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Mazda Millenia



  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    You press the switch, juice goes to the seat. heater wire in the cushion gets warm, you feel it in your butt. Any questions?

    If it doesn't do it, I'd check for continuity in the cushion coil. there is a small white connector that goes into the seat trim. check for continuity between the white and black wire. If it there is little or no resistance, the heater is fine and you need to look for a bad switch or relay. If the resistance is infinite, the coil is burnt and you have to replace the seat trim at a hefty price.

    Let us know what you find.

  • fwatson

    The price you reported for a 2001 Millenia P of $21680 sounds pretty good. I live north of Tampa.
    Did that include delivery? Who was the dealer and can you tell which sales person yu dealt with and how that went?

    Any info will be appreciated.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    on N. DaleMabry. Out the door total was $23779, including tax, tag and everything else. The $21680, is $21830 minus $150 in free gasoline. Salesman was Ed Pushard. Excellent buying experience. I just told him I wanted rock bottom "out the door" price. He went to the manager who came back with that price. I bought it on the spot, cash, no trade-in.

    After a lousy two weekends of arguing with other sales people, at other dealers for Nissan and Toyota in Orlando, I was shocked at the friendly service I got at Courtesy.

    The car is Platinum Silver, and appears to be flawless. I have thoroughly inspected it, and now have the requested 600 break-in miles on it. So far uneventful, the car has performed perfectly. As I have said on this or other forums, this has to be the best kept auto secret on earth, especially at the price of a stripper '02 Camry, and $2000 less than an '01 Maxima GLE.

    Tell Ed that Frank Watson sent you. He said if I referred someone and they bought, they would send me $50. Thanks for that if you do. Happy car hunting.
  • csuftitans, commented by stating that the Millenia S was not very quick off the line. Csuftitans, I have found a "discovered" a method of maximizing the S models standstill acceleration, which I know for fact works; I have conducted several standstill runs against manual transmission vehicle of lesser weight, equivalent power and even vehicles with more ponies..... than the Millenia S.

    Here is a short list of vehicles so you have a clearer picture: Ford Probe GT (5spd) Lexus ES300, Maxima SE, BMW 330, Audi A4 (5spd) the list goes on.

    My method will/should increase standstill performance for any stock Millenia S; but for the record I own a 2000 with 30,000 miles on it.

    Now here's what I do, if you already haven't been doin so:

    (1). Downshift to L-1 or L-2, the engage the "HOLD" button. Most importantly disengage the TCS!

    (2). When the light turn greens "slam on the accelerater - floor it" then upshift to the next gear when your tach reads 5500 or 5800 RPMs

    (3). Now this is the critical stage.... the moment you upshifted, the tach should reset to approximatley 2800 RPMs - continue to accelerate during this entire process. Now when the tach reads between 4000 - 4500 RPMs disengage the "HOLD" button - do so while accelerating! This will cause the supercharger to unleash a rush of high end power.

    *NOTE - during this manumatic shifting process you should never remove your foot from the gas pedal! Alway provide full throttle during this entire process.

    Please note that these are the shift points that I like to use, I advise experimenting with this method a few times to determine which shift points are more effective for your situational needs.

    The biggest draw back about the Millenia S, is that its power peaks at a low 6000 RPM, so there is never really a chance to ride out the engine's natural power curve. The Millenia S, redline should be no less than 8000 RPM in my opinion.

  • Drive a Millenia around for three weeks while your Protege is being repaired and then start driving the Protege again! What I once thought was a pretty substantial little car now seems pretty paltry. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the Protege, but boy the doors feel light when you open them and the road noise is almost unbearable compared to my new Millenia. On the plus side, having a fairly responsive five speed again is a lot of fun!

    Still nothing but good things to say about the Millenia. The "P" seems fine for most normal driving. It can be a little slow going up hills from a stop, but that can be said for many cars. Normal stop and go acceleration is fine. I haven't had the opportunity to do highway passing yet, which is the other place I would probably enjoy more power, but I usually stick to interstates anyway where there is two lanes or more each way!
  • Greetings!

    I have a 97 S, which I've owned for around 7 months. I've enjoyed reading the posts here.

    I have the tilt-wheel set in "auto" mode which is great, but over the last few days has started to move slowly with a "tired" sound after the car sat overnight or for the afternoon. The first time it did this it was a little colder outside, but it's exhibiting this even when the weather turned hot again.

    Yesterday, I put the key in and started the car, but the wheel did not return to the preset position, and would not respond manually. After a few minutes it did respond manually. This seems to come and go now. When this happens, it makes the usual initial relay "click", but then won't move. There are no "tired" sounds in this case, just "click" but no movement.

    Anyone experienced something similar?

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Nothing like what you describe, but my S is 2001... sounds like a visit to the dealer.
    I hope you have some type of extended warranty, this could be expensive.
  • Looking for suggestions on what and where
    to purchase for my 1998 S that has the
    factory Michelins on it.


