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Mazda Millenia



  • rmck46rmck46 Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 p MM with 17000 mi and Loud trans whine ,rattle ,getting progressively worse.Nhsta has 2 TSB identifing cable problem not specific to S MM.I took it into dealer here in SW Florida.They claim there has been customer complaints and cable identified as source of noise.Dealer said Mazda has not authorized cable replacement.According to dealer problem won't damage transmission but it will not be fixed under warranty.Where and how did you get yours taken care of?Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks rmck46
  • I was offered a price of $22500 plus tax yesterday for a P with 4 Seasons and two-tone paint. I have x-plan and have seen others suggest that maybe there is another $1000 or so available in discount.

    Salesman suggested that with 4.6% financing I could buy with nothing out of pocket and a payment of $360/mo. for 60 mo. Six years ago I paid that payment to buy a $19000 car with 2000 down. The price is amazing considering the level of equipment and styling of this car. Question of course, is do I want to own a discontinued model. I'm also looking at a lease on a Volvo S60 with a 32000 sticker and a lease in the area of $390 with no money down.

    I have one month left on my lease and am thinking of offering to make a deal if they pay my last payment ($300) and knock another $500 off the selling price. Does this sound about right for this car right now. They have four in stock with 3 in acceptable colors. Still, don't know what will be around in another month if I wait.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Something doesn't add up...:
    22,500 / 60 = 375

    My loan calculator shows $22,500 financed for 60 months at 4.6% is $420.49.

    I've seen MM P advertised for $20,900 in the Boston area, not sure though what they had for options.

    Good luck,

  • You're right. The sales guy told me that with the 5000 cash and an additional 1000 down the payment would be $343. I tacked on $20 for subtracting the additional $1000 down.

    Either the selling price was a lot less than $22,500 or the payment period would have to be bigger than 60 months. I'm surprised that I didn't catch the error but the number was so fantastic I guess I just got caught up in the thought of such a great deal.
  • First of all, it's a 2.3l, not a 2.2l.
    Second, it's a supercharged 2.3l, not a turbo 2.2l
    Third, it's a 210HP V6 engine, not just a regular 2.2l four banger, so city gas milage of around 19-20 is normal.

    My 2000 Millenia S has about 53K miles now, never overheats, getting about 19mpg in SoCal traffic with A/C on all the time, rattle-free and oh so much fun to drive.

    BTW, I always drives my millenia hard, pushing the engine to the limit everytime the freeway opened up, and the "supercharger" (no, not a turbo) just keeps pushing and pushing. Has it ever leaked? NO, how much have I paid for engine maintenance so far, less than $700 for almost 3 years.

    Hey scroll up to post #1940 and see how kcm8419's Mill S is getting 23-24mpg city; why not quoting his mpg?? Everyone's driving style is different, which makes mpg on a Mill S varies. I drives hard, so I'm getting 19mpg when my wife's driving it, she's geting 20.5mpg.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Good to hear from you, I was getting worried...
  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    I am looking for a little advice.I have a S.E. Premium Millenia 2002 that the airbag comes on for a while & flashes and then it will go out & stay off for several hours.I taken it to the dealer which they had my car all day.The service man said it they could find a problem becuase the light did not come on while they tested and they put it on some kind machine that did not detect a problem either.When I drove car for about an hour after leaving the dealership the same thing happened.The light does not continuously stay on.
    If anyone has had this problem,please let me know what you did to resolve it.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Don't forget that Mazda provides you with free alternate transportation - loaner car - if you have the car in for repairs! If the dealer doesn't volunteer it, ask and you will receive... :-)

    Fortunately for me, I haven't had any problems with airbag light.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Folks, please -- see pat Sep 22, 2002 6:04pm.

    Maybe some of you don't realize that the Town Hall is not monitored in real time. Most of your hosts - including me - are part time contractors who keep up with posted messages as often as possible. But sometimes it may take a day or two to get to a particular discussion.

    I've always appreciated when a discussion member emails me about any difficulties he or see sees in a discussion. That gets me to the problem areas as soon as I see the email. Otherwise I may not get here for a while.

    Let me mention one other thing -- violations of the Membership Agreement are violations of the Membership Agreement. It does not matter at all that an uncivil, disruptive and off-topic message is posted in *response* to an uncivil, disruptive and off-topic message.

    Uncivil, disruptive and off-topic messages are out of bounds period.

