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Mazda Millenia



  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Nothing against you or your posts, but you have to wonder about a person with a screen name such as yours that only posts in the Millenia topic. I'm not saying it's a crime, but it tends to make one suspicious.

    Post on...
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote maximase2002: "I'm new to this board,
    Someone asked why did I chose the Max over the MM, I don't want to flame anyone but the Maxima just excelled in every area over the MM and the resale value on the MM is a shame."

    You may not, but I consider the blunt statement "the Maxima just excelled in every area over the MM and the resale value on the MM is a shame." to be not only flaming, but also an attempt at a direct and highly biased comparison.

    That post is one of the major reasons I started the Nissan Maxima v. Mazda Millenia thread. It is still open for that type of discussion.

    I also proved your false allegation about the MM resale value to be pure bunk in that thread, by doing a direct Kelly Blue Book comparison between both models of the MM, and the Max GLE.

    If you are not intentionally "flaming" the MM, you are certainly accidentally accomplishing that deed.
  • lets not turn this into a shouting match. We are getting off topic here with taking posts out of context. People choose the car that suits their needs if I could afford multiple cars the MM would be one of them, since I can not I chose the car that suited my needs nothing more nothing less. Can we talk about something else besides why I chose the Max over the MM.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Um, I don't think anyone is shouting.

    I do think that folks' questions about your intent here are legitimate. You say you are interested in lots of vehicles, but still this remains the only discussion in which you have posted.

    That's fine, nothing says you cannot do that. But I must say that I've never seen anyone post only in one dedicated-vehicle discussion when that person does not care for that car ... except when the person has set out to disrupt.

    I am not accusing you of that. Your posts have not been disrupting. I'm just saying I understand why the folks here are looking at you skeptically.

    The way to get the focus off of why you chose the Maxima over the Millennia (which does indeed belong in the discussion fwatson created, not here) is to post a message that doesn't talk about that. Join us and go with the flow. You are - and everyone else is - welcome here as long as you wish to contribute to the conversation in a manner consistent with your Membership Agreement.

    Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions whatsoever.


    Sedans Host
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    How does the oil leak in the supercharger manifest itself? Just curious...
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Here is an article I came across while researching the supercharger oil use problem. I find it interesting, especially the quote I have inserted below. Take the (REMOVE THIS) out of the link along with the spaces before and after it. The link is over 115 characters, and they won't let me post it.


    Quote from: (REMOVE THIS) techarticles_detail.asp?RecordID=11

    "Can the Kenne Bell supercharger damage my engine or shorten my engine life?

    The new car manufacturers don't seem to think so and neither do we. The Mazda Millenia was judged a better car than the Lexus and it has a twin-screw supercharger that is very similar to the Kenne Bell. Then there's the Ford Super Coupe, Jaguar, Buick V6, Mercedes, etc. - all factory equipped with superchargers. Incidentally, NONE are centrifugals."


    I will continue to see what I can find out about the oil problem. I have read that complaint in other forums too.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Check this out to see if it will help you: pat "Lost in the Town Hall? Ask the Sedans Host for directions!" Apr 13, 2002 10:25am.

    You may want to back up a few posts from there to get the whole conversation, but that link will take you to a message explaining how to get around that limit.


    Sedans Host
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I didn't know it worked with the reference.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I'll check that link.
  • Thanks. That has been my point since I've joined I'm tring to take the focus off of me owning a maxima and being treated as if I'm here to cause trouble. The reason I am posting in the MM forum is because this is the most active MM forum I have found. There are some MM sites just starting up, but there isn't to much posting going on there as of yet. I hope i have explained why I haven't posted in the other town hall forums. Again thanks for the welcome!
  • Apparently some oil gets by the seal in the supercharger unit, only in this case the second supercharger evidently had a major leak. It went through about 4 quarts of oil in about 5 weeks. There was no evidence on the garage floor, but the dipstick was showing low. The car would blow blue smoke upon start-up and again after a few hours of sitting. It appears Mazda is aware of the problem but doesn't seem to want to rectify the problem. Probably because it will cost them a fortune to replace/repair cars in the field. Needless to say I am disappointed.
  • I went to the Atlanta Auto Show yesterday. I sat in the Special Edition Millenia. I was not impressed. I didn't like the fake carbon fiber trim. Also saw the Mazda 6...not for me.
  • Is Mzda going to stop production on the MM when the Mazda 6 debuts? Any plans for a limited edition MM before that. Is the RX8 the MM replacement? Any word on the MM after 2003?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    The 2002 is the last Millenia.
  • shoronshoron Posts: 1
    I have a '95 Millenia that I am the only owner (leased new). Purchased extended warranty with the original lease (extended it when I extended the lease) and they have paid major bucks over the past three years (transmission, a/c, rear end, couple of water pumps).
    Now, after the dealer replaced the water pump (under warranty) and did an oil change, 3000 miles later all the oil was gone and the engine is shot. The warranty company first said that they wanted all records of service (6-1/2 years, right), then said that they do not cover anything caused by loss of fluids.
    Dealer (who performed oil change) said there was a sludge build up and that it was not unusual to burn off all the oil in 3000 miles, and that he had even seen it happen in 1000 miles.
    I think that they did not fill it up full when making the oil change and that, in combination with the sludge, caused the problem.
    Now, no one wants to take responsibility, and the car sits at the dealership waiting for some resolve.
    I am at a loss as to my possible recourse.
    Any help/advise will be greatly appreciated.
  • chesterzchesterz Posts: 11
    The best advice I can give you is to contact Mazda zone manager and the general manager of the dealership, not the service manager. Start yelling long and hard to get this resolved. Sludge burning off, give me a break. They just don't want to admit that they screwed up royally on this one. They owe you at least a rebuild on the engine, if not dropping a new one in the vehicle. You may have to take it to Mazda corporate HQ if the regional/zone manager balks. Don't back down at all, you want a replacement engine or fair market "retail" value of the vehicle. Tell them you will work with them on a replacement vehicle and you don't want to have to take this to your local news media with what they have done.

    You need to stand firm on what you want from them. If you have prior service records of work done there, indicate that vehicle not serviced at other places.

    Good luck.
  • dkrabdkrab Posts: 77
    I am new to Mazda and need a quick lesson, if you fine folks don't mind. I am looking a buying a used 95 Millenia (non -S). It has leather, moon roof, both front seats have power adjustments. Drives good, but drifts right a bit and front tires worn a bit more on the insides, but not bad. It'll need new tires in a year. It has 64K miles, and recently had the 60K service done, including timing belt. It has had a few oil leaks fixed, particularly the cam caps. New plug wires and plugs, and a few service calls for rough running. It runs smooth right now, and I am having a Mazda dealership look it over for anything I might have missed. It has had some body work done on the right rear fender. I spoke to the original owner (1 owner car) and he said it was a parking lot fender-bender.

    What else should I look for on this car? How solid is the transmission? I see a couple of posts up someone who has had A/c, trans, water pump trouble. What can I expect, and is this sort of trouble typical? Lastly, assuming it passes mechanical inspection, what's it really worth? Car lot is asking about $9000, which is high. How do Mazda's compare with Honda? I have owned Honda's for the last 8 years with good results.

    Many thanks!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    for a 95 Mill 2.5 seems very high to me. What is attractive about the deal to you?
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