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Looking to buy. Answers please.



  • I bought a used 06LS/V8, everything but Nav and it's traction control and I'm here in N. VA where we just had major Snow Storm(s) and the snow removal crews are excellent on major roads but lacking on secondary and neighborhood roads and I was stuck only once (and it wasn't traction control), I was unknowingly almost in a soft median.

    I shopped high and low and the LS had MOST luxury features for the $$$$s by far, and I'm certain because they stopped making them (in 06) it devalued them even more.

    I also own an 02 Ford F150 SuperCrew and I've barely driven since I bought the Lincoln LS. I've put over 6kmiles on it since Oct09. There's very good prices on them. Good luck.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    The're definitely nice cars for the money. I've had my '05 for almost two years and it's been great. I'm getting a miss now and then so I'm gonna have to do the coils but that's to be expected.

    I just bought a set of wheels from an '06 and had new Eagle GT all-seasons installed. I hope this makes mine better in the snow. I love the '06 wheels, I was gonna get aftermarket but none looked better than these.
  • I just bought a set of rim/tires, 18"-245/35/18 Bridgestones, replacing the factory 17" Non Chrome (I hate the Non Chrome but love the Chrome factory set) but I couldn't find them anywhere reasonable. I did like the Michelin's that were on there. My first time owning a car with them. And I see why folks swear by them but I'm too cheap, so I just buy other tires and SWEAR:):):)

    I purchased them with Rims/Tires/balanced/Lugs,... I only had to mount them and pay an additional $30.00 delivery/handling charge for about $1350.00

    Oh, I've had no issues thusfar, except a rear Window Regulator, though it's under warranty, I'll probably just fix it myself.

    Too much time/money, waiting on parts, travel,... going to dealers.

    I've had to replace Coils in my truck, if you go online, they're not nearly as expensive.
  • I have the V8 on a 2002 LSE and it's a rocket. Earlier reviews said the V6 was lacking enough power for this vehicle.
  • antoniukantoniuk Posts: 8
    edited April 2011
    Well you probably made your choice already but if you're still looking hope you will find this info/advice helpful. Very few cars came with the THX system. If you find an LS with the THX system I wouldn't change the system at all. In case your wondering it's also not worth trying to install a THX system from one car to another it is not a strait forward swap and will require major electrical modifications. There is also an audiophile system that is the next step down from the THX and it sounds pretty good too. For an aftermarket upgrade it is better to have just the basic 4 speaker system as you can replace the speakers with some high quality component speakers in the doors and keep the factory radio intact if you like. If you want to change the head unit (stereo) the car can fit a double din radio. Don't listen to Crutchfield for some reason they think it won't fit. I think this is because the aftermarket installation kits for the double din did not come out until 2005. Maybe their installer that checked the car out is just plain stupid or something. The Metra double din kit is a perfect fit and there are two versions. One is a black colored kit and the other is silver. The silver is perfectly matched to the LS interior color (they used the factory color to match it). You can do a web search and find it easily online. The Sosche kit only comes in black as far as I know and word is they don't work as well as the Metra kits. As far as speakers the doors have 5x8 in the front and rear door panels but you can do an easy mod and install a 6.5" component set in all four doors for the best sound. On the rear deck there are 6.8/6x9 cutouts on the rear deck even if the car has no speakers mounted there. You can do an easy mod and install a 6.5" sub or 6x9" sub or even an 8" on the rear deck lid underneath on the trunk side. See my other post just search here in the Forum for Lincoln ls speakers and it should come up. There I talk about how to take off the door panels and how to access the rear panel deck location. By the way some of the LS's with the audiophile system had factory 6x9 installed on the rear deck. If so they are also using a factory amplifier which is located on the rear quarter panel behind the trim in the trunk and also there is an amp mounted on the rear deck between the 6x9's. If you have the audiophile system you can just swap out the speakers for a nice upgrade and keep the factory amps in place.
  • I am looking into finding one myself. Just recently after driving my brother in laws for two days and falling in love!! I just want to say great questions. Reading these posts have helped me alot as well! :)
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