung by the Millenia. It is a super car and I would have on along side or instead of my BMW. 14k for a 4 year old car with 43k miles on it doesn't sound too bad if it is in great shape and you have checked with Kelly Blue Book (.com) on retail, wholesale, etc. It's free!
    I believe that both of the engines were unleaded regular and that the Miller cycle gave more power on better economy. That was one of it's selling points. I cannot remember what the actual numbers were but they we very good for a sedan that size and that year. Today of course is another thing and your results will be dependant on how heavy your foot is. This is a great cruiser and good looking at that with lots and lots of toots and whistles.

    Good Luck...Aloha
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    The 2.5L engine does use regular unleaded and the 2.3L does use premium unleaded. FWATSON would be the best one to answer the question on the '01 2.5L, because I am sure that that is the model that he has. I believe that at the time the window stickers on both were saying that in town mileage should be about 20 - 21 mpg. I have an '02 S, with the 2.3L, and I am getting 23 mpg in town but I have a very light foot on the gas. My parents also have an '02 S and they get about 19.5 mpg in town. Highway mileage averages out to be 27 mpg and that is what epa said it should be. I have had a range on the highway mpg from 25 - 31 mpg, but it has averaged 27mpg. It appears that I am getting better then normal mileage in town as compared to most people who have stated their mileage here in the past.
  • j30j30 Posts: 30
    I have an 02 2.5L and have put regular in since day one and my average mileage is 26 here in flat Florida. Love the car.

    One thing that really bugs me though is the defroster is not on a timer and will even stay on when you cycle the car on and off, so I find that I am constantly looking at the indicator to make sure I remembered to turn the darn thing off. Why it is not on a timer like every other car I have owned is anyone's guess. If that is all I can complain about after three years ownership, it must be a pretty good car.

    I will be looking at replacing the original tires in the next year, I thought the OEM Michelin tires were good with grip and noise levels and will definitely consider them. What have you others been replacing yours with?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I had missed that when it was posted.

    I'd refer you to for the price information, because there are variables that might affect the price of the one you are looking at. But in my area, here is the retail according to Kelly. "Retail Value-$13,690"

    As for milage, the worse I have gotten on my '01P is 20mpg, and I get 26 to 27 on a trip. I run only regular unleaded, although I did try a couple of tanks of 93 octane and couldn't see any difference at all, either in performance or milage. With only 43 thousand on it the car is or should be the same as new. It is the most pleasant car I have ever owned, about 20 of them total.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote: "I will be looking at replacing the original tires in the next year, I thought the OEM Michelin tires were good with grip and noise levels and will definitely consider them. What have you others been replacing yours with?"

    I only have 16000 on mine, so am quite aways from needing new ones. I may replace them next year just because they will be 5 years old and rubber starts deteriorating. I don't have an answer for you, but I am going to look for the smoothest, quietest R,S or T rated tire available, because there is no way I need a V rated tire when I will never be going over 100 mph, and the luxury aspect of the car is best upheld from the quiet and smooth standpoint.

    I am fairly satisfied with the OEM's, but I do think I can find an even quieter tire, especially on a ribbed or coarse surface. I will gladly sacrifice the high speed ability for the more luxurious quietness.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I have 01S, it needs premium (pretty much like everything with a supercharger or turbo), I'm getting 22MPG city, 27+ highway (less when going over 80mph).

    The best tires I've ever had were the OEM Dunlop SP5000 that came on my S, replaced them after 46K miles with identical set from Tire Rack ($98 per tire).

    Knock on wood after some early issues with coolant leaks fixed under warranty by VERY good service dept at Mazda Gallery in Norwood MA I had absolutely 0 issues in the last couple of years. Nothing went wrong (except for right front parking light bulb that went out) ... I hope I didn't jinx it.

    Hope this helps,
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    We have had a '95 S in our family since it was new. Our son has it now with 106,000 on the odometer. The 60k service is important. Back in '98, the 60k service on it was around $800. which included timing belt and spark plugs. Surely much higher now. Since then the only major thing he had to service was both new CV shafts at about $400. Check the rubber boots for cracks or tears.

    Now the water pump is leaking and needs replaced. It is costly because of the labor time to get it out.

    The Millenia has been a good car for him but the repair costs are considerably higher than other cars. Be sure the supercharger is good and that the valve cover seals are not leaking. If the 60k service can't be verified, offer wholesale regardless of low miles. Age is the main issue here as time can be as detrimental as mileage.
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    I replaced the OEMs back in 03 with a set of Continental ContiContact. I was looking for a nice H rated tire (115 or 120mph I think) that would give me long tread life since I drive 20k miles per year. Those tires were average, nothing special, but lasted a good 45k miles. At the time I think it was about $118 per tire. A few months ago I was looking for tires again and after searching around I was impressed with Michelin, but could not justify spending $150+ per tire. Ended up getting Goodyear Comfortreds for $108 per tire, plus 10 for all the roadhazard protection, etc. Actually printed out price and took it to NTB (a real tire shop) to match prices. I couldnt be happier with the Goodyears. They are 80k mile tires and while not the highest performance, they definitely are quiet and have a great ride.
  • kherrmannkherrmann Posts: 10
    Been away from the board awhile...sorry. The "flat spot" is best described as absolutely no repsonse for 1-2 seconds after trying to accelerate. It is most noticeable - and dangerous - when the engine is going from a no load situation (ie coasting or neutral throttle) to acceleration(ie passing). If I jump on it right off the line, it will actually make a big cough then I have full power. The dealer here in Vancouver has had it for 5 days in the shop with no answers. Somebody out there has got to have seen this problem before... New fuel filter. New plugs. Checked timing belt. Checked O2 sensor. Mine also has that very subtle surge when simply traveling along. It failed air care so now I'm in a pickle. The shop indicated that it runs very lean right off idle and reading whatever guage he was using he could predict when it would "go flat" on him. Seems to have worsened over time.


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