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Mazda Millenia



  • buy some good year tires and constantly check your tire pressure you should put in about 40-45 psi 45 is how I run and it semms to correct the problem however the tire pressure always seems to go down even know I dont have any leaks its like the car creates flat spots in the tires must be some thing to do with suspension design
  • mikeyb1mikeyb1 Posts: 2
    Hello All,
    I know this question has been asked a million times but I havent seemed to be able to find a clear answer. I apologize for asking again.

    I will give some background on the car and my situation..

    I have recently been handed down a 1999 Millenia S. I am having a problem with my dashboard lights which seems to be very common for these cars. My father has had issues with the Engine light over the years and was told by the dealership that we have put 94 octane to reduce engine light problems. The engine light came on from time to time with the code of the o2 sensor but normally when checked, it was fine. It got to the point where we stopped bringing it in to check the light.

    Recently, I noticed while driving on a dry winter day that my brakes felt strange. I would step on the brakes lightly and the ABS clunking sounds and pulsing feel would kick in. Around that time the dashboard lights: "TCS, TCS OFF, 4w ABS" came on. It was very strange. I got the lights checked and the dealer said "there is nothing physically wrong with the brakes, I will reset the lights" they were off and less then a month later they were back on intermittently (extremely rarely do I get the ABS feel). Over a week or so ago they have started to stay on all the time. Once in a blue moon they will be cleared when i start the car but go on soon after. I also noticed that on an icy day with the lights on, the ABS and TCS are actually off, so its not only the light but the actual system.

    I brought the car back to the dealer who saw those lights as well as the engine light. The dealer told me that the engine light was the o2 sensor (again). We fixed it with his assurance that this is not another bad code. The engine light is now off and the car runs fine, but the TCS lights and ABS are still on. The dealer does not know what to do and claims there is no way to scan the lights and diagnose. I dont know how the first dealer worker reset the lights last time. He says he spoke to the shop foreman who said that it would cost more then the car is worth to go through all the possibilities and just to diagnose the problem.

    Any thoughts? do you guys have something I can bring back to the dealer to say "look at this"?

    I appreciate the help and am sorry for the length.

  • jayjay9jayjay9 Posts: 1
    Hope someone can help here. My 2002 Millenia has been stalling out at stops after a cold start for weeks and recently started sputtering at random times while driving. CEL came on so I had Mazda take a look and they replaced the connection for the Idle Valve and also the Catalytic Converter (thank god for warranty!) Still same problems and I have since had fuel line cleaned, complete tuneup, trans flushed air filter replace nothing seems to work. The CEL does not come on anymore and my mechanic cannot find a solution. Anyone else have these issues? Thanks.
  • check coolant level my have leaky water pump causing air pockets !!!
  • I recently bought a used 99 millenia s with 89,000 km and have driven it 10,000km without any problems. Recently the car started burning a large amount of oil at start up but usually only if its sat for more than an hour! What possibilities could it be?? I have researched a fare bit about the car and understand the supercharges are the most un-reliable piece on the car so, should I start with that? Please email me or reply with any information to help me with my new love...the millenia s
  • I had the same problem and Mazda started replacing sensors which turned out to be very very expensive. The problem was low compression in the engine and the real cause was a timing belt mis-alignment. Cost 1500 to replace with labor at the dealer in Canada but may be much cheaper in US and at regular shop.

    Be very careful when you approach mechanics about this engine as many do not know much about it and immediately start telling you to replace things or even the whole engine. It is a very expensive engine to maintain and I would advise that you get rid of it if you can. This is a bit drastic but you have not seen cost yet. The cat converter is located in the manifold which cost $3000 to replace and used parts are almost non-existent. The dealer and some mechanics try to rip people off on the engine work. This is a good car but it is the often encountered bad diagnosis that is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

    Good luck!
  • I am so perplexed by this. Everything I read about the "must use Premium Gas" command from car experts say that it is only really needed in certain supercharged or turbocharged engines. Otherwise, you are wasting your money. :mad: I have a standard(non-S version) '95 Millenia. Do I really need Premium at $3.36 a gallon, or can I get by with regular or 89 octane mid-grade? It's expensive! Anyone ??!!
  • I do not know if premium is actually required by non-turbo or non-supercharged engines, however the Mazda repairs are extremely expensive so if you can pay an extra 10 cents to avoid repairs it is a good trade-off. If you have warranty you must use the correct fuel the specify otherwise you automatically voided your coverage.
  • ksan71ksan71 Posts: 5
    I've been using 89 octane for a very long time.. However, I did use 91 octane and found out the benefits of driving 91 are minimal. 89 has been fine for me. and not to mention it also helped take the "TCS OFF" light when it began appearing for no reason. And don't use 87 since you will hear the knock and pick and power output is crappy. Good luck..
  • mikeyb1mikeyb1 Posts: 2
    Thanks a million for the help.. So this was the issue with the Cat. I changed the O2 sensor like they suggested and the engine light went off... until last night oddly enough. When I went to bring it back and complain, just my luck, the light turned off.. The car has a brain and it knows how to piss me off..

    So your suggestions were for the engine problem... I am hopefully going to get rid of the car soon due to these issues but financially its not the best thing at this time.. So I am trying to just keep it running for a little while longer.

