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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • bigfigbigfig Posts: 35
    response to harshwe...
    brought my van back last thursday to the dealer and showed them your message concerning your problem on your Venture. they also had never seen this on any silo or venture since they are both a chevy and olds dealership. They water tested while I waited for the van to be serviced. they showed me that the water was going thru the boots and running to the left side of van exiting between the panels of the air inflator. they sealed both boots with silicone sealant and water tested again. No Leaks. The next day I washed the van and also could not find any leaks. Hopefully all has been solved. I also called Oldsmobile customer assistance and made them aware of this problem so they can inform their design dept.
    My latest discovery is that someone failed to put tray in for the ash tray.Since I am not a smoker,did not even think to look at the ashtray compartment when I picked up the van. Was more interested in seeing that there were no scratches on the body,tears in the leather and other major things. How we can overlook some things.
  • SAhladasSAhladas Posts: 35
    Call it sour grapes if you want, here is GMs response to the IIHS offset test.

    Be sure to check out the topics crash tests and Oddy vs silhouette for recent discussions on this subject. One crash test does not a safe car make.
  • mcozensmcozens Posts: 3
    3200 miles and happy. Did have one problem, was driving and heard a strange noise on the roof!
    Thought something was caught on the roof rack.
    The weatherstripping had come out from around the front windshield, and was flapping on the roof.
    It looked like there was no adhesive/sealant on the top, and little around the sides. Dealer fixed
    right away. Getting great mileage. Seems like you go forever on a tank. Will update in a few months.
  • silopremsiloprem Posts: 1
    Bought 2000 Premier Van in February. Similar to SAFETY CONCERNED had a lot of GM Card rebates, but was concerned about IIHS test results. Admit I still think about test, but have convinced myself it wasn't worth losing the rebates. Don't think van is dangerous or unsafe, but could be improved from safety standpoint. How often do you have a 40 mph frontal offset crash? I think most crashes would be side impact or frontal head-on or rear-end--and not at 40 mph. My wife and I are both over 40, but not eligible for AARP, so we aren't what you call reckless drivers.

    In any event, other than thinking about the test from time to time, couldn't be happier with the van. We went to Florida from Chicago (2,800+ round trip) in late March. Entertainment system is great for long trips, with or without kids. Seats are comfortable. Especially liked battery saving feature when I left an interior light on after pre-setting radio stations in our garage. It's a nice idiot feature. Engine and tranny seem excellent. Another nice feature is built-in air compressor. Agree with other comments that the range is unbelievable with 25 gallon tank. We haven't had any problems so far. Would recommend this van to anyone.
  • drivehard1drivehard1 Posts: 20
    We own a 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette GLS with about 17,000 miles. There is a slight engine noise when the van is warm and only in park. It sounds like marbles rubbing, I've heard of a problem like that in another post where the owner had to overhaul the engine, there is no noise in drive, reverse but only in park! Do you think if I would try a higher octane gas It could solve the noise? I use regular 87 octane, but could it be I could use a higher octane gas. I really like the van and don't want to have the engine rebuilt.
    Thanks alot!!
  • tauberjtauberj Posts: 61

    We got our Premiere on 12/1/99 and absolutely love it. The traction control works great in the snow. The van is quiet, handles well, and gets great gas mileage. We find the leather seats are comfortable too, whether sitting in the front, middle or rear rows. Spend the extra money for the heated seats if you get leather, it's well worth it! Last, but not least, is the video system. We're glad we got this as we recently made a round trip from NJ to Detroit with a 3 and 6 year old. The video system made the long drive enjoyable. We set rules for our kids on when the video is allowed to go on, so they know what to expect.
  • ggsteveggsteve Posts: 5
    I can't believe no one has experienced the maddening problems we have had with water in all but one of the exterior light lenses on our 97. I'm talking about pools of water, inches deep! The hazard lenses and headlight lenses in the front and the passenger taillight lense in the rear all have water in them. Both of the headlight lenses and one hazard lense were replaced back when the car was in warranty, but the problem persists with the new lenses. It has to be an embarrasment to a dignified brand such as Olds that they have to put up with this.
  • I had the water-in-the-headlight syndrome on my 97 silo...looked like miniature aquariums. Could have raised golfish in there. Both sides were replaced under warranty, and problem has not re-occurred with new assemblies. Haven't seen water in the tail lights, though (knock on plastic).

