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Mazda Millenia



  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Czesc, Rafal...

    Let me respond to your MM top 10:

    1.power: no V6 should make less than 200 hp and regular M.M. is not even close.
    So I bought S
    2. Fuel usage: 20 MPG in city with so little power is a joke. There are cars with 50 to 80 HP more with up to 1 liter of displacement more that are getting the same numbers.
    There is also Mercedes 230 coupe with 6 speed manual that gets 20 MPG. Remember, look at real life figures, not mfg's claims.
    3. Parts: Dealer only = very high prices.
    Not a factor for me
    4. After market = minimal
    Before market = big $$$ discount
    5. theft - since the car has not been mechanically improved/changed since its introduction in 95 many parts are the same which creates a market for second hand parts. Items like computers and other parts are expensive new and those who can only afford older Millenias will look for alternative sources.
    a) It's been improved
    b) give me a break

    6. Millenia is a rater popular car with young fellows in New York where I reside. You guys know what that mean?
    I glad I don't live where you do. In my neighbourhood the most popular wheels are Lexus GS300 and any SUV...
    7. End of the line = in couple of years the car will no longer be manufactured.
    OK, and...? BTW, I like driving off-beat car. Not a factor for me
    8. technology that was developed in mid 90's is no longer competitive with what is available on the market.
    I disagree, it's competitive. What does the newest Mercedes Benz C320 AMG use? Yes, Lysholm supercharger - pretty much same thing as in the Millenia.
    9. MAzda 626 with exactly the same engine cost couple of grand less. If one is that vain spend the extra $$$$ and get a Lexus.
    Lexus GS300? That's $40K+ compared to $26K I paid for my '01S. And when you compare 626 and Millenia, you're WAY off track.
    10. transmission = not the best on the market.
    Good enough for me

    I did test drive Maxima SE before I bough the MM, and for me it wasn't even a contest for a second. The Maxima is noisy and twitchy on the highway at speed, doesn't track straight, wonders around. Millenia tracks straight and true without any effort on my part - so after 300 miles you emerge from the Millenia relaxed, all tensed up from the Maxima. Few years ago my Stanza GXE behaved exactly same way (and quite a few dashboard bits in the Maxima are still the same as they were in this Stanza!).

    God luck with whatever you've bought. I'm glad we're in a country where we have the choice ... different strokes for different folks!

  • saxoniisaxonii Posts: 31
    Czolem Tomek!

    To reply to your post:

    1. power: MM V6 S only makes 210 hp, 45 less than Maxima with no real improvement in mpg. While 10 or 20 hp difference is not much, that 45 will be noticed. Also Maxima with its aftermarket goodies can gain extra 50hp (not an option for S since it already has a supercharger).
    2. Fuel: you cannot deny that MM both regular and S are thirsty, one can only look at many posts of drivers wondering why their MM are getting 18/19 mpg in the city.
    3. Very high prices for parts - not only for big items like engine or transmission but little ones. My brother has Mazda and every little part costs him an arm and a leg. Granted I do not think you will pay 600 for a window motor (lexus 400 price for this item), it will be expensive to repair MM.
    I am sure you have heard of the 60.000 mile tune up for MM. It will set you back a couple hundred dollars . You may not keep the car that long but all those problems that I have mentioned will affect your car's price. People do not want hassle and MM is capricoius, therefore the price that people are willing to pay for a used MM are not very high.
    4. After market does not exists for MM because there is very little that can be done inexpensively to improve its power. I am not a person that has 10 grand to waste on engine and suspension mods so it is not terrible important but there are some people who like to tinker with their cars and the lack of aftermarket is just another one of shortcomings of MM.
    5. Theft - yes the car has been improved but there are many parts from the newer MM that will fit into 95 - 98 MM. Imagine that some poor fellow has just blown his supercharger. How much is a new one I am guessing 3000 to 5000 which is the amount of $$$$ this guy can save in 12 months or he can contract this part and get it for 500.
    Now where do you think the thief is going to look for a MM??? NYC where no sane person keeps his brand new car on the street??? Trust me any car can be stolen in most parts of this country. Unless you live in a gated community and park your car in garage, it can be stolen. When I was younger I was privileged to own a Corvette and it was difficult to keep it in one piece. Mind you I had 5 alarms and a garage and it still was a hassle.
    6. Living in NYC - hey it is not that bad. There is plenty to do here and the place is jumping. I guess I could move and live in some boring place where every house and every face is the same but I am too young to retire and die in Florida. Not just yet. NY is the best and has super people. I used to drive yellow taxi during my college years here and the memories I have as a result are unforgettable. Btw, if you ever take your MM down to NYC please be careful.
    7.Off beat cars - well we all like driving exotic cars, the only problem is that MM is not that "off beat" in NYC. It is also similar to 626 especially 2001 which makes it rather common.
    8. technology - no navigation system, regular transmission that have been commented negatively by many, aging design etc, etc.
    9. There are numerous post where people state that their car was mistaken for a Lexus. MM is not a Lexus and just because somebody who has problems seeing well or just celebrated his or her 70th birthday, does not mean that MM is similar to a Lexus. In my opinion it is not. it is however very similar to 626 and yes got 626 and MM share a number of components: V6 engine and transmission being two of them MM base vs. 626 V6. Check it for yourself. As for Lexus IS 300 has more power and costs around 3200 which is 6000 more than your MM S. It looks nicer, has 5 hp more without the trick of supercharger and will be produced for a while. Not too mention the quality and treatment you get from the service plus the prestige and self satisfaction of owning a Lexus. Ohh and please do not tell me that MM is much bigger. Both of us have grown up on little Fiats, Ladas, Skodas, and WVs and unless you are over 350 pounds (not likely) Lexus IS 300 will fit you just fine.
    10. Transmission - it may be good enough for you, but it is not very good at what it supposed to do. I have driven both Maximas and Millenias (base) and there is no comparison Max has a better tranny period.

