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Mazda Millenia



  • Well everyone, last week Mazda agreed to pick up 50% of the repairs, even though they didn't have too. I guess someone finally convinced the extended warranty to at least pay the other half. Got to say that Mazda of North America with help from the regional manager and service manager really came through for me. The new engine for my 96 Millenia should be deliveried early next week and we should get it back a few days later. Not sure if I'll ever buy an extended warranty again, but will concided a new Mazda vehical in the future.
  • Furypitcher,
    So how much are your out of pocket expenses going to be? Did I understand that Mazda and the warranty company is picking up 100%? Glad it worked out for you.
  • I recently bought a 95 Millenia with the 2.5 V6 engine. It has 105,000 miles. The first time I start it in the morning it blows white smoke for a few minutes and smells like it is burning oil. It does use a quart every 2,000 miles. When I changed the plugs, the middle plug on the back side had oil on the top of the plug, but no oil on the tip. All the plugs looked as if they were burning clean and evenly. I had it hooked up to an analyser and it showed all cylinders were within 1% of each other in compression and operating temperature. I have not done a compression test.

    I have a bulletin from Mitchell about a valve cover gasket problem that would explain the oil consumption and smell but not the white smoke. I have seen other messages in this forum about white smoke but they all seem to affect the supercharger. I suspect the valve seals are bad and need replacing.

    Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what was your solution? Has any one had the valve seals replaced and if so what was the cost? Has anyone had the valve cover gaskets replaced and if so, what was the cost? Are there any Mazda Techs that visit this forum?

    I suspect the cost of replacing either the valve cover gaskets or the valve seals would be high because of the location of the intake manifold. I guess my big question is would I be better off repairing the white smoke and oil consumption problem, or to drive the car for 25,000 more miles (an average year for me) and then sell it at a low price. I don't have a lot of money in the car but I do like the way it drives.

    Duncan Smith
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    try using axle grease/lube(thick greyish looking stuff) come in a tube. i put some on and it works great. you do not need alot
  • Duncan - if you read a few posts back, you will see the same questions I was asking on our 1995 2.5 L model. While we do not have the white smoke (yet), we do have the same problems. Here is what I found out last week that may help you:

    1) Valve seals need to be replaced FIRST - ours was done in our 60K - they are a pain, but need to be done for the sake of your engine's life. Our 60K ran us about $500 because we supplied many of the parts needed.

    2) The valve gaskets are a whole new ball game in itself. They are a pain to get to because of that manifold. I have been quoted prices from $380-$500! I can do My Miata (or 2 Miata's) for under $100 myself - it is almost all labor. The bottom of our engine is coated in oil. We have that burning oil smell right when we come off the highway or a run in the car because that oil on the engine just recirculates into the vents.

    You see, the 95 Millenia is the pits. It really is...I know so much about the development of this car and I am shocked it was even produced when it was. Based on my experiences and others that I have talked to, the car just falls apart after 60K or so. We have had the following replaced before 65K miles:

    1) New Radiator
    2) CV joints
    3) All O2 sensors bad (need to be replaced)
    4) Headliner is bad
    5) Oil sending unit replaced
    6) Interior gauge lights bad - new CPU installed
    7) H20 Pump went bad
    8) Radio replaced
    9) Center visor replaced (TWICE)
    10) Front bumper paint is flaking (noted on Mazda TSB)
    11) Valve Cover gaskets need to be replaced
    12) etc, etc, etc

    Anyway, if there is any more info I can share - let me know. We have about 94K on our 95 L.

  • I share your frustrations with the 95. I've been posting my adventures with my 95 S with 86k for almost a year now. I'll be dumping the car off at 95k there abouts for a PASSAT. I love the look of the Millenia but I'm tired of the repair costs. I've replaced everything except the kitchen sink on this car. Joy!
    LYONS4...are you still there. Sorry it took me so long to respond. ZMax is working well. I passed emissions, despite a supercharger leak, blow by oil causing white smoke on start up etc. $4000 to replace. Go for'll make the car last longer...I hope. More later.
  • I had my O2 sensors replaced, then a vacuum hose caused it, and if the gas cap is not tight, it will cause it too. check the lesser before spending $$$$.
  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    Thanks for Emeraldcity for responding to my question about Zmax.I've only used the product for the fuel so far.Once I get that oil charge I will use the oil product.A friend had mentioned that some of these products end up gumming up the engine.However,he is not familar with this product. thanks again
    Mazdanut.I purchased my 95L in Dec.1998 & that same night the alternator or its equivlent went out according to the dealer(It made me miss my christmas party that year.)The dealship fixed it & let me drive a maxima;which ididn't like that car.But since then I've had the following happen:
    2)some type of oil plug on front of engine-(I pd 4
    3)water pump(warranty pd for)
    4)timing belt (I paid for)
    5)transmission(warranty pd for)
    6)value cover(warranty pd for)
    I presently have 73k miles & this morning after letting my car warm up for about 15 minutes;I went out on the interstate & as soon as I floored it my rpms went to around 7k or 8k before it accelerated.We use to call the blowing a gear in the old days.Has anyone else ever experienced this? That's my story & I'm sticking to it.Have a nice day.:)
  • rmck46rmck46 Posts: 8
    TO Mazda_NUT

    2001 tail lites are close to 00 and earlier but lower corners toward liscense plate are angular on 2001 while 2000 and earlier are rounded.They are not interchangeable IMO
  • Guys - thanks for sharing the wealth of experience - I am checking into those vaccum lines as well as that gas cap. We had the Mazda run a scan and found out that 2 of the O2 sensors are bad - I believe there are 4 in the S model and 3 in the L. It really SUCKS having to pay over $100 for each freakin O2 sensor! At least they are easy to get to.