    You're right, it's maddening.

    I miss the old days when you could buy a round or square headlight, install it in two minutes, and be done with it.
  • joehedgesjoehedges Posts: 4
    Actually headlights are easier to replace today. I was suprised to find that you can replace only the bulb on modern headlights, no screws or retainer rings. Simply pull the connector and give a twist to the bulb holder. The new bulb comes with a new holder.

    I don't know this to be true on GM's it was the case on my 90 Chrysler.
  • marleahmarleah Posts: 7
    I've read the insurance instute evaluations and the GM response. I agree that you cannot evaluate a vehicle on only one test, and that the front offset crash test is evaluating a very rare and unusual accident. HOWEVER, take a look at the 5 mph bumper tests and you'll see some interesting $$$ numbers. I think everyone can agree that backing into a pole at 5 mph isn't that unusual. If you do it in a new Ody, you'll pay @$560 (which I consider ludicrous), do it in a Silho and it's @$2,600!?!! Criminy!!! Feedback?
  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    OK, you ask for feedback, here it is:

    #1. Since when is backing into poles not "unusual". I would suggest learning how to drive first...

    #2. If you do wreck your vehicle, I would hope that your insurance would pay for the repair as opposed to having that money come out of your pocket (I would hope). Given that, how much would it cost to insure each vehicle in the stat that I live in (Minnesota) through the larget automobile insurance company in the U.S. (State Farm):
    With identical coverage on both vehicles-
    2000 Silo GLS $492.15 every 6 months
    2000 Ody EX $570.63 every 6 months

    #3. Since you are obviously an Ody owner or advocate, may I suggest you use the appropriate forum under which to express your opinion. That would be #1037 - Oldsmobile Silhouette GLS vs. Honda Odyssey EX.

    And no, I dont own a Silo or Ody. I am looking to purchase soon and have been doing my homework for a good nine months. I am glad people have opinions and are winning to express them; I just wish they would do so under the appropriate venue.
  • marleahmarleah Posts: 7
    What a coincidence; we seem to have something in common because "no, I dont own a Silo or Ody. I am looking to purchase soon and have been doing my homework." I am at a loss as to why I was attacked so nastily when I was making a simple observation and inquiry into possible quality issues, which concern me far more than the offset frontal crash test results that have everyone in an uproar. I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't clear in my first post so I will attempt to clarify my thoughts.

    I have been interested in buying a silo but the consistent nagging question of quality persists. For example, in regards to the Silhouette and her sisters (Venture and Montana) the Popular Mechanics website states "...from behind the wheel they're unpolished--even crude. Their interiors are noisy, the ABS groans... and the plastic in their interiors is awash with flash and ill-fit..." and I can quote others. From reading past posts I know that I don't dare quote Consumer Reports here, LOL!, even if I completely trusted them. This conflicts with statements from owners who like their vans...a lot! I guess I've been doing so much research that my head is spinning from the arguments and different opinions.

    Allow me to explain the logic behind my previous post and clarify my question. Part of the official GM response to the IIHS frontal offset crash tests was that this particular test shows a very rare, "UNUSUAL" kind of accident; I believe the number was .0004% of all accidents. OK, sounds fine. I think people are focusing to hard on that one particular test. The test I reference is about the vans being hit (or something hitting the van) at 5 mph. As the IIHS-HLDI website states, "Bumpers should protect car bodies from damage in low-speed collisions, the kind that frequently occur in congested urban traffic. But many don't."

    I firmly believe that fender benders and low-speed collisions are indeed "not unusual", at least in comparison to frontal-offset crashes. I know that cars are designed to absorb a certain amount of the crash and therefore some damage should be expected. However, for a van to inflict $560 of damage from this (note I said "ludicrous") much less $2,600 is to me frustrating and amazing. I may be the eternal pessimist, but maybe my Dad is right in saying car companies do this on purpose to make money in their repair shops!