    Please do not get me wrong MM base or S is a very good car that will last 100 maybe even 200 thousand miles but there are better cars on the road in my opinion. Yes for 22000 to 26 for S you do get a lot for the $$$$ but I would prefer Acura TTL, Nissan Maxima, and probably Honda Accord 2003 V6. Be that as it may, Mazda Millenia is a good solid car that is better build than American cars and most European ones.

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Not to prolong this, but . . . to each his own.

    I made my choice and I'm pretty happy with it. I intensly disliked the Maxima, and the IS300 WAS too small for me (I'm 188 cm tall).

    You're making 2 basic mistakes: talking about Millenia S as if it were the base model; and you seem to think it's the same platform as 626. It's not.

    Gas mileage: I also had Passat GLX VR6 - stickshift - I'd get 23-25 mpg. It had 172HP. So, with 210HP and auto I still think 20MPG (12l/100km) is OK.

    Parts prices: just before I got rid of my Stanza, it needed $800 investment in exhaust (at 72000 miles) - a piece of steel pipe was $500 alone. I wouldn't expect anyting else for a Maxima.

    Passat GLX VR6 - even if nothing broke, every visit" to the dealer was 200 - 350 or so.

    Design: I do think Millenia is one of the best looking cars on the street. That's my opinion, though. And you know who had thought it was a Lexus? My co-worker from Switzerland (yes, an European), who is 38 years old. He called the car beatiful, and literally interrogated me about for half an hour - he liked it so much.

    Living in NYC: well, again, different strokes for different folks. I have 2 boys - I'd never want them to grow up in NYC. Boston suburbs are perfect for me, thank you very much - and the downtown is 25 minute ride on the commuter rail away (for $7 round trip).

    Anyway, I'm enjoying my S, the 6 disc in-dash changer, 210 HP, unbelievable cornering, ...

    What do you drive, again?


  • I love my Millenia, I don't care what you or anyone else thinks! I traded in my 1999 Base for a 2001 Millenia S. If they are such bad cars...why am I on my second Millenia?????? My car almost always gets mistaken for something else...I get Acura a lot now...b/c of the new grill...I got Lexus all the time on the old one. I love the way the car looks, feels, drives...everything. When I went to trade in my 99...I didn't even look at Acura TL, Infiniti I30, or Lexus ES300 or IS300...only other car I test drove was Mercedes C240...but I decided it was way I stuck with the Millenia.
  • You wrote:

    "I did test drive Maxima SE before I bough the MM, and for me it wasn't even a contest for a second. The Maxima is noisy and twitchy on the highway at speed, doesn't track straight, wonders around."

    I think you drove a Maxima that needed wheel alingment. My Max tracks straight as an arrow at high speed.
  • I can't beleive I'm responding to his stupid ego nonsense comment, but what the heck.

