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Mazda Millenia



  • mackman1mackman1 Posts: 6
    SDA you claimed in your 2/26/02 message that you can buy an '02 Millenia for as low as $19.5K.
    Please be kind enough to share those details w/ the rest of us looking to buy a Millenia now.

    Can anyone else shed some light on this topic.
    Where can a serious MIllenia buyer get the best deal on an '02 Millenia "P"?
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    mackman1, I don't know where you live, but a weeks ago, I saw an ad on Los Angeles times for 2002 Millenia P for $20.5K; this is in Mazda dealer in City of Redlands, about 60 miles east of LA

    At other dealerships, I think the price is no less than $22K

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Before buying my "01 P for well under $22000, I went to a Clearwater Florida Mazda dealer who was running one of these ads for Millenia's under $20000. I believe his advertised price was about $19500. I looked briefly around the lot before being tackled by a high pressure salesman who informed me that particular car was long gone, but they had plenty more Millenia's in stock. When asked what their lowest out the door price would be for a Premium model, he started quoting MSRP's. I objected to the use of this fairy tale price, and was told unless I showed a commitment to buy, they would not talk price reduction.

    I then walked away with him objecting, and went to Courtesy Mazda in Tampa, where I was immediately given an out the door price of $23000 by a very courteous salesman, after he contacted the sales manager with my request. That took about ten minutes. After a test drive, and a lot of discussion, I purchased a Platinum Silver "P" with 3 miles showing on the odometer for that price, which ammounts to about $21680 plus tax, tag etc.

    In other words, those absurd low prices, under $20000, appear to be outright lies by high pressure dealers to get you onto the lot and sell you something else as close to MSRP as they can sucker you into.

    When you walk onto their lot watch out for the bear trap. Or better yet, just go to a good dealer to start with.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 138
    have caught my attention lately,$21680 for a brand new 01? I'm just wondering what a used 01 with a few thousand miles would sell for,$17k+?
    Although the Millenia never made it to my top 5 sedan list,that's heck of a deal for a car that is supposed to be competing with the likes of Acura TL and BMW 3s.
    Also,having read some of the posts on this board,I noticed the P is more popular than the S model,just curious why?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Millenia does have a high depreciation compared to the CamCords. Search "Mazda Millenia" on EBay, and there are a couple of '01 Millenias in the price range you suggest. I would guess that means you could also get that price locally with a little work.

    I personally rejected the "S" because of the added maintenance and complexity of the supercharger. Plus, I simply didn't need the extra power that provides. The "P" has very satisfactory power for normal use, and the 2.5 V-6 is much smoother than the I-4 engines in the other cars sold in the low $20000 range.

    If you plan to keep a car for several years, the depreciation becomes a moot point, and the Millenia is a very highly rated car for reliability by both Consumer Reports and Carpoint online.

  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 138
    Do you own a Millenia? If so what are your thoughts in general?+s and -s,I think my wife likes the car and I definitely believe the price is right,she thinks it's time to replace her 93 Subaru Legacy(still rock solid at 115k miles,but you know image is important to most women!)
    Any input from Millenia owners is appreciated.
  • ddrake30ddrake30 Posts: 18
    I have a 96 millenia L with 75,000 miles that I bought almost 3 years ago. I agree with other owners that the 2.5L engine is plenty adequate for everyday driving. However, if you're a lead foot or like more spirited driving (like myself), then you might think the P is lacking a bit in power. I sometimes think the suspension could be a little tighter (too much body roll), but otherwise the car drives very nice and is exceptionally quiet. As others here have indicated, the major downfall of the millenia is its high depreciation. If you plan to keep the car for a long time, though, this is inconsequential.
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    As you know my Millenia went back to bank but I still keep up with the post here.Just one quick question for you- From what I have been reading here, are you guys implying that a the Millenia P cannot outrun or keep up with a Toyota Camry v6 or Honda Accord V6, but it is more suited to go up against the 4cylinders Accord and Camrys?

    Fwatson when I get my new ride I will enlighten you.

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Despite the fact I subscribe to Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Consumer Reports, as well as having read everything I can find on the Internet concerning the Millenia, I still do not know what the 0-60 ET is for a P Millenia. All the tests I can find report on the S. And those tests are rare.

