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Mazda Millenia



  • I wouldn't do the $650 tuneup unless it's time for new plugs, etc. Without CEL on I'd drive it and continue to monitor the mpg.
  • jwatsjwats Posts: 72
    I am considering buying a Millenia to be used primarily as a winter car. They seem to be a great value used
    1. Even though reliability gets decent ratings from CR and others, there seems to be a lot of CEL issues and other problems. DO you think that is because people with problems come here or do the cars not age well?

    2. Is the S version more trouble prone? what are issues?
    3. What are best years and none issue areas?

    thank you in advance?
  • vafoxvafox Posts: 5
    Our 02MMP transmission started slipping very badly, very suddenly at 42K miles. The Mazda shop told us it was unusual but it needed a $4,300 factory rebuilt transmission. When we said we'd take it to Cottmans they said they'd done some research and found out there was a 50/50 chance that a complete drain/refill of transmission fluid might give us a short term fix for $200. This sounds suspicious to me. Why would they have to do research to find that out? What is a short term fix? Has anyone had transmission trouble at this low mileage? We didn't buy the extended warranty so we really need advice. Thanks!
  • pcfigpcfig Posts: 13
    I've had my '99 MMS(93k)for 4mths.,about 2mths. ago my transmission began to disengage at 35-40(going into 3rd or overdrive.)Sad,shocking,scary!!I am hoping a "transmission tune-up"(about $100,includes fluid drain/refill and most importantly a new filter)will cure this.However,I discovered it only does it when cold and if I "ease her" into shift(basically minimal accleration at 35mph)it will engage.Still want and intend to get "tune-up" but need to get the courage,very likely i will get the "needs new tranny" speech and that would %3&*# me off.
  • pcfigpcfig Posts: 13
    Not sure if this is common driving reaction for the Mazda Millenia.My '99 S seems to deccelerate quickly.That is when cruising and letting off on gas it seems to slow down faster than my previous cars.Their really is no coasting.When bought car(4mths.ago)dealership had just done brake job,pads around,front rotors.Earlier posting mentioned "brake drag".I have nothing rubbing or smell burning,what are symptoms of "brake drag"?Better yet,tell me this is normal for MMS.Other possibilities?Thanks,PCFIG
  • My 96 Millenia S has some minor fender damage. Estimates from 3 body shops are $850, $1000 and $1050. Today went to Maaco who said it would cost $644 and that they will use an aftermarket fender.
    Does anyone have opinions about the quality of these aftermarket fenders? And Maaco? that was once known for its cheap jobs but seems to be upmarketing. ?
  • I have a '97 MM S with 118K miles. I bought it at 55K miles. I have to replace one quart of synthetic oil every two weeks. Drives OK- 25 MPG.

    What maintenance is absolutely necessary at this point on a fixed income?

    For a tune up, what kind of wires and plugs should I get?

    Do I NEED the dealer for this work?

    My heated seat light comes on, but no heat. Are there any cheap probable solutions?

  • I have a 2000 Millenia S Mllenium Edition 87K. I'm having trouble with the Chrome 5 Spoke Alloy wheels. One I had welded in three different spots for hairline cracks which causes an air leak. Now I have two cracks in another rim. I'm a pretty careful driver, and try to avoid pot holes at all cost; however its not possible at all times. Has anyone else had trouble with these wheels, and what is the solution? They are very expensive to replace, and I'm afraid that having them welded is not in my safest interent. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I had the plugs replaced by a dealer to the tune of $125. just for plugs. I have never spent that much for plugs in my entire life. And as for dealer doing the work, my mechanic would not touch the job. He claimed you had to take half the engine apart to get at them. Good Luck.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Well, I'm back with that exciting tire report I promised.

    I put a total of 2911 miles on the new tires, with most of that at 80 to 85 mph on Interstates. But it also included far too much time on terrible snow and ice covered roads in Davenport Iowa. Except for a high pitched whine on some of Illinois' and Iowa's poorly maintained concrete highways they performed admirably. They are definitely far smoother and more comfortable than the Michelin MX4V's they replaced, as well as being considerably quieter under most circumstances. I found no loss of performance with these H rated tires as compared to the V's that came on the car.

    I had read a couple of reviews on Tire Rack that suggested I might lose about 2 mpg going to these tires, but that didn't hold true. When the Michelins were new I took a similar trip and averaged 26 in the same kind of driving. The Goodyears returned a low of 24.9, but averaged 27.1 for the trip.

    On good roads in the mountains northwest of Chatanooga my mother commented that it felt as if the car was floating over the ground.

    All in all I am well pleased with them and recommend them as a replacement for the OEM's on the P. I am not an agressive driver, so the ones of you that are, might see a difference in handling.