    Some reason why I didn't even want to test drive a Maxima:

    1. The ugliest rear design of any car (sentra is a close second)

    2. If I get one, friends/co-worker wiil be making fun of my maxima's Neon look-a-like ugly butt.

    3. Nissan designer just can't design a decent looking rear end for any of it's car; from the droopy Sentra to the droppier J30, we all know how bad the rear of Maxima looks. Even Maxima's twin the I30/I35 copied it's tail light design from Millenia's tail light.

    I don't think many Maxima owners in their right mind can say that their car has a very good looking rear end. Yes it does have a good engine, but that's about all it's got.

    Oh BTW, according to this link, Maxima is the 27th most stolen cars in the US while Millenia is not even in the top 100; why do you even have to bring up that subject

    BTW, I can't believe you trust one old mechanic rather than thousands of Millenia owners who speaks of their own experiences about their millenia on the internet forums like this one. How do you know if he've even worked on one; DUH.

    Now go back to you Maxima forum and share your sorrow with other maxima owners and think about a way to put a car bra on your car's rear end.

  • The Maxima is an awesome car, you are a fool for judging it on styling alone. I happen to like the styling, and over 100,000 people that buy Maximas every year agree with me. I got a Millenia because the Mazda dealers are giving the car away, they can't sell it (not even at invoice). So while I think the Millenia is a great car for $22k I would have NEVER paid what Mazda wants me to pay for the car. So while we are throwing stones at these cars, lets not forget that the Maxima is getting re-designed (mainly because of the Altima) while the Millenia getting scrapped (mainly because it doesn't sell and Mazda is tired of losing money on it).


  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310

    last summer when shopping for a car, I test drove Maxima SE. In my opinion it was louder than my 95 Passat GLX, and when going straight it required constant corrections to keep it straight. The steering wheel didn't center itself fast enough / strong enough (test drive Audi TT or any Bimmer, and you'll know what I'm talking about). This behavior made me tired after a few minutes on the higway - I had to keep on working to keep the car straight. The salesman suggested it was the SE, so I took out GLE for test drive. Same thing.
    Three more things about Nissans:
    - my neighbour got rid of his Maxima SE after 6 months, because his wife didn't want to drive it - she said it had "oversensitive steering" (they have Acura RL now)
    - few years back my Nissan Stanza behaved in a very similar way (although less pronounced)
    - the new Altima in Car&Driver family sedan comparo test (finishes third) is described by some testers as "skittish" and "impossible to drive straight" (on the other hand, Canadian Driver describes it as tracking perfectly straight and very stable at speed - go figure!!! Lokks like a test drive is in order...)

    Anyway, if your Maxima is good for you and you like it - that's great. I decided to go with Millenia S..., that's all.

    Also in my case I already new the Nissan service at Quirk in Braintree, MA - it's pretty bad. The guys at Gallery One Mazda in Norwood, MA - so far only one visit - have been great. They listen and don't make you prove your innocence. When I said my brakes were pulsating when slowing down from high speeds, thay said "OK, we'll look at it" - and they acknowledged the problem and replaced disc rotors all around. At VW service it would have to be a long and bloody battle...

    Enjoy you Maxima -

  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    If you really think about most cars are very similar in styling, options - to me it came down to which car was more comforatable and more bang for the buck. When I married my wife she had a Maxima GLE - fully loaded, low miles, great car - I had always wanted one... Well I found one major problem with the car - it was difficult to get in and out of the car - and I'm only 6'1. We sold the car and replaced it with a Mustang then eventually the Millenia, which is my car and I love it! It beats the Maxima for luxury hands down - while the Maxima does beat the Millenia sporty wise. However, there are better sport sedans out there! A co-worker of mine also bought a Maxima when I purchased my Millenia - he paid $3500 more for a similar priced car... hmmm

    Also, why would one buy the Maxima instead of the Altima now? The new Altima is the same size as the Maxima for a lot less.... Sounds to me that the Maxima will be doing a lot of changing or going away!

    The last thought on why I purchased the Millenia is that I like to be a leader - driving a car that not many others have (without the high cost of the exclusive cars) instead of following the pack with an Accord, Camary or Maxima - I still enjoy my 1988 RX7!

