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Mazda Millenia



  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122

    The '98 GS300's are priced at or slightly under $30k, if in good condition; if you didn't already do the pricings on the pre-owned GS's.

    I can't wait until the VW-W8 hits US shores, this car would definatley be worth test-driving! To bad for all the people who went off and purchased the 2001.5 Passats GLX's..........
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    BTW, I know you drive 2000 Millenia S . . . so it was better than a used GS300? :-) same here.

    Tomek K
  • abowen568abowen568 Posts: 3
    Hi again,

    I forgot to mention in my previous post that my 98 Millenia came with the Bose stereo upgrade. I'm only seeing five speakers with no amp or subwoofer. Does anybody know what the Bose upgrade is supposed to have? Thanks.

    csuftitans - thanks for the info on the windshield.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    abowen568, I am not 100% that my answer is correct in respects to a '98 Millenia, but the Bose stereo ('99/00') should basically consist of following: In-dash(1,6mag) CD/Cassette, 1 Center Dash Speaker, 2 Rear-Deck 6x9, two 6.5 front door speakers.

    Since we are on this topic, how does the '01 Millenia Bose stereo sound in comparison to the '00?
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    The Bose stereo system in the Millenia, 626, and Miata were all specially designed by Bose to give maximum sound out of the smallest space. Bose was given one of each car so they could study the way sound travels in the interior and design speakers that would benefit the vehicle most. I have found the pre-2001 Millenia Bose system to put out good quality sound with sharp bass, but it seems to lack in the loudness department. The Miata Bose system has extreme loudness and good clarity, but it's a bit boomy. The 626 Bose system doesn't sound any better, nor go any louder, than the base sound system...
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    When I replace my 2000 Millenia's sound system, the installer had to take out the BOSE amplifier. I don't know if this amplifier is only for Millenia with BOSE audio system or for all Millenia. I always thought that all Millenia comes with the BOSE audio system no matter what. For sure the BOSE system doesn't come with subs; 5 speakers, that's it.
    When I test drove the 2001 Millenia, I played around a bit with the 9-speaker BOSE sound system. I have to say that this one sounds a lot better and cleaner than the one in our Pre-2001 Millenia. First, they took out the center speaker and replace it with two tweeters on each side; which helps a lot with the highs. Then they also add a sub on the back (I didn't see it, but I heard it's an 8" subs) for the lows. Overall, it's a step above the Pre-2001 Millenia's BOSE system, but that's just my opinion.
    BTW, the best BOSE sound system for any Mazda before the new Millenia comes out belongs to the RX-7's BOSE system. It only got 5 speakers, two on the front door, one on the center dashboard and two small 6" subs in the trunk. I can turned the volume knob almost to the top and it still produces nice un-distorted sound. The bass is pretty deep for a sub that small and the center speakers helps to bring the sound up to you ear level, unlike our Pre-2001 Millenia's center speaker which I think isn't helping much.
    I have to say that the BOSE in '95-'00 Millenia is comparable to the BOSE in '93-'97 Mazda 626, which has 6 speakers instead of 5 in the Millenia. To this day, I still wonder why Mazda didn't put more speaker on it's top of the line vehicle; which is a neccessity anyway for a car in this class. Oh well, I still Love my Millenia anyway.

  • emoneyemoney Posts: 1
    I was at a car show a few months ago and came across the Millenia and couldn't stop going back to it. I recently took it for a test drive and I'm going to buy.
    Has anyone recently leased the Base Millenia? If so, do you mind sharing the price you paid for a 36 month and a 48 month lease? I'm just about to start doing my shopping and this could be a real time-saver.

    Many thanks.
  • abowen568abowen568 Posts: 3
    Thanks all for the answers to my questions re: the Bose stereo. Now I'm thinking about adding the moonroof air deflector. I've had these before and I think they work really well. I'm just concerned about spoiling the looks of the car. Any thoughts? Any pictures on the Internet?

    Alan in NJ
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    i saw one the other day in the showroom. i saw 7 speakers( 2 front doors, 2 in a pillars, 3 on rear deck) where are the other 2? anyone bought a 2001 s? what the you paying for it? i know i s/b able to bargain for it later this year. it is down to the 2001 mill s or the 2002 acura tl-s. i know i can get a better deal with the millenia s.
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    I was recently upsold on a Millenia S 1998 when out looking for a 626 ES. I really like the test drive and was wondering as to what the opinion out there is in terms of price and performance. The dealers asking price is 16,000...I'm planning to lowball 12,000. The mileage level indicated is 45,937. I'll also be looking at the 626LX/ES V6 as alternatives. Any thoughts out there ? I hear that Ford would be terminating production of this vehicle in a couple of years. As I have my first visit in the next hour and a half, would appreciate some quick advice.

