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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • Actually, on the 2002 Silhouette, the rate for the 5yr loan goes from 5.9% to 4.9%, and on the Aurora from 5.9% to 2.9%. We took the $1000 rebate (unchanged) on the Aurora and got other financing. We were unable to wait on the van due to the closeout of our local Oldsmobile dealership. If we had waited until today to sign papers, we whould have had to ship the van to another dealer (at least 40 miles away), they would not have to sell it to us (dealers are not required to do employee sales), and we would have to re-negotiate the trade-in of our 1999 Silhouette. It would be quite possible that a new dealer would keep the van (and not let us have it) as they seem to be chomping at the bit to get the AWD models. In our particular case, our deal is still fantastic, after tax, CA DMV, and trade (only half paid for), we financed $29K on a van with a $37K sticker.
  • Just found this site and I was wondering if any of you out there experienced this problem: The car stalls and won't start in hot weather. I just bought our 01 Silo GLS 2 weeks ago. The first time it died was Tuesday at 280 miles in a hot afternoon here in sunny Florida. Dealer came and towed it. The next morning they said it starts fine and there was no error code set on the computer. So I took it home. It starts fine in the mornings while it was cool. Then on Thursday evening, I went out to dinner with the GM of the company and the car died at the restaurant (how embarrassing!) with 327 miles. I called OnStar and they performed engine diagnostic remotely (cool!) and found no code set. It took them and AAA an hour to arrive and they are not allowed to provide rides home (what was I suppose to do 45 minutes from home?). Since it was late and the outside temperature cooled down, I tried to start it... and it ran. So, yesterday I was on my way home from work, it stalled again in the hot Florida sun at 365 miles. This time in the middle of the intersection. This time it took OnStar and the dealer 45 minutes to pick-up the car. Again, there is no code set on the car's computer.

    Needless to say, in my rage I am glad Olds is closing its doors for good. Anyway, am I the only one who has a lemon or are there more of you out there?
  • Gordbert -
    Sounds like a problem I had with my last car (a Lincoln). The fuel pump was failing on hot days. I could drive to work every morning fine but the car stalled a couple of days in a row when I was coming home. Changed out the fuel pump and everything was fine. Don't know if that's the same problem with your Silo but you might check with the dealer.
  • I'm not sure I would suspect the fuel pump on the Silhouette since it is in the gas tank and should not heat up much. Since no codes are stored, the service people should do a thorough search of components that are not tied into the diagnostic system. I would suspect something under the hood, as this area heats up considerably above air temp if the vehicle is in the sun or has been run. You did not say if there was any loss of electrical power, if not loss of fuel is the most likely cause. The fuel pressure regulator could be at fault. Other more esoteric possibilities are: a cracked fuse element (bad from the start) that seperates when hot (ignition system), a wire somewhere in the power to the coils that was damaged during build, malfunction of some kind in an unmonitored section of the theft deterrent system. Bottom line, the dealer should keep the van until the real problem is found and fixed!
  • I got to drive the 2002 AWD Silhouette yesterday on a short trip that included: a 4 mile 6% grade, flat but windy 55mph freeway, a 1/2 mile 8% grade, lots of very bumpy surface streets, a short,twisty 15% grade, and some of my normal commute routes (can you tell that we live in the mountains?). The van feels much heavier that the 1999 GLS and requires more push on the gas pedal to make it go, but the engine and tranny respond and the van gets up and goes just fine. It has a much firmer on center feel (nice), and corners much better. Braking is excellent, and the pedal feel is familiar (like the 1999), though still soft when compared to my Aurora. The transmission did a great job of gear selection for the 65mph 6% climb and held the proper gear all the way up. The 8% short grade was handled equally well, but it is only a 55mph climb. The 15% twisty is on a 35mph road, and the van dropped to 2nd gear as the pedal was pushed to maintain speed. You can really tell the weight difference here, but again plenty of power is on tap. Cornering is much flatter than the 1999, the van just feels tighter and inspires more confidence. I like it, there will be less (though still a fair amount) of a difference when I change from the daily drives in the Aurora to the weekend trips in the van.

    So, has anyone else got a 2002 AWD van yet? Anybody taken a test drive? Any road sightings?
  • I've checked the 3 GM dealers who sell the mini-vans and none of them can tell me when they might even get any in. It ashame but quite a few salesmen didn't even know they sold an AWD mini-van.

    I'm in Cleveland Oh. A salesmen did a 300 mile search and couldn't locate one.

    Just curious if anyone else knows of a dealer that has an AWD in stock?