    That puts me in the position of not being able to directly answer the question of whether the P is able to compete with the CamCords as a drag racer.

    I am old enough that I no longer personally compete in the Stop Light Grand Prix. So I also can't answer that from personal experience.

    If you have read my previous posts, you know I have repeatedly said that my P has plenty of power under all normal conditions, and I am very satisfied with it. You can also tell from those posts that I am very fond of this car in all respects. After having owned at least twenty cars in my life, I can honestly say I find my Millenia superior to any I have owned. Admittedly most were Big 3 cars, but they also included Toyota and Renault (don't ask).

    My reason for mentioning the 4 cylinder CamCords in a recent post, is not to compare acceleration, but rather that it is all you can get in them for the price I paid for the Millenia P, not that I consider them at all competitive with it. From what I have read, the Mazda 2.5 V-6 is one of the best engines ever built, capable of holding up to professional racing. If it said 3.2L 240HP on it, the Millenia detractors would melt into the woodwork. That is the only place I can see Mazda has failed to please the Boy Racer crowd.

    I test drove Camry, Maxima and others, all V-6's, before buying my new Millenia, and did not find any of them super powered. I found the Millenia more pleasant than any of the others, including the new '01 Avalon that I was offered for just $3000 more.

    What more can I say? I believe the Millenia is the best kept secret in automobiledom (is that a word?). But that worked to great advantage for me, in being able to almost steal a super fine automobile, for the price of a stripper CamCord or similar appliance.

    I might add for those who might be curious. I have no connection to Mazda or it's dealers, except for being the proud owner of a car that makes you feel special just to be seen in it, and to drive it.

    I very highly recommend the Millenia to anyone looking for the biggest bargain available in a great car. Your chance is running out fast, as they will no longer be made after the 2002's are sold out.

    Frank Watson
  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    Car point has the time for the 0-60 for both S and P models, check it out

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    for the Carpoint information. I don't know why I hadn't found that with all the research I have done on the Millenia.
  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    According to carpoint the Millenia S 210 HP is actually faster than 225 HP Acura TL but not faster than 260 HP Type S, I Think that this is v.good that the Millenia S beats the 225 HP TL

    ( the TL also has more Torque 216 fp), but the millenia still beats it not only in 0-60 but also in the top speed and the braking distance as well, I guess the millenia S performance is not bad at all after all, :)

  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    I always find this particular reviewer's times to be on the slow side when compared to other publications and reviews. Seems like I saw where the "P" 0-60 times were in the 9.4 to 9.5 range. Not great, but certainly acceptable for most of our driving needs.
  • jaycee4jaycee4 Posts: 1
    I read all 50 reviews on carpoint for the '01 Millenia.
    Seems like alot of Millenia owners are disappointed in the lack of engine power both on the "P" & "S" models.
    In addition, it appears that many owners complain about the sluggish,indecisive & not smooth transmission on the '01 model.

    Did Mazda correct the transmission problems for the '02 model or is it the same as in '01?

    After reading these owner reviews on CArpoint it's hard to be excited about buying an '02 Millenia.

    I'm interested in knowing what kind of experience '02 Millenia owners have had.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I guess it's a matter of interpretation. I also read the 2001 and 2002 Millenia, as well as Camry, Accord, Acura TL and several others. Both '01 and '02 Millenia owners rated the cars 8.4 overall and 7.2 on performance, which is higher than most of the others I read.

    A sampling:
    Acura TL======8.7 overall - - 8.7 performance,
    Accord========6.8 overall - - 6.8 performance,
    Lexus ES300===7.0 overall - - 6.9 performance,
    Millenia=======8.4 overall - - 7.2 performance,
    Camry========6.4 overall - - 6.3 performance.

    I'm not a professional statistics analyzer, but either I am missing something here, or the Millenia owners as a group aren't as disgruntled as your post would indicate.

