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Mazda Millenia



  • How many miles are you guys getting on these tires? At the rate I am going, I will have to replace them at 20K miles. Has any one else experienced a radial pull from any other tires?

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    I haven't had any problems with my DS4000's on wet or dry environments. Since, you are having a lot of "bad luck" with this particular series/make. Consider Pirelli's or Yokohoma's, I have used these in the past for 18" and 17" applications and haven't experienced any problems with them besides the standard downfall of using a V rated tire,. (less tread life)

  • The dealership ended up replacing my steering column and both fuel gauges.
  • Ae86/Acabral1 - I have to agree with you with the 1996 Millenia S performance. Sometimes it's great, other times, your so embarrassed with 210 horses. I've noticed that on level ground, the S is pretty good pass 2000 rpm, but on a slight grade, the transmission doesn't downshift when flooring for over 2 minutes and when it does, the rpm screams to 5000 but the car doesn't go any faster. This happened many times already. I have a Miata and at 5000-6000 my Miata pulls like a train. I love the looks and styling of the Millenia S but I have to say performance is weaker than a 626. I also owned a 626 before and it was going up a grade at 80-90 mph like nothing. The Millenia at 5000 rpm couldn't even pass 60 mph. How embarrassing for a car of this class. I'm still amazed at the styling though.
    Last month, I had HID installed. It's suberb. I was next to a 2001 Mercedes S500 and I must admit, my lights were brighter and better spread.
    You know what car has one of the best headlights. Try Honda S2000. The lights are super white and bright and gives an amazing purple flicker at a distance.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Hmm..... that's the first I've heard about Pirelli,. was statement you read, targeting all Pirelli makes or just a particular one? I can't recall of hand which make Pirelli I had, but I can tell you this much, the model I had worked fantastic on wet roads.

    You can change some of the 17" tire specifications without any worries for the majority of the times. However, consult with a couple tire specialist to better help you determine with using a different series, i.e 40, 45, 50 ect,. will be of any major nusiance to you.

    I was using a 35 series 18" tire on my previous car therefore, a coarse ride doesn't really bother me much, if you are accustomed to smooth, rides than you may want to consider not using a lower tire series.

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Has any been able to retro-fit a intake style intake for their s model millenia? the only company that i have been able to locate that will
    fabricate an intake for the millenia s is, weapon-r. however, they stated that they need to actually few the set up.

    to bad they are located on the west coast and i am on the east coast.
  • guzguz Posts: 7
    The bad review was on the Pirelli PZero Asimmetrico. It can be found in The path is as follows; Home > Product Reviews > Tire > Pirelli PZero Asimmetrico. In all fairness, I did a little more research and read that the Pirelli P7000 Super Sport was one of the best wet handling tire.
  • My '96 Millenia Std has 106k miles on it. In the last two months I have had two major problems with the engine pulleys. The lower alternator pulley that connects to the bottom of the engine disintegrated (rubber shock absorbtion ring) which in turn snapped the alt belt and damaged the serpentine. Now the timing belt tensioner pulley is going bad which means replacing that and the timing belt (pulley clunks in the cold at start up). Seems the pulleys are self destructing after 100k miles. Add this to the never ending battle to keep the check engine light off for the past 13 months and maintenance on this car is outrageous and getting more serious. I would expect the car to last far longer than 100k miles. Any thoughts on the pulley problems. Note: I posted the engine light specifics in topic 76 (post 374).
  • I just wanted to write the group and let you know of some of the similar problems I have been seeing with my 1995 Millenia (L). This might help someone diagnose their problems and direct them into helping them out (in no particular order):

    Check Engine Light on: Codes P1170-Ho2s 11-Inversion and P1173-Ho2s21-Inversion (O2 sensors).

    Radiator shot and replaced: $550

    Leaky Cam Seals - need replacing after 60K was done ($800 estimate). Still minor leaking, but too expensive.

    H20 Pump went south: replaced at time of 60K.

    60K Service (w/new pump and brakes): $992.30

    Replaced both CV joints: $608

    Oil sending unit replaced: $75

    I don't know about you all, but this is some major repairs that should not be happening. The CV's I understand, but the radiator CRACKED in half - on a cold 45 degree day!

    I think Mazda used some cheap parts for the 95L - only to improve on it down the road.

    I have a Miata that is supercharged and it has had zero problems, but we will not be buying another Millenia.

  • Oh, and some more back ground info on our 1995L - we got it for a killer deal - paid $13,000 for it like 3 years ago with only 30K on the tach! Here is what happened when we got it home that day:

    1) Dash lights not coming on. Turns out that the CPU was shot and thank god it was replaced under warranty (by a month!) - radio replaced as well.