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  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    We have been getting them with much larger rebates than that for over a year. I got $8000 off mine over a year ago.
  • Guys-
    I was reading today's Wall Street Journal and I came across an article in the Personal Journal Section.The article is about how Auto Dealers are ruining the RESALE value on used car.
    The incentives and 0% financing they are offering according to the article is depreciating the value of the used car market.
    What stood out to me was the Mazda Millenia S, they are saying that on a 2000 "S"- the trade in value is worth $13,608.00, meaning the car lost 55.5% of its value.
    I don't think that's correct because when I turned in my 1999 Millenia "P", the residual was in the $14,000.00 dollar range.

    Has anyone tried to trade in their 2000 "S",and if you did what is the trade in value?
  • phatpatphatpat Posts: 22
    Preguntas: First of all recently I went to start my 95 Mill S and the car turned over and died. I immediately thought it was possibly the battery or alternator. Then I realized the inside lights were fine but when I turned the key nothing happened, I mean nothing. So anwyway I got it towed to my mechanic and they did a couple days worth of troubleshooting because the battery and alternator appeared to be fine. They replaced the starter and some relay either before or after it and nothing continued to happen when trying to start it up. So finally to end this they ran a computer check on the engine and found one cable way underneath that I guess allows the computer to basically talk to the engine and that fixed the problem. But now when I start the car for the first time everytime it makes a strange kind of screeching grinding noise, I then turn the key back and do it again and it starts up fine. Any ideas whatsoever out there? Any info is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
  • It sounds like the starter they put in may have a problem. I'm new to this discussion, I bought a 2002 Millenia S (platinum silver) back in April 02. Car has every option including stainless door sills, 4 seasons, CD changer, etc. except 2 tone paint. I paid $25,500 including $500 college grad rebate including adding splash guards and a rear spoiler. I'm completely satisfied with the car and dealership. I sold these cars for the same dealership in 1994 when they first came out so I'm very familar with them. Right now car has 9,800 miles on it and I'm getting 21 mpg compared to 19 mpg when the weather was warmer (live in Missouri) and I drive the car hard.
  • un_yzun_yz Posts: 12
    I just noticed that the front-rear defroster switch doesn't glow in night. The dealer is saying that is standard. Anybody, any feedback ?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    up to and MY2000:
    There is only one bulb in that A/C control unit. If the ring around the temp dial glows it is working as intended.

    There is a separate bulb for the defroster switch.
  • With my lease expiring next month I've been looking in the near and entry level luxury area. From a purchase price-features and luxury perspective nothing approaches the Millenia. With a price in the 22-23K area it is 7 to 12K cheaper than the competition. I like some of the competition but my budget is tight and right now it's hard for me to justify an extra 100-150/mo on the car payment.

    Acknowledging that the Millenia is not state of the art it still is exceptionally well equipped, comfortable and stylish and there is little if anything that can be bought in the 22-23K range that competes with it.

    The question remains as to whether resale might be a deterrant to buying this car. With the general used car market in free fall because of heavy new car sales I don't believe the Millenia will be that much worse than most in the resale area. My Galant going off lease is worth 2K less than the residual. Sure Toyotas and Hondas may do better but most cars don't. I just heard today that a two year old Taurus has depreciated from 18K to 8K. Given the liklihood that this car will be reliable and therefore, I'll probably keep it 3-4 years at least I don't think resale will be crucial.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    2000 Millenia S is 3 years old now - in "car model years" (2003 models are out, and it won't depreciate much anymore).

    So, if it was bought for $26,000 and after 3 model years it is worth $14,000 - depreciation is $4,000 year. Not bad, something like $340/month.

    Simple math!

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Once again the comparison misses the proper thread, but here are the facts from the Wall Street Journal.

    2000 Millenia S - Retail $30695 - Trade $13603

    2000 Maxima GXE - Retail $21569 - Trade $11592

    As we all know, Millenia S can be bought all day long for less than $25000, and you will be hard pressed to find a GXE for $21569. These figures are wildly misleading because they DO NOT reflect the actual purchase prices of these cars. If you don't believe that, go to the respective dealers and price them.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Oh, so we're we're talking "trade-in" value. This is much lower than "private party sale value", which is still lower than "dealer price". I bet 2000 Mill S would be $16-17K off a dealer lot.
  • That's what I meant- Trade in value.
    But don't you think that is a bit low for the "S" model?
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