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Mazda Millenia



  • I'm not sure exactly how far I went...but I'm pretty sure it was less than 50 miles.
  • I had some problems with mine. I have a topic in the archived Repair and Maintenance area labled "99 Millenia S Fuel gauge problem". The tire topic was discussed there also. Even though I initially stated I hated the Dunlop 4000s, I ended up getting another set. I wanted to get the same size, and not spend a ton of money. Any tire I thought was better than the Dunlop was over $200. I read alot of the comments on tires on the Tirerack website. The new set of tires actually seem better than the first, no pulling and quiet. Never saw a bubble on my old ones, and I drove then hard. I only got 20K miles on them.

    Now I have some major squeeking comming from the left rear suspension. Probably a bad shock (or strut).

    Overall, still happy with the car for the price I paid. Just wish the tranny shifted faster and when I want it to.

  • kngmke1kngmke1 Posts: 14
    I asked a the Dealer about this. Their response was to replace top bushing & it correct the problem. They had certainly seen this before
  • I have the 2000 Millenium Edition and (of course) the Dunlop SP 4000's....I have only 12,000 miles on them but was wondering on average how many most have gotten out of them?? post just said 20k??....I was hoping for more like 30k??....also anyone recently throw on a K&N cone air filter to the Miller Cycle?....If so how did it perform??....
  • Our 2000 Millenia S still using its original tires at 33800miles now. I'm planning to change the tire size to 225/50/17 so I get a wider and a bit tiny taller than the stock 215/50/17. The only thing that bugs me is that only three different tires came up when I do a search on;
    a Michelin Pilot Sport A/S which cost $206 each, Bridgestone Potenza RE92 $154/ea and Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 $183/ea. Does anyone has any experience with any of these tires?. I was hoping that the Dunlop SP5000 would have this size, since this is what the 2001 Millenia has.

    Also, is it true that Millenia S supposed to only use Platinum Spark Plugs?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The S comes standard with REAL platinum plugs (not Bosch cheapies). If Mazda didn't spare the expense, neither should you. I wouldn't use anything but NGK or ND platinum plugs in your S.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    What's the difference between "REAL platinum plugs" and "Bosch cheapies"?
  • Hey Fawtsom and Tommek-My search continues for the Millenia replacement.I have visited dealers all over, Connecticut and New York just to get a good lease deal.The numbers I have gotten so far from Lexus and Audi is a little more than I was budgeting for,but I am going to keep on trying for a good deal,we know these dealers end up with the long end of the stick anyway.If I keep getting the numbers I am getting I think I am going to step back down to the entry class level and opt for the 3.2 TL or the I35.This ordeal is very very frustrating,I am talking about price/monthly payment they tell you one thing and then when you go in they add on so many miscellaneous charges it balloons to a whole different ballpark.
    In any event you guys will know the outcome.

    PS-I have an extra wheel with a small chip on the outter lip,got on delivery with the Millenia back in late 1998.I think someone at the dealership left it in the trunk and forgot to take it out.
    Its the same 16" wheel that fits the 1999-2000 P model.Anyone intrested please let me know.You can have a full size spare,just buy the desired tire.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The electrode diameter on the cheapies is a fine wire. Stop by your local parts store and have a look at the two.

    Bosch does make some REAL platinum for certain OE applications, but they are more expensive than the Japanese makes.
  • I've seen on this board that there was a $4000 rebate which was confirmed by local dealers but I also read somewhere that there was an additional $2000 dealer cash from the factory which would explain the low price on Can anyone verify that this is true?
    Also has anyone tried to put luggage in a Millenia trunk...just from looking at it it seems that fitting in luggage would be a problem. I know its 13 cubic feet but what are you supposed to put in there??? Marshmallows??? Please let me know your I pick up visitors from the airport several times a year.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Incentives change, and when I bought, there were two of them in effect on '01 Millenias. One was a $4000 factory to dealer incentive. The other a $1500 customer cash back. Both were applied to my purchase, as well as the dealer making additional concessions.

    I found information on rebates and incentives online, but can't remember all the locations.
    You need to enter your zip code in them to get information that applies to you. Good luck with that, as it takes a fair amount of searching.

    Also, you can't get both the rebates, and zero interest, so you will have to know which way you want to go. My dealer was honest upfront, and I did not have to pry information out of him. Other dealers had acted like I was trying to steal from them, or cheat them by demanding all the incentives.

