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Mazda Millenia



  • nosoup4unosoup4u Posts: 7
    Hey all. I want to say first, I really appreciate everyone responding to all the questions that people ask. Being that i just bought my car, hopefully i will be able to help on these in the future. My question today is this. My engine light is on and my gas mileage is horrible. Is the best way to find why the engine light is on by going to a AutoZone? Do they have the equipment to check the computer? Is there a chance that it is a catalytic converter? And if it is, do you need to go to the dealership to have something like this done or can you go to a normal mechanic? You can buy a new converter on ebay for about $60. So just having it put on must be time consuming and costly. I know that this car had one converter replaced. Might need the other one now. Thanks ahead of time.
  • gemini618gemini618 Posts: 10
    My check engine light pretty much stayed on for the first 1 1/2 years I had my 2000 Millennia Milennium Edition. The diagnostic kept reading "Misfire at the 6th cylinder." So far, I've had CO2 sensors, catalytic converter, spark plugs and a coil for the 6th cylinder and most recently a fuel injector kit. The coils were moved around when putting on the fuel injector, so then the Misfire was then at the 2nd cylinder, which indicated that the new coil I had put on was malfunctional. This has since been replaced and the check engine light has not come back on yet, however, now I smell strong gas fumes in the car and still getting about 12-15 mpg (Premium unleaded to boot!) I love the car and know it would be great fun to drive, but I'm so frustrated that I cannot really enjoy the car. I've put more money into this car in the past 1 1/2 years than I had put into fully loaded cars that I'd kept for 5 - 8 years. If you find a solution, please post it. I'm willing to do most anything.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    I have an '02 S and I get 23mpg's in town and I average 27 on the highway. My highway mileage has ranged from 25 to 31. The 31 was doing 65 mph. Doing 75 - 85 is when I had the 25. Though on trips it has averaged 27 overall.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    According to the repair manaul for the 2002's S model, since you said you are using premium unleaded, are as follow:

    1. Spark plug malfunction
    2. High-tension lead malfunction
    3. Fuel injector malfunction
    4. Air suction in intake-air system (between dymanic chamber and cylinder head)
    5. Inadequate engine compression due to engine internal malfunction.
    6. Related connector or terminal malfunction
    7. Related wiring harness malfunction

    These are only possible causes.
  • gemini618gemini618 Posts: 10
    Thanks kcm8419. I'll pass this along. I know that I've replaced the fuel injector and spark plugs, some coils, CO2 sensors, and I can't remember what all else off the top of my head. I would just love to get the problem resolved. When I tell the dealerships and various mechanics the type of gas mileage I get, they all just say "Well you have a supercharged engine" and they don't get good gas mileage. I have done lots of research on this car and the general consensus is the same type of mileage that you get. I hate when they use that "supercharged engine" excuse. Part of my problem is that even at some of the Mazda dealerships don't know a whole lot about the Miller Cycle engine.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    I thought a couple of years ago someone on this site said they were having problems. They eventually found a vaccuum hose plastic tee had broken and once they replaced that they said the car ran fine. So you might want to check for one of your vaccuum hose either being off or cracked/split. I know this could be a headache but it is worth a look.
  • richot7richot7 Posts: 2
    I own a 95 S with 167,000 miles. I purchased it in 98 with 62,000 miles. The car has been fair as reliability is concerned and great for performance. I have had the CEL come and go at least 8 times over the years. First it was the O2 sensor, howver when the mechanic checked the O2 sensor seperately the sensor was fine. My mechanic recommeded changing the main computer in 2001. He worked as a senior mechanic for Mazda and diagnosed that some of the main computers have a malfunction and send out codes in error. I believe that this was the problem for my car, secondary to the three oxygen sensor codes that were false. It cost me about $900. Since the change I have only had the light come on once at it was for the knock sensor about a year ago. I think this is a Mazda problem from all of the post with frequent CEL warnings. Love the car and I get 22-24 miles per gallon at 65-70 mph.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    That's pretty much exactly what I get on 01 S.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    As a side note my parents also have an '02 s and they are getting 18-19 mpg's in town. So I would have to assume that these mileages are more directly related too the driver more than anything else.

    In a couple of weeks I will be taking a short road trip and get back here to update the highway mpg's.

