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Mazda Millenia



  • Okay, my map light burned out and I go to replace the bulb. It wasn't obvious how to get to the bulb so I opened up the manual, it says 'see your authorized Mazda dealer'. I thought this was silly just to change a stinking light bulb.

    Does anyone know who how to change the map light bulb?
  • When I open the drivers door, the interior lights and door lights sometimes come on, sometimes not. The open door chime does not work. When I unlock the doors with the remote, the interior light no longer comes on. All bulbs are good. Anyone experienced trouble with interior lighting like this?
  • The door switch contacts are corroded. Take the switch apart clean the contacts (sandpaper), put some grease on the contact, reassemble and your good to go.
  • Hi! I just bought a 2001 MIllenia S and I LOVE it. It's my first import, so I have a bit to learn about it. Any other sites I should check out?

    Thx, Ray
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    I understand that there is $4000 rebate on 2001 Millenias. Our there any out there? Let me know if there are in your area and what part of the country you are from. I'd like to try to buy one @ about $300 over invoice with a $4k rebate. I think that would be a sweet deal.
  • Its slingshot. I am back and still interested in the Millenia. Quirk in Quincy, MA is offering 2001 Millenia S with winter package for $24,999. It may include the larger tires also.

    Probably best deal is to what for left over 2002 models at end on next year.
  • What size would those larger tires be?
  • Somewhere in this board I read references to removing a White Box that I believe is a resonator to dampen engine sound.

    Has anyone tried this? What were the results? And how would some do this to their Millenia S (looking for detailed instructions here)?

  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    Our local Mazda dealer in NW Arkansas has advertised a 2002 Millenia P for 24,999. Seems high based on I would think that a 2001 S for $24,999 is a pretty good deal.
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    Hey - everybody check your Friday or Saturday car adds and let me know what you see advertised on Millenias. Thanks!
  • I meant to write the upgraded wheels not the tires. Sorry. I believe that the wheels and the winter package are the only two options on the S model. I will post another message after I look at the ad again. Also Gallo Mazda in Worcester, MA has low prices on the Millenia.

    Has everyone read the Edmunds' article on the Millenia S in comparison to its competition? What it didn't say is that this car is going for $25K to $26 K while the others are basically $30K or above up to $40K with little discounting.

    I do agree that there is a lot of noise mostly from the tires. The noise from the compressor didn't bother me. There may be some tires that are more quiet.
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    My 99 626 has lots of tire noise. I get used to it but when someone gets in it for the first time they usually comment on the roar. It was that way with the original Michelins and also with the Penskes I bought @ kmart to replace them. Oh Well. If I could afford the S - I'm sure the compressor noise wouldn't bother me one bit. I'd like to hear what I get for the money. IMHO, the Millenia is a great car value- WHEN its bought right. The print media never takes discounts and real world pricing into account when they make their judgements.
  • If it's any consolation, the Bridgestone Turanzas they slapped on my 626 sing just as loudly as they possibly can. I had better results with the Michelin X-Ones on my previous 626, but they aren't exactly aimed at Kmart shoppers. (Like I'm rolling in dough or something.)

    Of course, the immediate solution is to crank up the stereo.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    If anybody's interested - today in Sunday Boston Globe:
    - 2001 Millenia S for 24,999.-
    - 2002 Millenia P for 23,499.-
    I'd go for the S...
  • I was surfing the web earlier today. I found an article that had been written in the past few months. It stated that Mazda was planning a replacement for the Millenia called the Mazda 9. The article said that the car was due out in 2004. It also said that the Miller Cycle Engine would not be used, but that it may have a rotary engine or a turbo charged V6. Has anyone else heard anything about this car or seen any pictures?
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    Thanks on the Millenia pricing info. I find this to be very helpful. I also can't believe the S is so reasonable as compared to the P. I would think the P would be quite a bit less.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Well, this is _2001_ Millenia S (actually, they advertise they have 3 at this price) - I'm sure it's been sitting in dealer inventory and generating loss (balance sheet - depreciating asset, maybe interest etc.). So, they want it out the door. Millenia P is 2002. I'd still go for the S :-)
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    That makes more sense. There is a $4000 rebate on all left over 2001 Millenia. I'd love to find a '01 P around here. Does anyone know how to determine new car inventories? Is there any websites you can access to find out if there are any 2001's around?
  • cubescubes Posts: 29
    New Jersey Sunday Star-Ledger
    2001 Millenia P
    List: $28505
    Sell: $21995
    Get an S model. I've owned both. ('98P/'00S-M/E) Get the S.
  • jl8w3jl8w3 Posts: 7
    Florida Times Union

    2002 Mazda Millenia (I assume P?)
    MSRP: $28,505
    Sell: $22,988

    (STK# M9505A)
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