  • mllmll Posts: 5
    I recommend those in Broward County Florida visit the fleet manager Matt at Fairbanks Mazda.
    A pleasure to talk to, great deals to purchase
    under 23K. Lease deals however are terrible.
    Tell him you read this post from the heart guy who knows his financing.
  • check out either dunlop sp 5000 or yokohama as540. both are excellent all season/high performance. you may be only able to get the yoko's at sears. both are reasonable priced compared to michelin's i have both and they are great.
  • My 96 L has been a great machine. No problems at 63.5 K. However, the remote trunk release on the driver's door has failed. The gas cap release works fine and the trunk opens from the button on the remote. Fuses are good and continuity seems to be OK. Any ideas?
  • Check your valet lock in the glove may have accidently bumped something into it.
  • Not sure if any of ya'll knew or not...but they have added one more option for the 2002 Millenias. Now for $150 you can get an auto-dimming rearview mirror w/compass. Not sure if this can be added to 2001 & before Millenias...I'll probably just wait and get a 2002.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Is this forum dead?
  • I'm in the market for a luxury sedan and came across the Millinia S. The current deal on the 2001 S is $6K off the MSRP price! Sounds good to me. The local dealer is quoting $26900 for a FULLY loaded S (chrome alloy tires, winter pkg, 6 disc changer, deflector) ie. MSRP - 6K = $26.9. I have two questions - why the Millinia selling so much lower than Invoice and more importantly, what price should I go back to him with? Anyone with recent purchanses? Please reply asap!
  • I would say that 6K off MSRP is always a good chunk of discount but consider the competition... Acura TL and Infiniti I30 or I35. I think that the TL's MSRP is actually lower (if you don't mind not getting chrome wheels) and I'm sure you could get a deal around 28K. If you could find an I30, you could probably get it for around 27K since the new I35 came out for '02. I don't know what the others in here would say, but I believe that the TL and the I30/I35 are superior in performance, quality, and reliability than the Millenia.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I bought a 2001 P with a sticker of $29600 for $21680 (includes $150 free gasoline) three weeks ago. That sticker included their $945 wax job ad on. Never pay for that. The car itself stickered at just under $28600 including shipping. Invoice was about $25900. As you can see, I paid about $4000 under dealer invoice.

    The only reason I can see for Millenias not selling as well as Maxima's and others in the $30000 range is the smaller engine. But I now have 800 troublefree miles on it to break it in before taking it on a long interstate trip, and there is no lack of power for normal, or even somewhat spirited driving. The S model is far more powerful, but has a supercharged engine. Both models have impecable frequency of repair records by both Consumer Reports and Carpoint. CR rates by owner questionaires, and Carpoint does it by reports from automobile mechanics. The car is as flawless as one can possibly be, and to this point my milage has averaged about 24 mpg.

    For the price I paid for this near luxury cruiser, I would have had to settle for a basic stripper of any other brand.

    The interior is smaller than a Max or Camry, but feels very open and airy. Try one, I think you'll like it.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I've had my 2001 S for 3 months now (3.8K miles) - so far, exactly 0 problems. Of course, time will tell...
    I've paid $26K for it (sticker was 32.5) - they deal was better on the P model, but I did want the extra power. I'd say get an S - after the engine brakes in a little the power really flows!
    I enjoy this car more and more every day.

    I've tested the Acura TL and was tempted by it, but...
    - I didn't like the base TL's seats (you are perched on the top of them, they aren't really proper buckets)
    - everybody drives one :-)
    - didn't like the looks, the dashboard and CHEAP interior bits and pieces straight from the previous generation Civic
    - they would not discount it AT ALL (tried 3 dealerships in MA)

    In the end, TL type S was well over 8K more expensive for me to buy than Millenia S (given my 95 Passat GLX trade-in etc.)

    I also tested a Maxima - and didn't like the steering nor the NOISE (I was relly surprised by how loud it was).
    I've considered another Passat - but the combination of options, price, waiting for 2002 models (with better warranty) didn't appeal to me. And now everybody drives one... :-)

    So, in the end I got the Millenia S - and so far, I'm glad I did.

  • Folks, thanks for the information so far. More the better. Here's the latest from my end. After reading a few message on this forum, it appears the chrome wheel are all look and no other real benefit. So the other car without chrome wheels msrps at 32,305. invoice at 25809. the dealer is asking for 26200. ofcourse, this includes the $6k off promotion going on. Apparently that changes this weekend. I don't know if it will go up or down? any ideas? also, shouldn't i be able to get this dealer to go below 26200? From some messages posted by folk in Florida, it appears they bought theirs for around 25K. I'm shooting for that price....thanks again.
  • smwls8smwls8 Posts: 103
    Have a co-worker who is interested in the Millenia. I know there is special rate on Protege's.
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