    Those are just my feelings!
  • Seems like we scared away Mr. Maxima....I agree with most that the Maxima is one hell of an ugly rear end, that was a major factor when I was considering a 2000 Mill. S or a 2000 Maxima SE- besides there is a Maxima on every corner of every block in downtown Boston where I live - I don't like to follow!...They are both excellent vehicles and should be left as that.
  • jplyman,

    The Altima is a nice car, but the interior is lacking big time. I wouldn't mind considering an Altima when Nissan spends a few $$ on the better plastics and materials.


    I enjoy both my Maxima and my Millenia so I get the best of both worlds.

    I am looking forward to the Mazda 6, from the specs and pics that car has real potential to be a big seller for Mazda.
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    Have only seen the Altima from the outside - unique but notice the stats were almost identical to the max.

    Regarding the 6 - have you seen and heard about the nex RX 8 - that should be sweet.
  • Get this guy outta here!!!!!!!!!

    What is he talking about NYC and guys owning Millenia there.Foe Christ sake I use to live in the Bronk, when I leased my Millenia in late 1998,you could actually count on one hand how many Millenia's were around.So don't give me that crap about guys wanting to steal Millenias,its more like guys wanting to steal Maximas.They are so popular in NYC its unbeleivable,I think they should take away the PEDESTRIAN TITLE CAR from the Camry and give it to the Maxima.

    And what is he talking about Horse Power-"any car with a v6 should produce more than 200 horses."
    Tell that to BMW with their 325 model.That car cost way more than a Millenia and if I am not mistaken only pumps out 184 horses.

    Please stay over there on the UGLY SEDAN BOARD and leave us alone on the PRETTY SEDAN BOARD.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's just move on.

    If we really want to talk about the Millenia vs. the Maxima, anyone is free to go over to our Comparisons - Sedans vs. Sedans board and start up a discussion.

    Meanwhile let's just calm down and remember that your Membership Agreement requires civil and respectful conversation in the Town Hall. If you can't find a way to politely disagree with another poster, then just don't respond to the message at all.


    Sedans Message Board
  • Calm down Billy, you are getting too worked up, take deep breaths!.
  • 9sunset9sunset Posts: 23
    I agree, lets talk about Millenia and forget about Maxima for now (don't forget I used to own a 99 Maxima as mentioned on my previous posting).
    Next morning I call up a few Dunlop tire dealers for advise regarding radial pull and surprisingly none of them interested in solving the problem (these tires are basically as good as out of warranty). I went back to the Mazda dealer and they refer me to another tire dealer. This is where the action starts; First of all the technican measure the tread depth of all tires and then proceed to up my car up the hoist and start manually spinning the wheels. Turn out one of the alloy rim was wobbling badly, it must have hit something real hard. The dealer is now ordering a new rim for me and we will know whether it will eliminate the pulling problem hoping by the end of this week. I will keep you folks posted.
  • How much are going to charge you for a new rim??..and do you the alloy's or chrome?? 17"??...Just wondering...........
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    I own a P model and was wondering how much difference the fuel will make - I know with the S you must use Preimum fuel but do you need to also with the P?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639

    My new '01 P has about 4500 troublefree miles at this point. Except for the initial fill of 93 octane the dealer supplied, it has seen nothing but 87 octane.

    The performance of the car has been flawless, and uneventful. I see no power decrease, and there is no sign of ping or knock. This is an old subject, and there is also a thread about using regular gas in V-6 engines in the "Sedans" catagory of Edmunds.

    In my experience with my previous V-6's, unless you have a high compression engine, or the car pings on regular, there is no reason to run premium fuel in it. The compression ratio of the Mazda 2.5L V-6 falls well within what is normally accepted for 87 octane fuel. And regular gasoline has the same injector cleaners premium does.

    Others will disagree with me on this, and say you have to run premium. It will have to be your decision in the long run. But with the 2.5L Mazda, premium is "recommended", not "required". Check your owners manual, but it only briefly touches on this subject.

    Incidentally, with the complaining I have seen in this thread about fuel milage, I must add that I am averaging 21/22 MPG overall. With my lowest being over 20 MPG, and my best about 28. I find that satisfying for an almost two ton car, and better by about 2 MPG than my 3.8 V-6 Oldsmobile 88, which weighs within 65 pounds of my Millenia. This is not an econobox. It is a beautifully executed, and very European near luxury vehicle.
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