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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    I had new rear shocks put on the back of our (early) '99 silo. They are self leveling. Now the van adjusts up, but it never goes down, it just adds air.

    It did not do this prior to the new shocks.

  • Did you get the GM shocks? Aftermarket third-party shocks will not work correctly in the silo. If you need new shocks, you can save a lot from That's where we got ours for our recently-departed 2000 Silo (replaced by a new 2006 Ody, that's another story).
  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    a number of members have put aftermarket rear shocks on these vans with no complaints. My problem is that the system is not venting to release the pressure in the system.

    I put in a new leveling arm [non-permissible content removed]., but that was not the issue and the dealer kindly took the part back. So the sending unit that tells the system to lower is not working or the vent is clogged or the delay system is allowing the vent to open. Problem is the diagnostic instructions I have don't have the right colors for the wires, I need to test with the White wire! There is no white wire! DDOOOHHh.

    I need the correct diagnostic instructions for a '99 Premiere.

    Anyone just bypass the ride level and use the plain old air shocks like we did in the '70's?
  • Does anyone know if the headlight from a 1992 Pontiac Transport will fit a 1992 Olds Silhouette?
  • I have the same van and am having the same problem. The van is just over 100K miles. The dealer wants $2,000 to fix it. Am wondering if this is reasonable and if you ever get yours fixed. The van is in good shape and I hate to spend that money without checking for alternative.

  • I have a problem with my driver's side power sliding door on my 2002 Silhouette Premiere. The door opens fine but when you close it (using any buttons)it keeps trying to close even though it's already in the closed position. I can still hear the motor (actuator?)still trying to close the door. After a few seconds of this the door opens back up by itself. Any ideas?
  • Try using a soft pencil eraser to clean the contacts at the bottom of the door.
  • Thanks for the reply....however I had already tried that only I used some steel wool and lightly cleaned them..still no different. Any more ideas anyone?
  • ;) Thanks for the help anyways.I got it fixed....I disconnected the positive battery cable for 5-10 minutes , hooked it back up and it works as good as new again.
  • Had water come from roof console for a second time. Seems like a common problem with the GM minivans. Anyone know what the fix is?
  • Hi there - had the transmission serviced was told had metal in it and asked if it clunked - NO - but then a week later it starts to clunk intermittantly on acceleration - is this the transmission or? Do you keep driving on it or better to fix it asap?? Cheapest options please
  • We had this problem last year. THe heat guage would spike up and down, there was no heat put out in winter time either. I believe ours was the intake manifold gasket. The part cost $75 and the labor over $1000. It took them almost 2 full days to do the repair.
  • What model year do you have? Mine is '98. The head gasket problem started 3 months after we replaced the manifold gasket.

    Not saying this would happen to you but the head gasket was a $2k repair to us.
  • Can any of you share any other owner sites/groups?

  • I have an 02 Premiere, and the DVD must be played either through the stereo, or the wireless headphones. I want to listen to FM, but then set up a speaker in the back for the DVD, my 2 y/o can't quite listen to headphones. I thought of rigging up some sort of speaker to the wireless frequency....would that work? Anyone know the frequency?
  • Well.....I was hoping it wouldn't happen but it did. Took it in for an oil change and mechanic found that unmistakable brown sludge on the oil cap. Gasket blew. Three days and $2100 later the girl's back on the road. Chalk me up as another one of those Statistics! I just can't believe GM turns their back on this problem and doesn't do a recall! :mad:
  • I have an 02 Silo w/AWD. Recently, the AWD Disabled light has been coming on, right after the front tires spin in the snow, not in heavy use. I know the manual says it will disable under heavy use, but this happens after only 100 feet of driving. Could there be another reason why it's overheating? I took it to a GM dealer, and they said the codes aren't stored in the computer, and have no idea why it's doing it. They said "it's designed to do it". I have a hard time believing that one, that it can get stuck on a flat road with the front tires spinning.
  • Followup

    I just bought this vehicle from a dealer. I was informed it's still under a 6/60 warranty. I was told it needs a new rear 4wd assembly...they are paying for it in full! They said it's a $3700 part!! Did I luck out or what!!
  • I have an olds that is haunted! The wipers work only if I cut the switch on and off with every swipe. The blower motor to the ac/heat works sometimes, sometimes not. At times, it works only after I hit a bump. The ac is not cool. Sometimes the blower blows lightly, as if it were on 1 when on 5. The door window will not roll up. All of the lights, interior and exterior surge sometimes when driving. The transmission will not downshift sometimes, sometimes it's fine. We have replaced the alternator, battery, and the computer module. Nothing works thus far. Do you think I should be so lucky to find it's simply a battery connector? A simple fix would delight me!
  • 1. Make sure your negative/ground connection is solid
    2. Make sure your positive battery cable is good. It should have been evaluated when the battery and alt were replaced.
    3. You may have a bad switch somewhere. I had the window issue like yours on my intrigue. Pounding on the door would jostle it enough to reset. Replacement fixed it.
    4. Was the car in an accident? Or in lightning storm?
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