    We will be having those valve cover seals replaced very soon and I'll report later.

    What really scares me is that I have heard so much about those tranny's going out! Ours is still intact, but no longer under warranty - cross yer fingers!

    rmck46 - thanks for the info.

  • To all with the S. Each owner should have the ability to dispatch an engineer for the Miller Cycle engine and demand he/she come out and perform the tune up. I'm very mechanically inclined but I aint even gonna attempt to replace the back three plugs. They're half under the damn engine!!! I need a lift and special tools so screw it. I'm very displeased with this wackey, not user friendly design of an engine that should be 290hp in the first place! (to compete with the other cars in it's class). Thanks for listening all. I feel better. Oh, I still love my Millenia. It's a psycho love hate thing. How crazy is that? I know you all share my pain.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Sorry to here that many of you millenia owners are experiencing excessive engine and mechanical problems with your millenia. However, I would like to inquire about problems experienced with the 2000 millenia s. I currently have 16.7k on my millenia s; and it has been trouble free thus far.

    To date, I have had three oil changes and my tires rotated twice since I've taken delivery of the car. To reduce the cost of ownership, I will simply continue to service my millenia for an oil change every 5k and rotate my tires every 7k to 10k, and sell the car at 60k. It really breaks my heart to shell out $200 to $400 dollars to simply have the Mazda service technicians LOOK at my millenia for each of the preceeding 60k service intervals; when it should customarily be trouble free until 60k!? Even I am qualified to perform visual assessments myself, even though I am a layman when it comes to automotive repair/servicing.

    Subsequently the explanation for my unorthodox maintenance care methodology is because I prefer learning from the wise(you all)than from experience whenever the situation to conducive/cost-effective in doing so.
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    I guess i need to knock on wood on my 95 S - 90K(yep real wood too- sorry 97 and above owners)! I love the car, but it is not cheap to repair - i would have to say though on par with repair costs with other near-luxury cars. I think some people are not use to paying these higher repair bills for "mazda" product even though you would expect to pay these higher prices with and acura/lexus/infinity product.

    so far as noted in previous posts really normal wear/tear costs. just had upper/lower radiator hoses and flush/fill $200. valve cover gaskets $500 and wheel bearings both front total $500. the wheel bearings did nerve me a bit - that should not have to be replaced yet. i think mazda/ford mill/626 have rpoblems with wheel hub rusting on as well.
  • With all the posts on how troublesome the Millennia, especially the I, can be, I suppose I add my experience to the "data base." I have a 95 Millennia I with 63000 miles on it. During that time I have only had to do routine maintenance on it (oil changes, etc). I have spent ZERO on repairs. The car is in mint condition and everything works as if new. I get 21-22 city, 27-28 highway (70-75) gas mileage. So, I guess its possible to have one that is trouble free.... at least so far. I have put off the 60k service because of the absurd $1200 bill, but will have to do it soon. I am very nervous about the next 60k miles, but I don't want to get rid of it because I love it! Good luck.
  • Wow, I'll never use the spell checker again. It changed my message quite a bit, including my S to an l. Everything I tried to say in the previous meassage was about my 95 Millenia S.
  • Do not let them jerk you around about the timing
    belt and the other two belts. California and Massachesetts cars must warrenty the belts for 105,000 miles, Same belts as on your Millenia S
    Mine have been on for 117,000 miles. Will replace them myself ASAP.
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    ***** Can someone please help me out with the Check Engine Light problem that I'm having with my 95 S model; The problem code is P0170 (Fuel trim malfuction Bank 1), and also Code: P0173 (Fuel trim malfunction Bank 2). Does anyone know what exactly do these problems mean? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! *****
  • To the last response about changing the OEM Dunlops for '99 S (17"), that advice helps out, but I don't want to change the size, just the brand. Although we now have about 30k miles on the original set, I want to switch to something reasonably priced with a longer treadlife. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • I'm guessing the boost is about 6psi. Does anyone know what it actually is?? I'm thinking about installing a water injection kit to raise the octane 4-5 points and cool the intake air charge more. Kit will pay for itself in the long run.

  • stragfstragf Posts: 15
    I have an opportunity to purchase a 1998 S. I've been looking at reviews, and I think it's likely a good car. How have you 1998 owners enjoyed yours? The car has 20000 Km, or 14000 miles. I can buy it for $25000 Canadian, which is equivalent to about $17000 US. It has full load on it, with pearl coat paint. It is owned by a 57 year old women, and the car doesn't have a mark on it. What say you all???

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