    I am planning on switching to the lower octane for a fill up or two and see if that fixes the TCS lights as some suggested..

    With all these problems with the cars, why the hell havent they recalled the damn stuff.. I find it very irresponsible of Mazda, and from a family who owns 3... I think this will lean heavily when considering a new one.

    Thanks for the help
  • HEy mazda freek. I also have the same problem and have been waiting for some answers myself. I have heard that it is generally the supercharger gaskets that are leaking or valve seals. Either way its expensive and a pain in the rear. Send me any info if you get it looked at.. Thanks Mazda4life1
  • I recently bought a used 99 millenia s with 89,000 km and have driven it 10,000km without any problems. Recently the car started burning a large amount of oil at start up but usually only if its sat for more than an hour! What possibilities could it be?? I have researched a fare bit about the car and understand the supercharges are the most un-reliable piece on the car so, should I start with that? Please email me or reply with any information to help me with my new love...the millenia s
  • Thanks for your response. I usually use mid-grade, rarely use 87 octane. I think I'll continue with the mid-grade. Premium is now about $3.50 a gallon where I live, heading towards $4 !!
  • I have a 95 MM 2.5L. I recently started to have power loss problems. I took it to the shop and they told me that my front pre-cat, was clogged. So I just replaced it and it didn't fix the problem. When i step on the gas, the car just bogs down, when i let up on the gas the car like releases. But when i step on it again the same problem. Any ideas???
  • monkey12monkey12 Posts: 1
    Ok well i bought this car and it seemed to run fine...a couple of weeks later the transmission went out...when i got it back it was stalling when i was stopped at a light...I took it back and he set the timing and it is better...But if I turn the vents on it starts stalling again...also the acceleration is not working right...I have to take it nice and slow until i reach speed limit..and can not get it to go past 60 mph...I took it to another shop and they are saying I need the timing set because it is off by 1 tooth and a bunch of other things adding up to another 1600 dollars which i don't if anyone has any ideas about what it might be please let me know...I am not trying to say the mechanic is wrong...but i have heard of these kind of cars being misdiagnosed.
  • jpoorejpoore Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,
    I just purchased a 02 MMS. I'm very pleased with the car and plan to keep it for some time. It has 48,000 miles and I would love to keep it in tip top shape. Would love seggestions on preventative maintenance past the normal oil changes. Based on the previous messages I have read It seams like the Miller ingine can be costly to repair. Thats actually what sold me on the car. Would love input. Thanks Jeff
  • logtraillogtrail Posts: 71
    I have a 96 "S" with 92k miles and until this week when I had to replace an axle and a crank sensor (whatever that is)
    I have had no serious problems. I just keep changing the oil every 5,000 miles. If and when the engine begins to start smoking that may mean that it's time to replace the turbo charger and I will trade in the car. I am a fairly cautious driver, altho I don't have any problem going 80+ from time to time, so that may help the longevity of the car (and me).
    One suggestion I have is to get the OEM brake pads when you have to replace them. Mazda pads do not seem to leave as much brake dust as the aftermarket brands.
  • If when you hit the gas it revs up but do not respond by accelerating then it seems like a timing belt problem. If the car loses power while driving then the engine may need to be rebuilt(egg shaped cylinders). This is based on what my mechanic told me about my car. I do not know if your car has TCS which runs off the vacuum system. A bad valve could cause this problem but you would be getting check engine light and the mechanic should get the code.

    The problem with this car is that the mechanics only want to change parts or the whole engine but do not want to be responsible for their diagnosis which is always wrong at first. I spent over $1200 last year on bad diagnosis and eventually even fixed $800 worth of problems for free. All I had to do was clean motor brush residue from the motor and that was it. They wanted me to replace the motor for almost $400 plus 2 hours labor. Took me 15 minutes. The mechanics just aren't trustworthy anymore.

    The bottom line is that this car is junk. For its original cost the blue book value is just about nothing today. I would advise everyone with a Mazda Millenia to move on and cut their losses. The quote to repair my car is $3400 for the engine, $2800 for the manifold with precat and $2500 for labor. The car was bought for $5000 and the blue book value is $1600-$2000. Go get a used honda or toyota before this thing break your bank account. The Ford Mustang was the last great American car. Mazda is crap!
  • lito1lito1 Posts: 1
    The check engine light came on the first day. TCS off lights comes on when I accelerate to about 60mph and car begins to jerk. I just noticed a little white smoke when I start the car for about 30 sec in the morning. I took it to a mechanic friend. His advise, "sell it, there may be hidden and serious problems, the supercharged engine is complicated". I have hard the car for a month. I am the second owner and the carfax report is clean. I am inclined to sell it,because I dont want to spend thousands of dollars for a problems that cannot be easily diagnosed and fixed. Does anyone know of a good honest mechanic in the Massachusetts area (Boston). Its hard to find one these days. I will go to Auto zone and get a computer read. What I have read so far about the S engine scares me.
  • ksan71ksan71 Posts: 5
    Had the same problem except my car is not a turbocharged engine.. My problem was a vacuum leak. Check the vacuum hoses for a leak. it may be so small you can't see the whole but sometimes there is cracking at the hose inlet ports. And switch your gas to 89 Octane.
    Good Luck..
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