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Mazda Millenia



  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    Are you looking for a warranty company for your current '95 S or for the '99 or '00 you are thinking about buying?

    If you are looking for an extended warranty on the '99 or '00, your best bet is to find one of those cars at a Mazda dealer's used lot that has been certified by Mazda. If it has been certified, you will get the remainder of the factory warranty (36mos/50k) plus an additional 12mos/12k on top of that. Also, I believe you can purchase additional Mazda coverage. See and click on Pre-Owned and then Mazda Certified Warranty. It gives a list of everything that's covered which is just about everything. It even states specifically "Lysholm Compressor" so you know for sure that that's covered.

  • Sounds like a CV joint indeed, and since there are two of them on each drive axle, it's entirely possible that it's bad only on one side. Once it starts making noise, it's ready for replacement. My local Mazda store routinely sends these out for rebuilding to a CV specialist, who normally has them back in half a day - it's cheaper than buying a new one.
  • Ngrecxt...I can't remember if you read my post or not but I had the same diagnosis as you. I have a 95S 89K, Cost for a new Supercharger is $ 3996.91 + Plugs +labor + HUGE STRESS. Good luck.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    This comment is kinda off the subject, however someone referenced to it ealier; but the 2001.5 Passat GLX V6 is HOT inside and out. All VW needs to do now is offer a more competive warranty similar to Mazda's!

    Anyhow, has anyone added a powered subwoofer to thier factory Bose Stereo? If yes, did doing so produce any negative sound quality effects?
  • cepheuuscepheuus Posts: 6
    Just found a 2000 Millenium Edition Millenia for about 23000 including tax & title. I did read about the 2000 Millenia here, but I've got mixed reports/road tests...ranging from OK to not so great. I still have to find a good report about the car, though most of the posts here have been favorable. And this has got me thinking again. Basically is it a good car for the price??? I have also been looking at the 2001 Nissan Maxima and the 2000 Lincoln LS. Any comments/comparisons/help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks.
  • cepheuuscepheuus Posts: 6
    Oops, forgot to mention that the Millenia has about 9800 miles on it. It's at the end of a company lease, pre-owned by a Ford/Mazda employee, in case you're wondering where I landed it!!!
  • mecca1mecca1 Posts: 1
    I have just found a 98 Millenia (approx 22k miles)for about $15000, is this a good deal and should I be buying this car?...F.Y.I. my old car is a 929 which I love dearly but gives me way too much headaches. So I am somewhat looking for assurances that I am not making a big mistake
  • rotarykidrotarykid Posts: 191
    Aside from the millenium edition badges which I personally find tacky, that model is a great car and they can be had rather cheap right now. The millenium edition didnt sell very well and many of them were put on the road with manufacturer plates as a result. We have had atleast 3 returned to us by company employees, and they each sold for less than 23k (had from 3k-7k on the clock). A friend of mine had just purchased a new car just before we got them in or else he would have snatched one up. The color silver and those 17" rims are quite nice looking.
  • ecafecaf Posts: 44
    Apart from the special badging, perhaps the most controversial feature of the ME is the Alcantara upholstery. This is because leather appeals to *most* folks who shop for these type of cars. If this is the case for you, get the S rather than the ME. In my opinion, Mazda should have used brushed aluminum trim rather than wood if they wanted to go for a cool, sporty interior. It complements that suede-y stuff on the seats a lot better. Heck, they should have bumped the engine's displacement to 3.3 liters and horsepower to 270 while they were at it!

  • mill700mill700 Posts: 7
    I replaced mine in Feb. I did the installation myself. The new shafts cost ~$90 each. The remanufactured ones are fine. They came from Canada. I bought them from Mr. Auto Parts.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    A 2000 with 9800 miles, at that price; I would simply negotiate a lower price and snag the car. I am trusting it is still in new condition. No dents, and excessive interior wear. You shouldn't have any problems with a 2000 Millenia S/ME.....

    Great car, its 210hp Supercharged engine performs excellent in traffic conditions and is unbelievably and effortlessly fast at highway speeds; as a result of it utilizing a centrifugal supercharger

    Interior build and quality is of excellent quality as well, it doesn't have that cheap plastic feel to it like the TL's and the like.

    The biggest draw back to owning a Millenia S/ME is future high performance engine maintanence Ah, the same problem goes with any other supercharged or turboed car; that's the price you gotta pay for a performance oriented vehicle..

  • natevnatev Posts: 10
    I'm about to purchase a 2000 Millenia S Millenium condition (4900 miles)...full manufacturers warranty from the day I buy it. Lowest I could get from a dealer/friend is $22,000.....Any suggestions or thoughts??? I've been tol by other salesman at other dealers to jump on this deal...
  • ahlusahlus Posts: 8
    I just bought a '99 two months ago and I did a lot of looking before I purchased. The price is very good provided the car has all of the bells and whistles and it is in excellent condition. If the car is still under factory warranted you can get an extended warranted from 1st Source for up to ten years and it will be a policy you can afford. I have not gotten it yet put I plan on getting next year. I have found that the price that Edmund’I quotes is a little low and hard to get. I love the car but it does have the harvest seat I have ever seen. It makes it very hard for long trips. The horsepower is OK not great but I am afraid of the supercharger on the “I” version. The interior is good but not up to the Aura AL standards. The one reason I got this car was because the deprecation is so high. It allows you to leverage your money on a very good car that is a year or two old. If you look at the Aura AL or the Toyota Avalon the price is much higher on those cars. So here is your chance to get a $30,000+ car for $15,000. Looks good on paper only time will tell of the deal was good and you will need to hold it a long time because of the deprecation. By the way you can get a 2000 model for $20,000 now (new).
  • ahlusahlus Posts: 8
    The price sounds good to me. I found two and they were asking $23000 for the same thing you are looking at.
    I posted a message on the maintenance site as well. Issue I'm having is under normal driving conditions, TCS engages and boggs down engine. Pulling over and shutting down ignition and re-starting fixes it, until it happens again, which can be same day or several days later. We have replaced sensors and axel and tested new computer, and wiring harness checks out ok. Any thoughts? Diagnostics one time showed electrical but nobody can resolve.
  • ae86ae86 Posts: 6
    hi every1, i have the 2000 millenia S and i'm planning to put an aftermarket airfilter in. however, today i opened up my airbox, i found out that all the sensors are connected to the top cover. here's my Q: has anyone put a airfilter in their millenia S? if so, do i need to keep the top cover once i install the filter. thx =)
  • ae86ae86 Posts: 6
    um.....about that airfilter issue again, what is the plug that is located in the right side of the air box? also i tried to put a K&N cone filter in but it won't fit....
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    AE86 - I had put an direct replacement K&N air filter on my 95S, and everything seems fine!
  • rzawarskirzawarski Posts: 47
    The lysholm compressor is available for $2444.13
    from Mazda South in Austin Texas.
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