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Mazda Millenia



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I think I hope not. Or should I think I hope so? :-)
  • sdasda Posts: 308
    The price on the Millenia listed for $19682 stickered at $28500, i.e. base Millenia P without any options. I have had two Millenias with the Bose stereo, and while I really enjoyed them, from what I've read (I have not heard it myself), the standard stereo is quite good. So..I saw a Millenia P equipped just as I might consider, self dimming review mirror and compass ($150), and cargo net ($30?), and you have a very complete and desirable car. I've had a black with beige and twilight mica blue with beige combination. I tend to like the silver with gray interior this time, but haven't seen any. I have seen several with silver with beige interior, but it looks a bit blah to me. Anyhow, and I know am long winded, I think the Millenia is a strong BUY, and quite undervalued.
  • nvedraninvedrani Posts: 58
    If you knew the proper terminology for "HLA" then why did you ask?? Just a thought....Nate
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I didn't know it, I've seen it on the web site you gave me the link to. It was on your fingertips all that time... :-)

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I've removed a 2 inch piece of some kind of insulation tape from the right center vent - that didn't stop the ticking noise.

    So I scheduled a service visit to fix it tomorrow. The service advisor - only when pressed - agreed to give me a free loaner (from Enterprise, Mazda will cover it) because we treat this visit as "warranty work", for which Mazda has "Service Transporation Solution" (the free loaner).

  • speed33speed33 Posts: 17
    I recently saw an ad for 1999 Millenia S 9.000 miles for 12.999. It seemed too cheap to be true, so I took my wife to the dealer and it was there waiting to be bought. The car looks super clean and still has that new car smell, but I ma a bit hesitant. The price is way tooooo low. What gives????? Should I go for it???? Is there a trick that I am not aware of??? ( I do not trust dealers at all - bad experiences from the past). Please advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Hm, according to KBB ( and Edmunds used car values it should sell for $17-$18K (trade-in value is over $14K).
    I'd run VIN through Carfax or something like that to make sure it hasn't been totaled before (salvage?).
    I've also read reports that cars recovered from garages under WTC are showing up at used car dealers. I'm not sure about that new car smell...
    Good luck, do your research well!
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    Quick question for you guys.

    Do you think there is going to be a blow out sale on the Millenias when the Mazda 6 arrives?

    Guess what? Mazda gave me two free tickets for the New York car show,who said Mazda was cheap:).
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I think it is going on right now. $4000 to $5000 under invoice seems to fit that description. My brother in law is a car dealer, and he was amazed at mine being bought at that price.
  • kngmke1kngmke1 Posts: 14
    I have a 2000S ME with 12,000 on it & just noticed this yesterday. I seem to remember reading the cause/ effect in this forum. Any one remember? I didn't want to have to back through all the posts to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • obioha1obioha1 Posts: 27
    I was just wondering what you guys thought was the best color for the millenia either 99-00 or 01-02. I have a 99 s with the white/sandstone exterior and chrome wheels and it is absolutely beautiful but I am in the market to get a new car (a millenia of course) and I saw a '01 with the black/silver exterior and it was definitely an eye catcher. It had more of a dramatic affect than the white/sandstone which screems elegance and luxury. My only knock of the black/silver would be the fact that the leather is gray which in my opinion looks dull. Black leather would've been gorgeous with the exterior color scheme. But as it stands I am torn between these two colors. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Any color would be with the chrome wheels.
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    No second thought on this- go for the pearl white this is definately the best color in the Millenia line up (IMHO).Only negative here is the body repair if you have an accident,a tiny scracth can cost you a fortune.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I also like the Pearl White Mica. But my wife hates white cars, and only sees it as white.

    I bought the Platinum Silver, with gray interior, which is beautiful. I also saw it with tan interior, which to me is a complete mismatch, and I don't even see that combination on the color chart. Silver is the most popular of all car colors right now, for a good reason. It looks great, and hardly even shows dust on it. According to a friends son who works at a car wash, it is the easiest color to make look good.

    Happy car hunting.
  • nvedraninvedrani Posts: 58
    I have the same Millenia but with 17k on it, I also see small amounts of whitish smoke upon start and then some...I believe (not sure) it is due to a small amount of oil drip from the supercharger seals??....Hopefully someone who knows the exact cause will post the proper answer....where are you located kngmke??
  • Are there some good places to get parts and accesories on the web? I just want simple stuff like filters and basic accessories.

    BTW - I am buying an 01 Millenia P. 11k miles super clean. Great value versus the Camry or Accord.
  • stbissstbiss Posts: 10
    try some mudguards for my Millenia for $65...local dealer wanted $95...very prompt delivery and easy ordering
  • kw1964kw1964 Posts: 7
    After a great deal of shopping around for a new car, I reached the conclusion that nothing can touch the '02 Millenia with regard to value. I drove home a new one yesterday. It is a Millenia P, with the four seasons package, purchased for $21,716. MSRP was $29,125, invoice was $26,960. With pricing like that, expected depreciation isnt such a scary thing.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Congratulations on your new Millenia. Mine is getting close to 5000 troublefree miles now. Best car I've ever had. I really can't understand some peoples put down of it, but it makes no difference for those of us who know how good they are.

    And like you say, who cares about the depreciation with the prices we paid for ours. You'll also be able to find it in the parking lot next time you go to the mall. It will be the one that stands out from all the Camcords and Taurus'.
  • cayennered1cayennered1 Posts: 193
    I've been kicking around alternatives as the lease on my Mitsubishi Galant expires in Nov. 2002. Looking at the near luxury area including the new Infiniti G35, Volvo S60 and even the Mazda 6.

    I've always thought the Milennia was a nice car but never pulled the trigger. After reading the very favorable comments from many owners on this board I think I have to seriously look at this car when my lease is up this fall. I imagine as desirable as the deals are now they could well be even better then. Has anyone seen the Special Edition. It's black with a black and ivory interior and sounds like it may be a real looker.

    Depreciation has to be basically irrelevant (unless I decide to lease) since the car is being sold 7-8k below sticker. By next fall maybe even 9-10k.

    I'm psyched on two fronts. This appears to be a great car with great reliability, styling and equipment and buyng a new $29,000 car for $21,000 or their abouts has to be awesome.
  • I just purchased a used 2001 Millenia. I have been investigating the features and it would appear that my fog light switch is faulty.

    I had the lights on and when I press the fog light switch the lights come on but go off when I release the button. So they do not stay on.

    Can anyone shed light on this?

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