    ********** My question is: Is it unrealistic of me to expect that a minor fender-bender should cause a minor amount of damage/cost? Or is this a reflection of poor design and/or quality? Does this then reflect overall on the vehicle and possibly the manufacturer? If I pay $25,000 for a van, shouldn't I expect it to maintain integrity (pieces not fall off within a month of purchase, not be in the shop for a week because a moped hit it)? If I pay for the bells and whistles (or in this case, the audio and video system) is it likely to malfunction or be of poor quality? I know that every car line produces the occasional lemon, but are they lemons or overall flaws? Am I just THINKING TOO MUCH? LOL...insanely...********

    Wholigan, you are being rather naive if you don't think the insurance money is coming out of your pocket one way or another. The more the insurance companies shell out to repair your vehicle, the more, ultimately, we all pay in premiums! They'll also want to use aftermarket parts to trim costs. Low premiums for a silo are a good point and one that has been mentioned several times. That's one of the reasons I've been looking into buying one. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone personally who has owned one, so I have to rely on others for input. (I know lots of Caravan owners, all of whom have replaced their transmissions before 50,000 miles, but that's another forum.)

    [BTW, I have been in 4 accidents in my life. The first was at age 16 when, ironically, I did indeed back into a pole (I can explain that it was dark and there were no rear-view mirrors in the car I was driving, but it was still not my proudest moment). The others were when I was t-boned at high speed by a car thief running a red light (my first new car *sob* sustained $14,000 damage but I just had a sore neck); rearended by someone going 50 mph who mashed me into the back of a van (I walked away from my utterly destroyed mid-sized sedan with 1 small scratch and gave birth to a healthy baby a few months later); and rearended again--this time in my husband's new car--by someone with no insurance (I was at the time taking my baby to the hospital for surgery, yet another gloriously crappy day). You don't have to explain to me about accidents, insurance co-pays and premiums, LOL!]

    I deeply apologize for what could be perceived as posting an "Ody vs Silo" point here; since those were the two vans we were considering at the time of the posting, the numbers jumped out and stuck with me. Please allow me to rephrase the statement:
    "If you do it [back into a pole or other object or get rearended, etc. at an extremely low speed] in a new Quest, you'll pay @$240 (which I consider ludicrous), do it in a Silho and it's @$2,600!?!! Criminy!!!" Better?

    You know, "I am glad people have opinions and are winning to express them; I just wish they would do so under the appropriate venue." I also wish they would do so somewhat politely and without jumping to conclusions!
  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    B*I*G H*U*G!

    In no way was I trying to attack you! I found it a little odd that the crash tests got mentioned, kind of out of the middle of nowhere, and then you had to use the O word...

    No dissertation - just a couple of comments...

    The driving comment was a cheap shot. I am sorry.

    "Is it unrealistic of me to expect that a minor fender-bender should cause a minor amount of damage/cost?" No.
    "Or is this a reflection of poor design and/or quality?" Is this a fair statement? Can you correlate the quality of the vehicle with the how the vehicle performed in a bumper test?

    "Wholigan, you are being rather naive if you don't think the insurance money is coming out of your pocket one way or another." All I did was relay the quote that was given to me by State Farm - nothing more - nothing less.

    You are correct; we are in a similar boat. I will be buying soon either a Silo or Ody. I am fighting with myself because I have had an excellent ownership experience with an Oldsmobile (see #11 above). I am really tired, however, of the pro-Ody crowd and their insistence on how they have the best minivan in the world. This vehicle has been out for less than two years!

    All I really wanted to do was make the case for the right post in the right venue. You gave me the opportunity so I took it - Sorry if it came off as abrasive!

    And yes, I probably would not have posted a thing if you had used the Quest comparison... ;-)

    Happy Researching!
  • blackcurrantblackcurrant Posts: 152
    Get out and drive them. Buy the one that suits your ergonomic preference, driving style, interior layout, etc. All this armchair research would make anyone batty!

    We chose the silo cause the driving experience suited us best. The interior concerns raised by pop mech are so absurdly petty.

    Folks, draw your own conclusions based on your own experiences and stop tormenting yourselves with this silly rheotoric.

    It's so much easier to find the vehicle you need by ACTUALLY sitting in it and driving it!

