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Mazda Millenia



  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Nobody takes anything personally, we're having very civilised discusion... it's a free country, you buy whatever car you like (and can afford :-) )

    Now, when it comes to impressing folks - I believe that brands like Acura and Lexus have been INVENTED to impress. Mazda Millenia is just the opposite, it's a "impression sleeper". Honestly speaking, I could've afforded TL-S, or Lexus GS300 (well, this would be stretching a little), but one of the factors in favor of Millenia was that it is more humble brand (and I don't like to spend money). Much less to get keyed in the parking lot - what happened already twice in 10 months to my buddy's Mercedes E430.

    Enjoy your TL! Your choice - I'm sure - was right for you, just like mine was right for me.

    BTW, C&D is pretty good publication. Good job!

  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    Has anyone had any problems with there fog light.That means a new millenia or an older model.If you have please let me know what you did to resolve it.I'd appreciate any help in this area.
  • First off, this sure is a friendly discussion group, so I'll risk going off topic here a bit.

    I need some suggestions on a car for my dad. I took my dad to John Eagle Acura in Houston to look at some TL and CL but he wants a full size car and started gazing at a 2002 RL. Well the salesman worked his magic and we got to test drive the RL. The first problem was a loud exhaust note, I was in the back seat. My 2nd complaint, is when my dad floored it, it was a demo car, the shifts weren't as smooth as I'd expect a Flagship car would be. I've been digging like a mad man through my piles of C&D magazines for an issue on the RL but I just cant find it.... yet.

    Jdigeorgio, what is your opionion on the 2002 Acura RL? Why are RLs so unpopular? Acura realy needs a good V8 is my guess.

    Did you know they have the On-Star system now too? LoL, I almost busted out laughing in the car when i saw that.

    And back to the Millenia S, I have to admit, They are sexy!! I find myself staring at their lines like some page off of a skin magazine. I am just not bought by the reliability of Mazdas and Nissans. I have a habit of going around town and asking mechanics what they consider the most reliable [non-permissible content removed] cars. Most put Toyotas and Hondas first and the Mazdas and Nissans in the back seat.
  • In regards to your question on the 2002 TL: I love the engine and the transmission. The engine just sings like nothing else I have ever driven. Everything just feels well built. Overall, I think it is a superb value. The TL-S is too harsh for me - the ride is stiff and the seats much less comfortable. I would only recommend it to the die-hard enthusiast. And you can't really bargain on the S model - at least not when I was looking. Again, I think the base TL is worth the extra cost over a loaded Accord - I know some will strongly disagree with this and the Accord is a fine car if the extra 2-3 grand makes a difference (and it will with many folks). In all, I recommend the TL highly.
  • MAZDA Millenia discussion group????
  • stbissstbiss Posts: 10
    I too, was disappointed in the 2.5L gas mileage (18-19mpg in city) when I first purchased my 2000 Millenia. I had previously owned a Ford Probe GT with the same Mazda 2.5L engine and routinely got 22 mpg in the same driving habits. I know the Millenia is heavier, so I was not expecting that high; however I was still a bit surprised at my results. What I did learn after a few tankfuls is this engine will deliver better mileage when driven harder. I started to accelerate faster and reach 4th gear quicker and saw my mileage improve to 20-21 mpg on the same city driving...maybe this will help others - by the way...I love my Millenia - others are amazed when I got so much new car for <$ is definitely a fine vehicle - not like every camcord out there...
  • Do you find any difference when using different grades of gasoline? Interesting that you get better mileage when driving harder. I haven't tried that yet. It is kind of funny how my driving style changes based on the car. My Protege I love to flog, where as the Millenia ride and environment is so plush comparatively, I tend to not drive very aggressively so I can savor the experience more! It is my wife's car so I don't get to drive it as often as I would like.
  • As much as i like the TL myself, my dad wants a FULL size car..... sigh. On the good side, the dealer had a $6000 rebate off all 2002 RL before Jan 1, 2002 so we got a few more weeks to decide.
  • stbissstbiss Posts: 10
    I have always used premium fuel in my 2.5L Millenia...I too tended to drive my Millenia a little more tenderly than my Probe GT, but again found it much better on gas and performance when "pushed" a little harder...
  • Must be nice to be able to push the 2.5L and still get good gas mileage. So far on my "S", I'm not getting as good gas mileage as I did on my 2.5L. I guess I'm using the supercharger too much, but it is sooo much fun!
  • Hey guys! I need serious help. I was about to trade in my 97 Millenia for a 2001 one when one day before the whole thing my wheel decided to break down. I had it set on auto-rise thing, and when i put the key in now it does not move. If i try to lower it manually with a button, it makes the quiet "clicking" sound but does not move. Anyone know what that might be, dealer will take off around $500 for my trade in if i don't fix it myself. Help needed ASAP. Thank you
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Mazda has a service bulletin on that one. Most likely it's the motor and/or harness.