    My wife and I took a two week vacation with our new "P", and took our 37 pound dog with us. She (the dog) got all the back seat, except for about 10 items of clothing on clotheshangers on a bar across the back seat. They took about 1 1/2 feet of the right side of the seat. The trunk accomodated all our needs for the trip, but maybe you have kids or just need to take more with you. All in all, it carried all we had previously carried in a '95 Olds 88, which has about 2 additional cubic feet. I just had to arrange it slightly differently. The trunk is very well shaped, and easy to pack. Just look out for the trunk lid hinges, as they lower into the trunk. The Olds hinges do the same thing, so I was used to that. Of course it depends on your luggage as compared to ours. I really have no idea how much luggage your airport visitors bring, so you are on your own there.

    It is a wonderful car, but if you need a UHaul truck, it certainly won't work for you.
  • I know dealerships is SoCal area are offering $6000 off MSRP for all Millenias with the 1.9%APr up to 3 years and 4.9%APR up to 6 years.

    As for Millenia's trunk, my Mom always carries the biggest luggage you can find anywhere and it fits fine in my Millenia. I was able to fit two medium size ones in the trunk too, so trunk space is never a problem for me.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    the trunk is very long and fairly shallow - but somehow it 'takes' luggage very well. My Passat statio wagon was just the other way around - very short and tall luggage space, so you had to pack vertically... But if your main concer is comfort with 4 people and 5 suitcases, get Chrysler LHS :-) or BMW 740iL :-))))
    I bought Millenia as a personal car - for the family, trips to the airport etc. we have long wheelbase Chevy Venture (not so mini) van.

    When it comes to rebates, I got 6.5K off of sticker in June. I don't know what they are now, but it is kind of hard to get each and every one of them. I felt I got good enough of a deal, and so far I'm very happy with the car although I would prefer a stickshift . . . it would be fantastic with this engine.
    Good luck -

  • The Millenia's truck can fit all kinds of just have to be creative. This past May, when I was moving out of my dorm room, I didn't want to put much inside the car, because I was afraid to mess up the leather. I fit everything from my dorm room in the Millenia's trunk, except for my refrigerator and linens. I had the trunk filled to full capacity.

    The dealer has had my new 2001 Millenia S since Tuesday :( and I won't get it back till this coming Tuesday. They spoiled me with 5 days of my new car...then stuck me in a 2001 Protege. What was only suppose to take one day turned into a whole week....switch out chrome wheels to regular, remove pinstripe, add cargo net, fix paint chip on hood, fix ding on rear passenger side door, and THE BIG ITEM that cause this long wait...fix large holes from the license plate holder on front bumper. When they put the plate on the front (WHICH I DID NOT WANT!!!) they did not predrill the holes...leaving a big mess. Now the car is in the body shop. I miss my supercharger!!
  • janeokjaneok Posts: 4
    Hello. Four weeks ago I purchased a used 98 MIllenia L w/ 28000 miles. Love the looks and feel of this car!
    Two weeks ago check engine light came on, stayed on for a few startups, went off and stayed off for two weeks. This past weekend, light came on again, so I took car into dealership this morning to check it out. I was told that only code that came up was something to do with fuel evaporation; their translation: "make sure fuel cap is tightened well after filling with gas". Well, I already know about this and am always very careful to hear it click several times. I left skeptical about their explanation. Sure enough, check engine light is back on a few hours later. I know very little about cars! Could it be as simple as needing a new fuel cap? What are other possibilities if it's not O2 sensors, which they say all checked out fine??? thanks!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It very well could be a bad gas cap. Here in CA, all smog test stations have equipment to test gas caps. If yours don't, you may try a new cap or "borrow" the neighbors. Ok, maybe not the second choice. If it's not that, it could be a loose or cracked vent hose which is more difficult to find/replace.

    It looks like your biggest problem however, will be getting the dealer to believe that you turn the cap until it clicks.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    janeok, my 2001 Millenia S has the gas cap attached to the car . . . if yours is not, you probably have an aftermarket cap that doesn't fit well. If this is the case, get an original one from the dealer.
    Just my $0.02...
  • janeokjaneok Posts: 4
    thanks for the suggestions. I don't believe that the gas caps were ever attached in the 98 model, which is what I own. It appears to be the original. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

    There are no emissions inspections in the state where I live, in the south. I intend to take it in to the dealership again and suggest trying a new gas cap. You're right, maltb, convincing them that I am indeed tightening the cap sufficiently may be my first hurdle. I just hope this does not turn out to be one of those nagging recurring mysterious problems with my car. BTW, what's a vent hose? Sorry if that's a dumb question.
  • After over a week...I finally got my Millenia back from the dealer. They had spent all that time fixing a paint chip on the hood...which caused the entire hood to have to be repainted...$800(not out of my pocket though). They didn't even touch the holes on my bumper...I have to bring it back on tuesday for that...they will most likely have to switch out my bumper. This has turned into a nightmare. I'll probably be without my car for another week while they fix the bumper...hopefully this time I'll get something nicer than the Protege they stuck me in last week.
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