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Mazda Millenia



  • My local Mazda dealer found a fuel leak in the fuel line from the tank where it snakes behind the engine up to the injection system. It had a 'bad' flexible connector and gasket. Replacing this component solved the gas fume problem. They couldn't explain why the fuel vapor release problem that entered the cabin and surrounded the car didn't happen all the time. It typically only occurred after driving for a few miles after a cold start and then stopping. Didn't seem to be a function of how full the gas tank was either. I happy, but $350 poorer.
  • So what do we do about it? I already spent big bucks on new tires and I'm wasting huge amounts of time going back to the tire dealer (they've been very accommodating but that has to wear thin soon). Am I just supposed to roll over and pay another $1,500 for new wheels?
  • I have same prob with australian model (eunos 800). I have been searching but noone seems to have posted a fix. And member sooner3 has withheld his email. Climate control just pumps out hot air regardless of A/C on off. Poss jamed heater coil water flow tap?????
  • If you decide to change your wheels...don't use Mazda @ 750 a piece.....when I had to replace the one that was cracked...I find one for I am having a problem finding another one to replace the second cracked wheel....they have some refinished one...but they take a while to get in.....NTB told me just to change all wheels with ones that don't cost too much...I haven't gone there yet....thinking about just selling the car!!! Any offers ;)
  • Reached this milestone last week after 4 years and three months. Had to buy new wheels at $150 a piece which were not chrome. 3 of them were cracked. Very few problems except for the tires. Average 25 mpg. :D
  • We have a 17" wheel on our 2000 Millenia that's bent. I'm assuming it's from hitting a pothole, but has been recommended that it get replaced. I certainly don't want to spend the money for a brand new one. Other than Ebay, does anyone have any other good possibilities? How much should we expect to spend on a used wheel?
  • mgillmgill Posts: 4
    has any one ever change out a millenia from automatic to stickshift using a 626 gearbox or probe a ford gear box.can you used the 626 computer or aftermarket one.
  • I went with Blackburn Wheel and Hubs in Ohio.....1-800-981-8321.....I bought one for 350.00...still a little pricey but better then 750.00 from Mazda. I am not sure if they would have anymore...because I called them in Nov/Dec time frame...because I needed another one and they did not have one......give them a call though.....
  • wrd88wrd88 Posts: 5
    I had the same problem. Check to see if the switch in the glove box is turned off, which would lock the trunk even after you push the side door button. That did the trick for me.
  • THIS is what my car is doing. My 2000 Milley will lock/unlock the doors at random. It does it so frequently that it will drain the battery. Since I do not own a remote for this car, is there anyway to bypass/defeat the power lock feature of this car? Has anyone ever fixed this type of problem? What was the solution?
  • I have a 2002 Millenia S with 93k miles. This car has been great and I really enjoy driving it. Recently however it started blowing a significant amount of smoke and burning oil. The smoke is especially noticeable on start-up. I brought it into Mazda to have it checked and they advised me that the supercharger needs to be replaced. I also need to change the timing belt and the total cost for Mazda to perform this work is over $5k.
    I would hope to get another 75k - 100k out out this car however am concerned about this being the begining of ongoing costly repairs. Does anyone have experience with a similar problem and have there been problems beyond the supercharger?
  • Did you see any diference on power?
  • No. Other than the smoke and having to add oil there has been no noticable performance differnce.
  • This is a very good question and I would like to know peoples impression of the reliability of the Supercharger.

    I have a 2000 S and had the supercharger go out at about 60000 miles. It was paid for with an extended warrantee I had bought when I got the car used at 25000. I don't usually get extended warrantees but I did this time for some reason and I'm glad I did.

    the Supercharger was about $4,000 to replace including labor.

    Now, is it going to go out in another 60000 or do they typically last much longer?

    Maybe I should keep it another 50000 and get rid of it or take a chance and keep it.

    tough decision.
  • I keep procrastinating but I'm going to try going to the extended warranty I paid for. The dealer wouldn't do anything for me. I doubt they'll do anything and they'll try to say it's my fault but I'll try to remember to post whatever result I do get.
  • I am the original owner of a 1995 Millenia S, bought in Nov of 1995. It has been a good car with the exception of one time when it conked out on me by blowing out the radiator with 95k on it. For several years the supercharger has supposedly been leaking oil into the engine where it has been burned up, a little at first but now at 155K it is starting to worry me as I put maybe 2 quarts in every 2 or 3 fillups. I took it into the shop that I have used before, it seems okay, and they tell me that the valve covers are leaking badly. I haven't seen much oil on my garage floor at all though. I wonder if the supercharger's condition is related to it. Do I spend the $1500 to fix the valve covers? Do I get a used supercharger to get me another 50k if its cheap? Kind of a tough question....
    I like the car though so I figure if it will buy me another 2 years or so it might be worth it...

    On another note, can anyone confirm if the timing belt goes out it will not screw up the engine? It has been about 60k since my last replacement.

    Also, can anyone point me to a good Atlanta Mazda shop? Any help is appreciated.


  • First let me preface this post by saying, I know nothing about cars. I just purchased a 2002 Mazda Millenia from a reputable used car dealer (if there's still such a thing) and want to get it completely checked out to make sure its not a lemon. My question is..what exactly do I say when I take it to the mechanic? Do i explain to him that I just purchased this car and want to check it out? Additionally, how much should this cost me?
  • silversilver Posts: 10
    I have had wheel problems also, they have had to grind down the chrome on the wheels that keeps flaking off and tires don't seat well and the bead breaks. I have lost a couple of tires because of this, have just been real careful checking the pressure, have had to add quite a bit, a real headache for sure. Seems that Mazda won't do anything about it as I have complained to them about it also.,
  • silversilver Posts: 10
    My 2001 Millenia S had the Lysholm Compressor go out at 32,000 miles under warranty, this another area that they should do something about, yes it would have been over $4000 to replace it. I figured that it may run for quite a while with a new one but have been worried that it may happen again, I wonder how many this has happened too. I called them about it once and they said nationally that it was not a problem.
  • you have a little black box that should be under the seat whick controls the lock system. they sometime go bad and malfunction that way. You have a few options...go to the dealer and buy the control box take it somewhere and have them replace it or go to the dealer.
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