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Mazda Millenia



  • To furypitcher:
    Yours is another rough situation. Sorry.

    If Mazda stonewalls you on covering it under warranty, it's probably worth a lawsuit because of the high costs of repair. Also, you may be able to pursue it in small claims court without a lawyer. Your burden of proof will be a little less there, and the judge will know that warranty/insurance companies always try to weasel out, using the flimziest of excuses. Plus, the warranty company will have a lawyer either way, and they may decide to just pay your claim rather than pay the lawyers. It's better for business too.

    Their side: Of course, Mazda'll say you violated the warranty contract since you didn't maintain it properly (we know you did, but that's what they will say since you are missing complete records that show you did).

    Your side: If what records you do have, show you have a pattern of changing the oil/etc. on time, then it's reasonable to assume you continued to do so during the period for which you have no records. Also, if you can show that the engine failure had nothing to do with periodic oil changes, that would definitely help. Perhaps the Mazda service people can help you there, especially if the warranty company is a 3rd party not even connected to Mazda, which is usually the way it is.

    Also, it's a possibility your lawyer may find in the "discovery phase" of the lawsuit, that this is a problem that often occurs even when the car IS "maintained properly." Hence, maybe it's a design problem, making Mazda more amenable to settling your claim.

    Lawsuits are a big hassle, but that may be your only alternative. I would say you have a 50-50 chance, even without the records. An experienced "plaintiff's lawyer" can work wonders sometimes. Why not talk to one about it? Usually a 30 minute conference is free. Good luck.
  • furypitcher,
    I forgot to mention: make sure Mazda knows that you are a member of this group, that you have made us all aware of your problem, and that 1000's of us loyal Mazda owners are watching to see how they treat you.

    ie.. it would be very bad for business to treat you unfairly. Good luck.
  • Concerning only Millenia S's in US and 800M's Aust
    There hsve been 5 different part #'s on the Lysholm compressor in an attempt to solve the problem of failing "Mechanical Oil Seals". Mazda
    never publicly admitted to the problem with a TSB but did distribute a "Service Tip" to it's dealer's advising replacement of the Lysholm compressor (only under Warrenty) if complaints were received of "Excessive Smoke at startup AND high oil consumption". Incidently as of Jan 1999
    the problem apparently had not been solved because
    Mazda issued a new part #KJ05-20-7AXC to be installed on yr 2000 Millenia's. IHI manufacturers
    the compressor.
  • Hi rzawarski,
    Thanks for the new info. Can you tell us your sources for it? It would help the rest of us to knowledgeably play along. Thanks.
  • Man, I really need to get back and check this forum more often! Our 95L still needs some TLC and I need your assistance.

    1) How much did it run you (anyone?) to have your cam seals replaced (non S model)? Trying to get a general idea - I was quoted $600-$800! Seems like the labor is high due to that manifold.

    2) I need to improve the lighting - anyone replace their bulbs with higher wattage? And what kind of improvements did you see compared to the dreadful old Millenia lighting. I know of a Philips HID package for about $400 - but do not know if I want to make this kind of investment or not.

    Oh, and I also battling the Check Engine Light/O2 Sensors as well and can provide anyone some info that I have found out - I will be replacing these myself - they are not that hard.

    Thanks for your valuable input!

  • Much info was gleaned from my own studies
    Mazda Millenia Service Highlights: Mazda Part #999-95-095F95
    SAE Technical Paper #940198: Development of V6 Miller Cycle Gasoline Engine
    SAE Technical Paper #94083: Development of the High Performance Lysholm Compressor For Automotive Use
    Sae Technical Paper #938219: Miller Cycle Engine Management System and its Distinctive Features
    Mentoring by Terry Berg a truly tenacious and knowlegeable Mazda Master Tech
  • Hi to everyone.....kelly46
  • I recently purchased a 95 with 38K miles, it is a great car but there is a strong smell of burning oil after driving. It is not using oil so where can that smell be coming from?
  • I paid 10K for a 95 mazda millenia miller-cycle, with 38K on it. perfect inside and out. other than two very small door dings. It looks like it just came out of the show room. I thought it was a good price, what do you think?
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Based on the mileage facts and condition description you conveyed I think got a fair price on the car. Does this price include all applicable taxes and fees? if so, you did well; according to all the published pre-owned values.

    Oh ya, what was the sticker price?

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    The burning odor in which you are describing is very difficult to diagnos without actually knowing / experiencing the symptoms that are associated with it; many underlying causes exist. If you furnish this information, maybe some of us can provide assistance.

    However, consider getting your engine flushed, before doing any major repairs or services, which can be very expensive and useless. The engine flush generally cost around $50.00 or so dollars and shouldn't take more than 1 or so hours to complete.

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Oops, forgot to mention to you that you should consider doing your own exterior engine inspection. There may be a possibility that oil or other fluids are buring from the engine or manifold, et cetera........... Which could have resulted from a sloppy oil/fluid change.
  • I purchased the car from a private party. So that was the selling price. He originally was asking 12K.
    Thanks for the info about the burning oil smell. I've never heard of an engine flush, but I did price replacement on the valve cover gaskets ($500 or more). YIKES
  • Anyone buy a Millenia S with 4 season package and wheels lately in the Twin Cities area? If so, what was the price and where did you buy?
  • Has anyone swapped out their older one color turn signals (like from a 95) or tail lamps for the newer looking ones? Can this even be done? Anyone know?

  • The '99-'00 turn signals are the same...just the color is different...same for the tail lights.

    The '01 taillights should also work on any older Millenia.
  • I notice that someone posted a question earlier about tire replacement options. I replaced the stock tires on my '99 S with 215/45-17 Dunlop SP9000's, and have been happy with them. The handling is better, especially on wet roads, and the ride and noise are about the same. The 9000's have much longer tread life than most high performance tires. I do wish that I had gone with a 235/45-17 instead. I would have if I had known then that they would fit. The 215's are a little smaller than the stock tires, resulting in some speedometer error. There appears to be plenty of clearance, and this is the size used on the Eunos 800-M SP, although I believe those were Pirellis. I do not know if a 245 would fit.
  • I've recently started having problems with the antenna on my '96 Millenia and was wondering if anyone's experienced anything similar. The antenna extends fully without a problem; however, at first it would retract only partially (I would have to push it down the final way), but now it retracts all the way, yet the motor keeps running for about 5 or so seconds, making a loud grinding-type noise. Any suggestions other than taking it to the dealer or just replacing the antenna altogether?

  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Frost is the enemy of all electric antennas. When the antenna is frozen, the last part is usually stuck out and needs to be pushed down manually. If you live in a chilly region with below freezing temperature you may want to lubricate the antenna (when deployed) with a brake or transmission fluid. Such fluid remains liquid at very low temperature. Try retract/deploy the antenna many times after lubrication, this may solve your problem. Good luck.
  • It will only cost you $100 for a new antenna...I had to replace mine on my old 626...luckfully I now have a 99 Millenia...which has the antenna mounted in the back window.
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