    Thanks S
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Mantag, you're right, there are 7 speakers - just went to the garage and looked... I have 2001 Millenia S (437 miles so far, a week and a half old).
    The Bose system sounds great, but is not AS loud as I expected it to be (on the other hand, I am a bit of sound freak and I am used to a nice set of big Klipsch speakers in my family room). A good thing about it is that you can crank it ALL the way up and there is no distortion. It sounds 100% clean.
    In one review of the new Acura (Integra replacement) they commented that the Bose system doesn't play very loudly...

    I've paid $26K for my Millenia S (stickered at 32.5) in MA, with 6CD changer and all season package.
    Now I am waiting for wind deflector for the moonroof.

    I test drove Acura TL-S (among other things) and found the Millenia to be much more bang for the buck. I liked the interior better - TL-s has some cheapo Civic switchgear that looks soooo out of place. Drivetrain / power / specs are all wonderful on paper, but somehow the TL-S just wasn't my cup of tea (nor was the Infinity I30). Once I test drove Millenia S I knew it is just right for me - especially for the money.
    Hope this helps.
    Tomek K
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    The Bose head unit automatically adjusts the frequency levels to eliminate distortion as the volume is changed. It doesn't get extremely loud, but the quality is good.

    The Millenia will see one more year of production before being discontinued for the 2003 model year. You can read my reasons for this about 15 posts up. Another reason it will be discontinued is that it is too expensive to have a car on an exclusive platform, like the Millenia. The RX-8's platform will be shared with the 2004 Miata and possibly the upcoming Jaguar roadster. The new replacement for the 626 will sit on the Ford Mondeo platform which also provides a basis for the new Jaguar X-Type and the current Mercury Cougar.
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    I checked out the 98 Millenia. Loved the looks and the ride. The mileage @ 46K was however a deterrant, but I'm sure that his sticker (Ford dealer) of 16,000 could have been bought down considerably. I'm also looking at a 1996 S @ $12,000 with approx. 34K miles. A couple of questions ?

    How does the 96 compare to the 98 in terms of looks( I've yet to see the 96) and performance.

    A friend (I'm a car novice) indicated that the Miller Cycle engine does not have a long life compared to a regular V6 from say a 170HP, 626 ES .

    Would appreciate some thoughts on these.

  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    nzigma, exterior wise, there's no difference between the '96 and '98 millenia; other than a slightly different rims. Interior is another matter. Depending on inteior color, if you are looking at the tan interior color, the difference is big. The '95 and '96 models have a black dashboard no matter what leather color it has, while the '97 and '98 models have tan colored dashboard with tan leather and black dash for grey leather. The stereo's head usni is also different. I believe the '96 only have cassette tape as standard but the '98 have both in-dash cd and tape as standard.
    Performance should be about the same; it's the same engine on a same car.
    I personally like cars with newer year models, so I would prefer the '98 even though it has more milage. The '96 definitely has a very low milage for a '96 car, make sure you check or something like that to make sure that the milage is original.
    Good Luck
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    Thanks Andy.Appreciate your response and guidance.
  • milleniaman1milleniaman1 Posts: 110
    I have on my website the differences between all of the different model years of the Millenia
  • mllmll Posts: 5
    I recently had a quote of approximately 24K on a new 2001 S fom a local dealer. I would appreciate if anyone knows the residual valve, money factor, and rebates and incentives available. Have an appointment at the dealer on 7/18.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    That sounds VERY good if you're buying. Check how long the car has been on the lot / is it a demo etc. I've paid $26K for 2001 Millenia S that stickered at 32.5 (all weather, 6CD changer, did not lease).
  • rzawarskirzawarski Posts: 47
    Apparently many on this list are not interested in what I consider to be the most important change in the 2001 Millenia, the change to one inch larger front discs and considerably shorter stopping distances for the 2001.
  • sbertrandsbertrand Posts: 3
    Does anyone know what the base millenia's are selling for in Louisiana; I saw an ad in the local paper for $21,995.00. Is this possible or is it just a tactic or could you possibly get the base model under the $21,995.00?
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