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Mazda Millenia



  • Let's have a 100,000 miles club and discuss some problem if any on the Explorer.
    I bought the 1995 XLT from carmax 5yrs ago with 62,000 I'm currently rolling with
    158,678 miles an hasn't miss a beat.The problem fuel pump replacement at precesion tune$300.00 less than what the dealer want to charge with 1yr warranty.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi. We have a lot of Ford Explorer discussions where you would be welcome to pursue those throughts. Just use the Browse by Vehicle pulldown menu on the left side of the page to find them.

    We'll keep you here to talk about your Millenia, but send you to one of those to talk about your Explorer! ;)
  • Here in Nashville I've done some research and very soon I will have my timing belt replace due to preventive maintainces and mileage which is 128,000.Midas price with the water pump replacement is $547.00 and I check Tireplus $600.00.This quote is for MP.This car is fun to drive especially when you hit 65 to 85 mph,and i have driven it faster than that over 90mph in hot humid weather and the car ran perfect. I wouldn't trust MS due to the supercharge issue but overall I'm happy with the MP.
  • I did the timing belt, water pump and drive belts myself for about $250. in parts. '95 S model.
  • pcfigpcfig Posts: 13
    Hi All,
    Bought a '99 MM(93k),check engine light came on as driving home from dealer(yes,it was test driven twice,no warning lights),also fuel door would not release/open.Checked fuses,all fine.Checked alternator,battery charge--all fine.Nawing at me that this light must be related to fuel door,removed 60amp fuse for fuel door and replaced w/60amp from ignition(just to see if it would work),put fuel door fuse in ignition fuse slot,that fuse continues to work fine, light went off,fuel door opened...for a day!!Light back on,fuel door not opening.Bought new 60amp fuse,desired results attained....for a day!!Pulled fuse,re-inserted,light now off but fuel door wont open.Fuse box is clean,no sign of corrosion inside.Whats going on here??? Any help?Sounds like maybe a potential short somewhere,pulled door cover and inspected connections to release button,fine.UGHHHHHH.....hate electrical issues.
  • pcfigpcfig Posts: 13
    Hi,wonder if you have solved this issue?I have a '99 MMS,bought one week ago,same "electrical issue/malfunction" light came on as driving home from dealer.Also w/mine,fuel door would not open,I checked/ replaced 60amp fuse and that worked for short time(a day),light came on again,pulled and replaced fuse again and light has been off for 2days.I am thinking this fuse works itself loose and triggers the malfunction light and also disables the fuel door button.Of course,this is probably a "mystifying characteristic" of mine.Car runs great,no misses,hesitations or other indications of trouble.Let me know your results.Good luck,its the other guy you need to watch out for.......
  • what state do you live that a great price"
  • Hi, guys,
    I just bought a 97 MML two weeks ago and went to the garage to have a emissions inspection today. The results came out as FAIL since the "Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is broken or not functioning" as it shown on the report.
    Then I asked the guy from Mazda service to check the code to find that there were three codes
    P0300 pcm: random misfire;
    P0325 pcm: knock sensor;
    P1170 pcm: HO2S(RH) inversion.
    Is there any one has similar experience here? I'd like to know if I should fix all the problems to pass the emission inspection? How much to fix those problems? Also, how much to fix the indicator Lamp?
  • That's only the parts at Advance Auto store. I did the work myself.
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this discussion, recently bought MM'97 base. Check Engine light comes on, and flickering. Car runs well, though. Any suggestion, please?
    Also, car came w/out manual. Is it timing belt or chain? If belt, at what mileage it should be replaced?
    many thanks, Victor
  • i have a 97 mazda millenia. the car runs fine. but when ever i hit the gas i can hear a sound (like two metal rubbing against each other). the sound is there only when the car is rolling and is only there initially, after a little while there is no sound. also while going smoothly there is no sound. the mechanic says its the brake pad.
    what could be the problem?
  • I refer to my earlier posting about the clicking/tapping noise from the front left suspension on warm days at slow speeds on all road types.

    The problem has been resolved finally upon the replacement of the middle control arm link. Earlier the lower and upper control arms, the tie rod end and the steering rack were replaced all under warranty.

    The part was replaced under warranty under the Mazda added protection plan.
  • pcfigpcfig Posts: 13
    Hi,PCFIG here,also have posted about the '99 MMS I bought 3wks. ago.Of course after purchase malfunction indicator light is on.Thought it was related to fuse,that was only re-setting computer each time I pulled it.Just got car back from tech check of codes.....the Bank 1 and Bank 2(??) catalytic converter efficiency codes indicate trouble in this area.Took it too an honest tech I know,he thinks it is related to supercharger,but not sure,suggest taking it to dealer for further testing.Currently waiting for reply from dealer i bought from "as is" hoping they will fix this issue.Though bought "as is",think their is a buyer protection law of 30 days....this could get nasty.I'll let you know what happens.Let me know if you solve your "malfunction light" issue.Peace,out....
  • the CEL went on last week on my 99 Millenia S. Shop did a diagnostic and replaced the EGR valve ; total cost about $500. (the part is expensive!) Car was fine for 2 days but yesterday the CEL went on again. Back to shop on Monday. Any advice?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to also ask in our "Check Engine" light discussion - let us know what happens.
  • Hi, I am new to this and have searched for an answer to this post, but I have been unable to find one. Does anyone know if their is a easy or reasonable fix for this problem? I actually just bought my Mazda, love it, but would love it even more if I can get the CD to work.
  • I have a '97 Millenia with Miller engine. I have solid P0105 error code that I need to repair so I can renew registration. I'm hoping it's simply a loose connection or some other simple problem. Can anyone tell me where the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, which I believe is sometimes called the boost sensor is located on this engine? Oh, by the way, the car runs great otherwise.


  • chettichetti Posts: 1
    I bought 98 Mazda millenia S 6 months before. I am getting checking engine light on and TCS off message. On the highway, all of a sudden car is having jerk and speed goes down. I would appreciate, if you can give me suggestions to rectify this.
  • joshijoshi Posts: 1
    I am thinking of buying a 1995 Mazda Millenia (engine made in Japan btw). It has all the features and drives like a dream even after its 134K miles. But, I am not too sure about how long MMs last. Can I expect it to last me 2-3 years with proper maintenance or is it past its expected life.
  • I hate electrical issues myself. I had the CEL (Check Eng. Light) come on my 99 MM @ 59k and went to the local auto place and bought an OBD II Reader for about $150. (I did this because the dealer said he would run a test on it for $85 - No Thanks) This little gem I bought told me that the problem was code P0431 -Warm Up Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2). Basically this means that the catalytic converter is malfunctioning. But its not a huge problem. I used the OBD Reader I bought to turn off the CEL. Its just an idea. May not be your solution but at least if you ran the OBD you could get a clear idea of what is going on in there. Some Auto parts stores will run it for free if you dont want to purchase one.... However, the dealer charges $85 per scan - thus if you use it twice it pays its rent. Hope that helps a little.
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