    I even checked the and checked different states but still couldn't find one.
  • Thanks, mrushing and hardesty. The electricals worked just fine. It just acted like it was starving for fuel. I haven't heard from the dealer yet, but I will keep this message board updated just in case there are others out there with similar problem.
  • A few weeks ago, during a routine LOF service stop, I spoke to the salesman that sold us our '01 GLS. I mentioned to him that there would be an AWD version of the Silo coming out, and would like to see them when they get in. He, along with the entire sales staff, knew nothing of the AWD version of the Silo coming out. Anyway, stopped in the other day to have the CD player replaced and had a chance to speak with him again. He mentioned to me that the regional Sales Rep ( I am in S. Dakota) stopped in, and mentioned to them that they wouldn't be getting any AWD Silo's until midway through the model year. He didn't go into any further details about it. I wonder if they are having production issues, or since we are in the midwest, we might be the last location to see the AWD version.
  • I would think that if I could order and get one in CA, that anybody else could. Maybe they are waiting to see if mine falls apart before making any more! Just passed 100 miles today (got to drive it to work to show it off) and the more I drive it, the more I like it. Way better handling than the 1999 GLS FWD. I wonder if the dealers in Canada are getting preference for the AWD models.
  • I guess they are monitoring you closely to see how you do. :)

    An area Oldsmobile dealer said he couldn't even order one for me. I'm not sure if he just didn't want to deal with placing an order or if it was the truth.

    The day before a different Olds dealer was going to place an order but we couldn't come to an agreement with my trade in.
  • The verdict is in and it's the wiring harness from the computer to the fuel injectors. Took them about 3 days to trace down the problem. Hopefully they isolated the correct one.
  • We bought our 1998 GL in 2000. We have been pretty happy with the van. Dealership takes care of us pretty good. Got everything fixed that we asked for. We had a rattling noise coming from the cowl. Fixed. We had condensation in our front parking lamp. Fixed. What puzzles the dealer and myself is the noise that comes from somewhere either, underneath the floor, or in the engine comparment. It does not matter whether you are driving or you are stopped. There is no pattern to when it makes this STRANGE noise. We have not had any performance problems with it, just annoying and concerning. It makes 5 thumping noises consecutively in about 3 seconds. It does it just out of the blue. The van won't make the noise for about 2 months. Then it will come back, sometimes 3 times in a day. I have been outside the van when it has happened also. I still can't tell where it is coming from. Dealer has no idea, because, of course, it does not happen when they have it. I bought an extended warranty, thank goodness. From previous postings it sounds to me like it might be the rack making the noise. Does any one else have the same problem and have come up with a solution?
  • Hardesty,
    Just curious if you were able to take advantage of the free golf bag GM was giving away with the purchase of an Oldsmobile? Supposed to be over a $200 value.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110

    I bought my '01 GLS on August 29th. I wonder if I'm eligible to get one? Any idea?

  • I am in the market for a minivan (never had one before) and have one concern about the Silo - It's small engine and thus limited towing capacity. Does anyone else have a boat and if so, how does the Silo do in pulling it out of a boat ramp? My other option I'm considering is the 3.8 liter Chrysler Town and Country, but we are blown away with the comfort and gadgets in the Silo Premiere.

    I don't have a boat yet, but hopefully will have one in a few years. It appears that it could tow an 18ft boat and would be stretching it for a 19ft which are rarely less than 3500 lbs w/trailer. The down side for me is I'm trading in a perfectly capable SUV (Explorer) in lieu of a van for my wife and kids.
  • I received some a packet from GM(Oldsmobile)for Ryder Cup advertising. If I took a Olds for a test drive I received a dozen free balls. If I made a purchase by 12/31/01 I can receive a free Limtied Edition Ryder Cup golf bag.

    I guess it pays to ask for info on their website.

    What I have is a card that has to be filled out by dealer and returned.

    If you have a card I would say you qualify. The don't really give a start date but I'm guessing I recieved this in late August. If not I can't say whether they are giving the out or not but you can try calling 1-800-984-2580 and see if it's possible to get one.

    I actually received two packages but I'm not sure if I kept the 2nd one. If you can't get a card I can take a look and see if I can find it.

    Good luck,

  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    Rob - Was it a card you had to send in? I could always call the number and tell them I sent it in and "Hey, where's my Golf Bag"? Think it'll work?
    They can check their records and see I just bought a GLS.


    Thanks, will try the number this week.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    Rob, right after I sent the last post, I re-read yours. So the dealer has to complete it. I'll try the number anyway. Thanks.
  • I think it could work. Chances are they won't contact the dealer and ask them if they filled out the card.

    The dealer simply puts their store number on it along with vehicle information. They won't have any record of actually filling it out.

    Definitely worth a shot.
  • yzfyzf Posts: 65

    With towing package, hitch and wiring, the Olds Silo is rated to tow up to a maximum of 3,500 pounds. That's assuming you don't load the van up as well. Figure a lot less than 3,500 if you have people and gear in the van. Towing on FWD minivans is really for light duty. I don't own a boat, but I've towed a large grill mounted on a trailer and a trailer with two smallish motorcycles with my 01 Olds Silo Premiere and have had no problems whatsover (only other occupant in the vehicle was my wife).

    With regards to boat ramps, keep in mind that the angle of some boat ramps (i.e., steeper ones) will make more work for the minivan as the weight will be even more distributed in the rear leaving less over the front drive wheels. If the ramp is wet, you may slip the wheels. In fact, in the towing section of this board, I think I read about someone having that exact problem with their FWD minivan.

    With regards to the Explorer, my understanding is there is pretty decent interior space in those vehicles with RWD/4WD platform. Why go to a minivan if you really don't need to?

    Hope this helps.
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