    The motor is about $140 and the harness is $17.

    Technician time is 30 minutes.
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    I'm curious what people are paying for a Millenia P model. Are there any 2001's left out there? Anybody know the most recent dealer incentives on Millenia? Thanks
  • Like i wrote in the message couple of days ago my tilt wheel would not move, well today i started a car and it went down, it moves but seems hesitant. Could it be that it needs oil or something that i could do myself?
  • It had 72K on it and I got it for 9,500 + tax from a Chevy dealer. It's a one owner (a couple in their 60's) they traded it for a new Corvette. I've got what looks like every receipt since new (including the 60K service w/ timing belt) and the original window sticker. I got a 24/24 warranty with it too! The only thing was I had to put tires on it. I ended up putting some Kumho's on it for now.

    What a blast to drive compared to our Infiniti I30 at about half the cost

    The only two 'issues' I've got is after the new tires and alignment, it seems to be very sensitive to the ruts in the road, it doesn't bother me as much as my wife. Is this normal due to the wider low profile tires?

    The other issue is at higher speeds (90+) there is a very noticable droning noise coming from the engine\compressor?\injection? that stops if I stop accelerating but will resume if I step on the gas again. Has anyone else experienced this and is it something that I should be concerned about?

    I'm glad to have found this forum.

  • jawhnjawhn Posts: 15
    Millenia's have a history of alignment problems. I also own a 95 (L not S) and found a good solution to this problem. Firestone offers a LIFETIME alignment that they regularly run on special for $99 (regularly $180). When I got it the special was not going, but I asked about it and they gave it to me at that price anyway. I take my car in every couple of months or so, or whenever it feels a little off. I know this may be overkill at times but I don't mind and I get great mileage out of my tires.
  • Had my first oil change today on my 2001 Millenia S...I was surprised that it was free. I guess that is something my dealership has started doing since my last Millenia.
  • Lucky you , I have been looking for such, 95 to 97 Millenia in North West Ohio and I can not find one. If any body knows of one in this area I would appreciate it. Thank You.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    My oil change at 5K miles was just under $25.

    When I bought my '01 S in July, it had slight pull to the right. The dealer fixed it (they seem to be real good and know what they'er doing) and it is still perfect after 6K miles. I noticed with my other cars that alignment can be done badly or very well - it varies from shop to shop, so shop around :-)

    After 1000 miles or so I have noticed that the tire pressure (I have Dunplop SP5000 on 17 inch wheels) was 30 psi all around - the sticker by the driver door showed recommended 34 psi front, 31 psi rear for my wheel size. I adjusted tire pressure to recommended levels and have noticed immediately that the car handles even crispier(cprisply? more crisp?) and it takes speed bumps much better than it used to.

    I have no 'droning noise' at high speeds, actually the car seems to prefer 85+ :-) all by itself. It's new, though.

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Here's the link:,1518,114906,00.html

    It was written in January 2001. It's in German, so here is short summary: they like steering, handling and ride, stability and low noise at high speeds, don't like lack of torque at low RPM (2.5L is evaluated), don't care about interior, like a lot of standard equipment, complain about high price (32K euros - ~$30K for Millenia P).


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