    You might try reading reviews of other similar cars. Every brand and model has it's lovers and detractors. I have read a lot of reviews, and the Millenia fares very well.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    saxonii, please check your email
  • obioha1obioha1 Posts: 27
    I actually had a chance of test driving both today because I wanted to see if the price difference was worth it and there is a noticable difference in the acceleration between the S and the P. I currently own a '99 S and I never thought that it was that fast but it feels like a vette compared to the P model. Another thing which I noticed was that the shifting from like 2nd to 3rd was extremely jerky and a little scary, because I would hit the gas and nothing would happen and then suddenly the car would jerk forward and start accelarating. This hesistation could lead to disaster merging onto the freeway. The interior layout of both cars is truly impeccable putting to shame the cheap looking interior of the '02 maxima a friend of mine has. In fact the millenia's interior is on par with higher end luxury cars. I just love those optitron gauges. The brakes on both cars were truly outstanding, and I couldn't tell which one had better stopping distances as both stopped short and surely. The radio in the P(non bose) isn't that bad, in fact it is a lot better than the bose in my '99 S. I guess the addition of a mid control helps. The bose in the S is pretty nice with good bass extension and is actually better than the bose radio in the I35 that journalist seem to love. (my mom has a I35, so I'm speaking from exprience). I just wish that mazda had contracted a different audio supplier, because bose radios seem to not have enough highs and the lows aren't as smooth sounding as in other systems. Finally the handling in the S was phenomenal to me. I was taking curves at high speeds and the car felt very planted. The addition of the rear antiroll bar makes a significant difference. The P wasn't as confidence inspiring. All this said the P is an exceptional car but wouldn't be for me because of the lack of power. It takes to long to do what my S seems to do without sweating and the transmission just plain scared me. The 2.5LV-6 was a lot smoother reving than the miller cycle but looked like it was working too hard to accelarate. In the 626 this might be adequate power but in a 3400 lb car, it just isn't enough. Other posts have said that the transmission "re-adjusts" itself after sometime, so if this is the case then you can't go wrong with either car. For me its "miller time"

    P was 23000
    S was 25500
  • juliziojulizio Posts: 18
    Has anyone experienced any problems with the front end alignment?

    I just had my oil changed and tires rotated at the local shop and it turns out the inside shoulder of both front tires is almost down to belt.

    The car is a 2000 ME with only 21,000 miles on it. As far as I know, the front end hasn't had contact with any curbs or large potholes. The rim is fine, only the tires are really worn on the shoulder. It almost looks like someone cut it with a knife.

    Is something like this covered under the warranty?

    I started shopping for new tires online and noticed lists the 235/45/17 as a plus zero upgrade for the car.

    I called them and asked if the tire would fit on a stock rim and the guy said yes. He also said the stock rims on the S is 17x7.5, I thought it was 17x7. The rim has 17x7jj stamped on it. Does the jj denote 1/2"?

    I may try these tires once I get the alignment issue straigtened out.

    Anybody put this size tire on the stock 17" rims?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Hi Billy...
    you know, it just isn't worth my time.

    But to stay on topic: for me Millenia S was the right balance of luxury / sportiness / size (although I'm 6'3!) and PRICE. IMHO everybody should look at it that way and not take religious stands against or for; unbiased and _common sense_ based intelligent hosting would help, too.

    I think obioha1's comments are right on the money - for $26K (in my case) you get a car with great interior (yes, those optitron gauges!), great roadholding, more than decent power (and the more you drive it, the more you learn how to utilize this power - 210HP is quite enough for me). Acura TL-S for 8K more wasn't _worth_ those 8 large more....

    Now, you need to look at what is important to you - price? power? reliability? that's why there are different cars out there - Kia, Bentley, Mercury Grand Marquis... I am perfectly happy with my 01 S with two anti-roll bars and ski pass-through (BTW, what's going on with winter this year???), Frank is perfectly happy with his 01'P because it suits him just fine. End of story.

    Take it easy,

    Tomek (who wouldn't buy a car without ski pass-through, because it is important for him) :-)

    P.S. Glad to see this place somewhat de-trollized and kept free from irrational rants.
  • I traded my 1999 P in for a 2001 S in October. I absolutely love the S. I'm glad I upgraded! Besides the increased power, I have enjoyed all the other new upgrades too...gauges, lumbar support, steering wheel radio controls....

    Taking a trip on wed...driving from Atlanta to Orlando...can't wait to get out on the road...

    zoom zoom zoom
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