    The insurance rate differential is true. So why sweat the higher bumper repair expense on the silo when the NET cost to you is the same, no, actually cheaper due to lower premiums?
  • SAhladasSAhladas Posts: 35
    Amen black current, as usual, we see eye to eye on this one. Now that you have read the trade rags, go out and take a look yourself and get those synapses firing, use make the decision YOUR, not PM, MT, CR, .....

    I see the 'cheap plastic' statement comment made on the GM frequently, I must not recognise cheap plastic when I see it, because I've owned a GM for over 2 years and like the interior and nothing has been broken of wacked out of alignment. It is ironic to see PM alledge the GM is noisy, since I believe it is PM that publishes sound pressure levels that say it is a quite vehicle.

    Spending $25K is a lot of dough for most anyone, but it is suprising how people can latch on to little things and let it bias their decision. Probably the most amusing thing you will find here in the Vans conference is a 30 post discussion on the best cupholders.

    If price will be a factor, figure the Ody at list and the GM at $200 above invoice for comparison.

    So what are you waiting for?? Go out there and drive a Ody and GM, don't listen to anyone on the internet, they're all nuts (except for me).
  • marleahmarleah Posts: 7
    Thanks for the voices of reason! I'm breathing deeply now... Hmm, buzz words to avoid in posts: crash test, Ody, Consumer Reports... P-D

    Problem is we only have 1 car and husband has it at work until laaaate plus Saturday, and dealers are closed here on Sunday. Stuck at home with the kids & Web, no wonder I'm going nuts, unable to get out, actually look and compare.

    (Unbelievable irony but last night we decided against an Ody because we couldn't see/test one; this morning dealer calls to say they are on the lot, $500 down and drive it away!)

    All of this may be lucky timing for us, though, because there are such unbelievable interest rates right now. If we are getting a NEW minivan with full warranty, that calms my nerves.

    My focus on the bumper test is because 1) no one else seemed to notice it, 2) the price differences were so big! 3)to me it is representative of the manufacturer's attitude: "Toss them some cupholders and they'll be happy", 4) previous posts were arguing over validity of 1 test. Well, here's test #2, again not in favor of certain vehicles. Trend? Despite my crash record (all in Honda's, BTW) I'm not obsessed with the crash ratings, but these are my kids I'm thinking about. I need as much help as I can get to keep them safe!

    Again, we all pay for the expenses incurred by insurance companies. It eventually comes out of my pocket one way or another; this maybe goes under the same heading as good fuel economy or environmental friendliness.

    I need to test drive and find a dealer I'm comfortable with. (Hah!) I totally agree with the keep things in perspective, and in the right thread. wholigan, "venue" is an interesting choice of words, BTW. Makes me think of hockey rink, boxing ring, and that isn't far off the truth around here! So we'll see what happens today.
  • gregoryngregoryn Posts: 2
    In looking for a Silo here in Florida, I found one dealer in the area (within 30 minutes) that would bring the car to my home for a test drive. You might try that approach. I found that Auto Nation dealers were very net-centric. When I did go to a dealer that I had conversed with over the net, I was treated with much courtesy as an informed buyer. After the Silo we wanted was still on their lot a month later, I called the salesman with a trade-in/offer which I thought was quite fair, and they accepted it. Of course, saying you're gonna finance the car will normally get you a good deal.
    At 0.9% for 0 months, there was no other choice.

    BTW, we've got 1800 miles on our 2000 Silo GLS and love it. The power door (we have 6 and 9 yr olds, plus a 7 month old) is so convenient that the driver side rear door is rarely used (just when I wash the van). Of course, I rarely get to drive it... Overall, it's a big improvement over the 1993 TranSport we had, where if you were over 5 feet tall the last row of seats was off limits.
    My parents have a 1999 Silo, and I seem to see more and more of them on the road each day.
  • blackcurrantblackcurrant Posts: 152
    I thought i was seeing more of them myself. I think folks are getting the idea they're a good value.
  • blackcurrantblackcurrant Posts: 152
    Sorry you have trouble getting out for the test drives. I have two small children myself and i can relate to the difficulties involved. And it becomes consuming too, i understand. Just try to take your time and ENJOY yourself. Getting a new vehicle should be fun!

    Keep us posted..........
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