    On another note, I had no indication of any type of problem on the trip concerning the rest of the car and it performed perfectly. The MMP and Goodyear Assurance Comfortreads seem to be a good combination.
  • pcfigpcfig Posts: 13
    Have periodically experienced the same "non-working" auto tilt on my '99MMS.It would not work for a couple starts then work fine.2 days ago it stopped working,kept hoping with each start that it would follow luck.Couldn't find a fuse in manual that would affect this,also thinking its the motor.
    But today when I returned home,I listened very carefully and could here a slight "click" of the motor indicating it was operating.Decided while engaging the auto tilt to "help" the steering wheel go up,with a little force it did engage and is now working fine.
    Sometimes the auto tilt function needs a "little help".Hope this helps others.
  • riv47riv47 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Millenia, the problem I'm having is, my heat has quit working. (It blows only cold air) I started noticing last winter, that my climate control switch/dial was intermittent. I changed the the thermostat, but the problem is still there. The car run's great, but I have no heat. Has anyone else come across this problem?
  • I just purchased a very low mileage 2001 Millenia for my wife and so far it is a very nice car. There are no dents or dings in the doors and I would like to keep it that way. The doors look very susceptible to parking lot dings. Has anyone found some sort of door guard that would run along the side of door? Most cars these days have some sort of protector.
    Can anyone tell me color of car? color code is 22R.

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    By Googling I find this:

    Mazda-22R-Platinum Silver Metallic

    Looks like yours is the same as mine. Mine came with a small bottle of touch up paint, but after trying to touch up a small nick, I advise against it beause it looks better before than after.

    I think it would destroy the appearance of the MM by putting molding on it, but it is easily available. Again try Google.

    My solution is to get some exercise by parking alone on the far side of the parking whenever possible. That's kept the car like new other than the tiny nick I mentioned that happened on I-75 in Georgia. Only an ugly bra would have protected against that, and IMO would have looked far worse than the nick.
  • Other poster is right. Plugs are expensive and you have to remove the intake to replace them. Not for the novice mechanic. Heated seat problem could be loose or corroded wire, bad heat coil or defective relay. Good luck.
  • zzjeazzjea Posts: 3
    Can the O2 sensor cause poor milage? Where is it located on the '97 S? Thanks.
  • uscxvuscxv Posts: 8
    I have a 2002 MM with 85k miles on it and am starting to experience issues with my heat. When I'm doing highway driving its fine but when I'm in the city or the engine is just idling the heat is luke warm at best. This is with the temp setting on 90.

    Does anyne have any ideas?
  • I just experienced the same problem. Start the car one morning and no heat - just cold air. HAve you found the problem?
  • wadiewadie Posts: 5
    I purchased my Mazda Millenia back in 2002 with 49,000 miles on it. I had a few problems frame wise that the dealer fixed but the engine and transmission were immaculate. But recently I noticed around 90,000 miles that my Hold Light (transaxle problem according to the manual) would tend to go off and on when it felt like it. I would drive for a few miles and as soon as I came to a stop and put my foot on the brake the light would disappear. I took it to the Mazda dealer in my state (NJ) and they said my computer determined that I needed to change my Knock sensor, EGR valve and one other part but I can't remember. I procrastinated for a while and now my car is losing power and the light comes on more frequently now. Now at 97,000 miles I can be going 45mph and my RPM needle goes haywire like the car is racing but it's not. I took the car to another outside mechanic and he told me the reason my car is making a rough riding noise is because something is burned out in my transmission. Needless to say the look on my face when he said the word transmission damn near gave me a heart attack. I did a search online for the Knock Sensor and found one at a reasonable price of $74 (jcwhitney replacement parts) and just because I read in other forums that I might need to change my O2 sensor I bought one of those as well. The only thing is I read that Mazdas have more than one O2 sensor and I don't know which one to replace to get better gas mileage. Anyone have any suggestions or other problems like this?? I'm hoping once this piece comes that my problems will be solved and I won't need to replace my entire transmission.

    Also does anyone know how much EGR valves run?? :cry:
  • uscxvuscxv Posts: 8
    As I read your post I get the feeling its my Millenia you are referring to. I also have a 2002 Millenia and am experiencing the identical symptoms. I have 86k miles on it. Two weeks ago I brought it to the dealer and he said I needed a tuneup-cap, rotor, and plugs. They wanted over $300. I paid the $69 diag. fee and did the work myself for less than $80. The only reason I brought the car to the dealer is because I have the extended warranty. Well after doing all the work the CEL light is still on and yes my hold button light flashes and my tach dances. Just yesterday I brought the car to a different Mazda dealer who said the codes are referring to something with my EGR system.

    Hopefully I'll find out more today and let you know what the outcome is. I can only hope its a covered warranty expense.

    Talk to you soon
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