    Just wondering how many people use a fuel injection cleaner in their vehicles?
  • mike144mike144 Posts: 1
    Sounds like a vacuume hose has a pin hole in it. You'll have to check the one that is used after the engine gets hot or when the transmission is in use.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I don't see what previous post you were answering, but there was a recall for a cable making this type of noise. It involves adjustment of the transmission shifting cable as I recall.

    Also, on the S you would have a whine from the supercharger, as well as on all automatic transmissions you may have a slight "turbo whine". Mine does and it is not a problem as it is a very faint sound that is easily covered by turning on the radio.
  • nosoup4unosoup4u Posts: 7
    Thought i would let everyone know about this. My CEL light was on and i was getting horrible gas milage. I finally took it to the dealership and had it looked at. Fearing the worst, it turns out i had cracks in all my vacuum hoses. The car was running really rich because of all the air it was sucking in and thats where the bad gas milage came from. When i had the car hooked up to a computer it read that the fuel trim was bad. Turns out that the fuel trim is what reads your fuel air mixture and there was nothing wrong with it, just running rich. Cost about $350 to have fixed and with todays gas prices, well worth it. Hope this helps someone.
  • mm2001mm2001 Posts: 6
    Just thought I'd throw in mileage stats for my 2001 Millenia S. I keep track of each fillup, and track the mileage with the trip odometer.

    I do only city driving, in a climate with long cold winters, and short hot summers. In cold weather, I average 19 mpg and can get about 250 miles on a tankful before I start seeing the low gas warning light. In summer, the average goes up to 22 mpg, and I can squeeze out 300 miles or so on a tankful. I'm spending about $60 CDN to fill up with premium these days (about $1.15 Cdn/litre)

    The mileage is lower than I was expecting with this car, but the ride is smooth and the power is there when I need it. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess..
  • nosoup4unosoup4u Posts: 7
    I have a 97 S. Is changing the belts something that i can do myself or is it something where the engine has to be jacked up? Looks like it's time for new belts. Just trying to save a little $$$.
  • jazzyman26jazzyman26 Posts: 18
    I recently replace 2 rear o2 sensors and the check engine
    light is still on price $400.00.Now I'Ve been told that the catalytic converter need replacing.I'm going to get a second opinion because goodyear states I need two front end converter.Does this sound like I'm getting rip off.
    I'm considering a universal converter at a muffler shop which will be cheaper.Has anyone had this problem? And what is the solution.Need help
  • nosoup4unosoup4u Posts: 7
    I can't tell you if you need one or not. First, i would have someone check your on-board computer. It should usually tell you what needs to be fixed. I took mine to a muffler shop and they had the computer to plug into it. If indeed it is a converter that you need, get on ebay. You can buy the converters on there for about $60. Then have someone put them on for you. I have the dealer quote me $800 to have one put on. So that can save you a bunch of money if you actually need one replaced. Hope this helps.
  • lowbudgtlowbudgt Posts: 1
    i have a 2002 Millenia P beautiful lookin car inside and out..
    unfortunately under the hood is another problem..last yr with only 29k the transmission went and Mazda replaced it under warantee...I drove it for a week and felt something wasnt right so I brought it back and they stated the tranny was bad and they put another one in...This month I brought it in again b.c the airbag light kept blinking ( a problem which has been fixed 3 times already) and in the meantime they told me the tranny is bad again! dealer states that i got lucky that I can get it replaces since its still under a yr warentee but then goes on to say that the car is 250miles over the 12k mile limit for a tranny replacement!
    it costs about 3500 for a new transmission!! how on earth can a car go through 4 transmissions with only 41k??? what to do what to do?? :confuse:
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,411
    Learned Friends,

    I just bought a 96 Millenia with the 2.5 l engine.
    The car has seen better days, but I believe it's worth fixing up. At 150k and with a few, um, cosmetic challenges, it runs well and I got it for a beater price.

    However, it needs four new ball joints in front and at least the left half shaft and maybe the right as well.

    Some of this I am certainly going to have done; other items I will take care of myself.

    My question to you: Can you please point me towards the resources available online? Any enthusiasts group, any person's web site would be most welcome.
    Also, what about manuals? Haynes, Chilton? Is the factory manual worth it, and where does one get it?

    Any and all hints will be most welcome.
    Thanks in advance,
  • sellstar1sellstar1 Posts: 19
    Did we get an answer on this one? I've got the same problem.
  • Hi I am having problems with both my Sunroof and Steering wheel tilt. Have you found a solution for this problem? Thanks for the help if any you can provide.

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