    2) The remote we got did not work - only to find out that the car was NOT equipped for remote door locks. I verified this through a Mazda VIN check. Thus, not all 95 Millenias come with remote door locks (as stated by Mazda/USA). You can reprogram your door remote by holding down the door light switch and holding down your remote key - you may want to verify this with your Mazda mechanic.

    3) Some paint flaking off the front bumper - this still may be a recall.

    4) The head liner - sheesh, this headliner is deteriorating in the back of the car. We are not too happy about this one.

    I think over time, the Millenia will have its problems - like any car, but the difference is in the parts that are failing and pretty scary.

    I have had my share of VW/Toyota/Honda/Mazda/Ford/Pontiac - but this car seems to have had more repairs than normal.

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    What was the time intervals in which each problem manifested? Your primary summation about the '95L Millenia, is probably accurate.

  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    well, i have posted many times here to see the latest scoop and voice my opinion. overall, i am pleased with my 95 S. I take care of it religiously. yep, nothing on this car is cheap. most of my costs have been maintence related. however, i did just get done with several repairs:
    1. valve cover gaskets(2) both leaking a bit approx $450.
    2. right axle seal leaking. approx $250
    3. wheel bearings(2) approx $500

    unfortunatley, gaskets do break down and need to be replaced. it is not so much the part, than the labor to fix it.

    wheel bearings( a loud hum noise from the front) yes, i think this was unnessecary- maybe due to I drive fast...

    i am starting to hear a clipping/distortion form the bose rear speaker. aprox $375 for the speaker/built in amp(part only) yep, i play my music load.

    right now i have approx 87K, plan to keep until before my 120k service(timing belt change)!
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    What kind of HID lights did you install. Simple after market 12V bulbs with xenon gas or the complete high voltage HID kit? The S-Class HID are factory installed with 14,000 Volts transformers inside the light assembly.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    I am using the Phillips D2R Xenon Bulbs with Phillips Ballast. This kit is basically a raw HID Light Mechanism that is used on vehicles with factory HID Lighting.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Thank you for the info. I installed the Hella xenon Gas Bulbs on my MB They provide a white beam with a nice contrast and better reflexion than original halogen lights under a relatively low cost (but they are no match to the HID option at MB). The Hella Korean production line is closed now. I will look into the Philips kit for my MilleniaS.
  • Brubaker: Our '99 S has close to 30k miles on the original 17" Dunlops, but the tread is just about gone. Based on how fast they appeared to be wearing, I'm almost happy they've lasted this long. I knew we'd get stung buying 17 inchers, but I didn't think it would be this soon.

    On a related note, people often suggest getting replacements through, and the prices look good, but how do you get them installed? Getting 4 tires dropped off at my house by the UPS guy doesn't help me much. A mechanic I used to know had a favorite saying "You don't bring the steak to the restaurant" if somebody asked about bringing in their own parts for him to install.

    Acabral: I don't want to spend close to $200 for a tire. What do you think about the cheaper Goodyears? (or similar)
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    It was about 10 years ago since I used Goodyears, had a set of Goodyear GT's on my '88 Fiero GT - can't remember the series anymore, however I do rememeber that they really performed well on wet/dry pavement.

    My speculation is that, if the Goodyears were performing well ten years ago, they should be an excellent choice of tires for value and performance today.

    I personally, would not purchase a completely "no-name" tire for warranty/saftey,performance factors. Unless your wallet is dictating you to do so.

  • I guess the dealership didn't know what they were doing last week when they thought replacing the steering column would fix my auto-tilt problem. Today when I got out of the car at the gas station...the steering wheel didn't go up!!!! My dash is squeaking again too.
  • You can try or, but the problem, aside from getting them installed, is what happens if you need to file a warranty claim. You have to ship the tire back! What I did was find a reputable shop that would match any advertised price, and brought them the ad. A decent local tire store should be willing to do this if they want your business.
  • I just purchased a 2000 this summer. Well, it has now snowed here every other day for the last week. This is the worst car I have ever driven in the snow. It feels like it is fish tailling under the slowest of driving and doesn't get any traction. Not to mention, there is barely enough power to make it up snow covered hills. Does anyone have any suggestions (new tires, more weight in the car, other?) I love this car in non-snow conditions, but have never felt so unsafe or not in control while driving. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated as getting rid of this car with only 9,000 miles on it would be an absolute shame.
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